In Time's Passing

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This is about waiting for love, being ripped from it, and wondering when to give up.

Submitted: August 01, 2012

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Submitted: August 01, 2012



Eight years of hate, four of those share a despair to which only hallowed hell can compare.
So many questions wallow in my head: alive or dead, seen or misread, who still cares?
I have fought this battle before; it left me torn and with scars. Is once more too much to bare?
Or is there even a mere chance to repair a glimmering heart into a star that glares?
My judgements impaired, I'm scared, and scarcely prepared; I know somethings out there.

Will two more years quench my thirst for ecstasy? I've waited three; is this even fair to me?
When will my heart be free? I pray everyday; I need a reflection of love so desperately.
I've waited eighteen years with no light to be seen. How much longer before it's insanity?
You tell us who we can see, to what our hearts may cleave, and you claim to do it flawlessly.
Well the irony lies in the eyes of the blind. I'll tear down your throne; abdicate your tyranny.

Destruction does not but fuck us all. I wound up with loss; over heaps of rubble I stumbled.
My path darkened from gray to black; my world did collapse and my plot ever fumbled.
Soon enough my motif became jumbled. Where once I found strength, I was now tumbled.
The earth under me surely rumbled, to my knees I was humbled, and all my power crumbled.
Bleeding out in this disdain I created, I remained on my knees; a dernier prayer I mumbled.

"Why do you love to see me in pain? Am I damned, forever on hell or earth to remain?
Why won't you look me in the eyes and realize I don't want to be despised and stained?
How feign must you be to reign incognito? To lie in wait until you can bring me disdain?
You bind me in shackles and chains are my wage; it's only for the worse things change.
is this where you want me to stay? In abhor where your laws pour down on me like rain?"

He lifted the veil from my eyes and said "Be patient, your pain will be a blessing in diguise,
A blessing you can't even fathom. Joy will come your way if you would only let me guide."
So in time's passing, I'll wait and pray that maybe one day love will sate my emptiness inside.
May it enliven me so deep inside that I shall not stray my eyes from the Light in the sky;
A thousand days is not so bad if its willed to be. Time will be the test and you, my prize.

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