lil girl asking some question to GOD

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this is a story about a 5 yr old girl. who lost her mother & asking some questionss to GOD

Submitted: May 21, 2013

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Submitted: May 21, 2013




This story is about a little Girl who is asking some questions to God…………………………

Little girl name is Ramya Who Lost her mother last week. She is just 5 years old. She cried badly.  Her father came after heard a noise  , and hugged her and asked why my little angle is crying. Ramya asked “ why my mother died” Am I a bad girl, so she left me?  Next time I will never do any mistake but please papa tell the mama come back. Her father smiled with full of tears in his eyes and hugged her again and said “your mama hasn’t gone anywhere, she  always remain  in our hearts and she is at God’s home.” God needed a good person so he called your mother in his house. And  your mother can see you from there. If you will cry she will get upset too, and if you will smile she will be happy. After saying this father went outside……………………………..  But ramya is still thinking about her mother , after crying for a long time she remember the words of his father “your Mother is in God’s House”.  There was a place  where her mother doing puja in house. She went there and asked  god, “Bhagwan ji why you called my mother”? I know she is a very good Person, and you need a good person, but how you could forget that she is my mother.

Before a week you got another good person who was living near house “ shanti aunty” , so Why you need another good person. Now you have two good persons. But I had only one mother and now I don’t have mother. Now who will send me to school, who will tell me stories, when I will cry who will say me to stop crying beta I m here. Why have you done this to me  Bhagwan ji. I promise you I will never misbehaving in my class room. I will behave like a good girl. But please send my mother back to me……………. And she slept there near the God’s statue…

.Written by :- Anjali Bhagat



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