Can't You See?

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what lies underneath can't always be seen...

Submitted: December 05, 2010

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Submitted: December 05, 2010



Cant You See?
The music plays with a never-ending tune
Calling out, but yet unheard
The notes it plays reach a non-existing place
far away, so far away
As time goes by the music slowly dies
but with every beat it still reaches out
Oh my love! Won’t you answer my inner cry?

Can't you see that my heart is bleeding
Can't you see all the tears appearing
It stands all alone in the depth of my soul
with no way in or out....

Lost in time, it's in a castle built with rocks
Surrounded by walls that reach the skies,
And inside where the music slowly plays
Is where you'll find my lonely heart
Though it's been so long, the music faintly plays
My heart dressed in red dances to it’s lingering sounds
Waiting for the one who inspired it all to come back
Anja Tsunami ©2010

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