Waiting Game

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Sometimes love can be found in the darkest places...

Submitted: December 27, 2015

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Submitted: December 27, 2015




The night was cold and humid. But what else could you expect from South Carolina in October. Emily walked more briskly from the bar pulling her coat more soundly around her trembling body. She really needed to talk the Reggie about her hours, she didn't mind closing, she just wished he wouldn't schedule her by herself. She hated walking alone at night. Ducking her head into her chest for warmth, she picked up her pace to her car. Why did she park so far away? she grimaced digging into her coat for her keys.

That's when the pain struck her. She grunted as a force knocked to her knees. She grabbed the back of her head and felt hot moisture coat her fingers. But it wasnt over. Suddenly hands grabbed around her thoats, cutting off any air for the scream she bulit up. Her arms flung out in every direction but didnt strike anything.

In the next intsant she had cloth pressed into her face. She tried not to breath in the thick aroma clouding her senses, but it was a losing game. Seconds later darkness succumbed her vision.

I'm going to kill Reggie for this, she thought grimly. That was her lat coherent thought before awearness was lost.

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