Love at first sight

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this is a poem about a girl being arrangely marriage and she dosent want to so she commits sucide when somebody appears in her life

Submitted: April 25, 2007

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Submitted: April 25, 2007



As I walk along the destined path made for me I cry in misery. For this isn’t what I wanted. And yet till this day I still wonder why they chose me for such a crime. This crime was marrying a person I didn’t love or want to live with. My mother stuck a rich fifthly burden on my shoulders this isn’t what I wanted. So the rich burden and me decides to take me out by force. And as I agree the hot streams of tears running on my cheek I wanted to throw my self out the window. Instead I locked myself in the bathroom crying until one guy opens the door and hugs me I said, “what’s your name” he said so elegantly Jake Ryan and I kept holding him tight for some reason he has heard of my story from other several people and decided to hug just some where in him he knew I was going to kill myself so he loved me from that first sight he saw me with the rich burden. Well I decide to tell rich burden to divorce me and he said “you must do something first” and she said “what is” it?He said u have to leave all your expensive jewelry bought u and the clothes and I agreed I guessed  he was fed up with me because I caught him cheating on me with another girl so we got divorced and then I married Jake and we have 2 children Jessica and Kevin and I loved him with all my life I will never forget that day when we first met.

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