the forgotten city

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its about the place .. which.. u have beeen forbidden...

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012




The forgotten town

The  old  town  with  its  sumptuous  memory

Still  haunts  me,

For  it  has  been  years  to percolate  the  same  acoustic  essence

The town was not a haven

But for me and me only it was

An enigmatic heaven

For  I  could  see  the  peacocks

With  sensual looks  embracing  the  forest,

The essentially fragrant wind

Rejuvenating  my  senses  with  love  and  care

Loathed by all, the heinous elements

Are  still  punished  bythe nature

For it was the nature  who reigned

And  the people  its  awed followers

 Now the town’s niche for peace was fading away ,

Its gourmet parlor was ceased

 But the majestic aroma stilllingered

I could map my whole life in that forgotten town

Sitting beside the lakeside under the

Generous shade of blooming tree,

Walking through the  lanes  and  cemetery for  dead,

I could  marvel  about  god’s creation and liberty of afterlife,

I know still the sun and the moon secretly visit  the  town

 For seldomly they get noticed and admired

The children might not still play in the country side meadows

But I can still listen…….

Listen  to their souls echoinggreetings  to  me

The town now sustains gravely

But still my memory trails back to it……..

 For I yearn to let my  wings fan  out……

 And  fly with the wind and birds

To  relocate  the  town  from  my  heart  to  existence


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