Here or There - by Anja Tsunami

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about our will....

Submitted: November 02, 2011

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Submitted: November 02, 2011



Here or There?


If I were not here how would life really be
I could start the journey to the top
Dressed in a crimson colored gown flowing to the ground
and every step would bring a brighter color
as my heart is drained of all its fervor
For my will is tired now you see
and it wonders how life would be
if it was no longer here

Guess they be some crying, and lots of lying, as they’re crying
For the emotional parade would once again give a stage,
A sympathetic audience to those addicted to attention
No more GM or GN, no more painful anguish in the night
No more pounding in my head, or being alone with someone in my bed
My will is hopeless don’t you see
And it wonders how life would be
If it was no longer here

Birds would still sing and rappers would still rhyme about their bling
Dogs would still bark and lovers would still kiss in the dark
Kids would still grow and traffic would still make a mess of the roads
Products would still be sold and actors would still give it their all
The rhythm of life would continue to flow
As it has for centuries and mileniums before
So take a bow, oh Will of mine, you have played your role well
And now its time to rest, wether it be here, or wether it be there…

Anja Tsunami ©2011


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