Your Beauty In A Rose

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A poem for a friend.

Submitted: July 26, 2017

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Submitted: July 26, 2017





Unconcious Beauty,

uniquely designed.

A Dark Red Rose,

is hidden inside.

Down deep within you,

A single Red Rose.

Blossoming love,

our friensdhip grows.

Innocence and silence,

secrets unspoken.

A pretty White Rose,

A heavenly token.

Appreciation, gratitude,

A pink rose fullfills.

Happiness, admiration,

your smile has skills.


A little orange flower,

also a Rose.

Enthusiasm, Desire,

Fascination so bold.

Lavender roses,

means love at first sight.

With you it is friendship,

my love's to hold tight.

A Rose Blue in colour,

unattainable is each.

Though so far away,

It's soul I can reach.

The Black rose is last,

yet saddening it is.

If you ever fade away,

you'd surely be missed.


You're many Roses,

of all you can find.

I'll either hold you now,

or I'll grasp you in time.

Your inner roots rare,

a friendship so real.

A special occasion,

you're enchanted I feel.

Although thorns dig deep,

can get under the skin.

A friendship can't wilt,

If true it can't thin.

I'm your water and sun,

I'm here till the end.

My Pretty little Rose,

My FlowerBed Friend.

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