Princess Ann

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Do you ever think your parents are not your parents? Do you ever wish you where a princess? Well for Ann Montgomery, this is exactly what happened on her 18th birthday this is what she found out.
Join Ann and Melody as they discover that the life they knew is much more exciting then as it appeared.

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Submitted: April 17, 2017

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Submitted: April 17, 2017



The Story of Princess Ann


By: Kethry A. Sawyer


Chapter 1

I’ll save you.

I woke up in a  cold sweat. “Wow. That must have been some dream. You’ve woken up like that every morning for the past week,” said Melody, my best friend. She moved in with my family when her parents left her to go to Italy about a year ago saying, “Don’t worry, we’ll be back in a month.”

“Ann, can you at least tell me what the dream was about this time? I’m getting worried.”  

I was getting out of bed to get ready for school. I was trying to just make sure I didn’t miss the bus, but Melody had been up for an hour working on her hair and make-up. If you saw us in the mall you would wonder why we are friends, we are such polar opposites. I’m the type of girl who just tosses on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and if I feel fancy that day, I’ll put on some perfume and put my hair in a ponytail. Melody is the type of girl who will change her outfit 17 times till she finds the best one and tries to go to the mall at least once a week and buy at least 7 outfits. We divided the closet. I get the drawers and she gets the closet for her shoes and clothes. I don’t think she will be able to wear all of those shoes in her lifetime.

At the bus stop she is still trying to put the final touches on her make-up before anyone sees her. I’m standing next to her, making sure I don’t go back home and crawl back in bed.  

“Hey, Melody, I’m sorry that I can’t tell you about my dreams, but I’m not really sure what to make of them right now.”

“It’s okay, Ann. I know... But... When do you think you can tell me, so I can maybe help you...?”

“Thanks, but I don’t know how you could,” I said with a half-smile and a little concern.

The thing is, my dreams have been about a woman I feel attached to, but I don’t know. She is being trapped in a cold, dark place, and all I can hear is her crying, but whenever I try and figure out where she is, I wake up."

“Ann do you think that I could be a princess of some faraway place like maybe in India. Oh that would be so cool. My first royal decree would be to have you and your family live in the palace with me.” Melody was a bit of a romanticist who always has thought that she was a princess even when we were 5. I was fascinated by the worm trying to get across the rock, she was off pretending she was a fairy princess and could command everything to live in harmony and she would cry whenever she saw something dead.

When we finally got to 7th period I was so ready to go back home and just chill but I have to deal with math and chemistry first but luckily melody is in both of them and she helps me when I zone out. But the thing about today was, it’s my 18th birthday and melody and I always go to my favorite restaurant ;Trudy’s, but when I was thinking about what I was going to get for dinner and then all of a sudden “BOOM” the south wall that lead outside came crashing in and this guy dressed in a very princely like attire with golden silk lining a floor length cloke and said “where is Ann Montgomery” all of a sudden melody raised my hand and said “this is her , here she is “ everyone including the teacher was in awe of his attire and the horse and carriage behind him.

“Ann you must come with me. Your mother, the queen, is missing and you must come with me to rule in her absence” I don’t even know this guy and he is wanting me to go to some strange place I never heard of .“Ann you have to go and see if you can take friends “ said melody.

My teacher Miss Bellmont said “it’s ok if you go I will put grade in for whatever you miss and it’s the last week of school so you can go with him”. It was so obviously that she was in love with him and just wanted to make him happy. Also I don’t do anything in class any way so getting a few free grades can’t hurt me or my GPA.

“Ann asks him if you can take friends “I heard melody saying quietly behind me. So I decided to indulge her fantasy and walked up to this guy who hasn’t even told me his name and said “ok if I’m your supposed princess then answer some questions for me first tell me your name and …”

“Oh my princess I’m sorry my name is Felipe I am the queens personal assistant at your service” and he said all this with a low bow at the waist as if he had been doing this his whole life.

“Ok fine Felipe whatever since I’m supposedly your princess of this far away kingdom that till now I have never heard of  is it cool if I bring my friend melody me and her have done everything together  as far as we can remember”

He looked like I just asked him to give me his ticket to a sold out concert. Melody came up behind me and introduced herself but in the end he said that she and I could both go. He told us to meet him under the zilker tree in downtown Austin in 2 days so we could say our good byes and pack.

That day when we went home I asked my mother  if I was adopted and as it turned out I was that the people I had been calling my mom and dad for the past 18 years apparently found me on their door step and my birthday was the day they found me. So as melody and I started to pack to go to this kingdom which Felipe still never told us the of.

That night I was so mad at them for lying to me for 18 years that I packed all my clothes and melody tried to pack all of her stuffed animals and clothes but had to leave half of her shoes. We got a taxi to take us to zelker and waited under the tree and I was stairing up at the center and just remembered how my “mother” would bring me and melody to the tree every Christmas and let us sit under it and watch how if you spin you can see a red line going up the tree like a candy cane.

“You came oh princess I’m so happy we have our princess back please your highness and companion” obviously talking to melody about the companion part he took our bags and put them in the back of the carriage and opened the door for me and melody. Melody was use and now was kind of expecting for people to open doors me on the other hand I’m invisible to most of the world in the hall I get bumped in to and get sit on and run in to and when I’m walking with melody then I get the door closed in my face.

When we were in the carriage asked Felipe “my princess I know I’m just a lonely servant but may I call you Ann please?” “Oh please do these is way too weird still and I’m still trying to understand all this.”

After a while I was thinking about what else my “mother” had lied to me about and what my real mother was like and why she gave me up in the first place.

“Ann not to disturbed you when your deep in thought but I suggest you and melody hold on to something we are about to go in to the wormhole only the royal family and I can use it and it can get really bumpy ” all of a sudden the carriage began to float and shake as melody and I were looking out the window I was watching all the colors and the sky scrapers mesh into one and then change into trees and fields melody began motioning for me to look out the windows and I could see parents working in the fields and kids in the center of the village the boys where playing with sticks pretending they were swords and the fighting each other the girls were playing with dolls and learning to sew it was something out of a movie or something.

“Would you like to get out and meet some of your subjects my princess?” I think I heard Felipe say I was so distracted by all the new sights and everything. Melody was just nodding and was poking me in the side to the same. So finally I started to nod to and Felipe gave a sign to the driver to pull the carriage over.

As soon as Felipe opened the door to let us out a little black puppy with a string tied to his tail and a can on the other end ran into the carriage and hid under my feet. The look on Felipe was as if women didn’t bow to me or I think that’s how people are suppose to greet a royal I don’t know that has  always been melody’s department but when Felipe was trying to get the puppy to come out of the carriage I just said “no Felipe its ok he just is scared.. aren’t you little guy?” the puppy couldn’t be more than at least a year old I picked up the puppy and started to untie the string and I could tell that the puppy was grateful and melody and I looked at each other and at the same time turned to Felipe and said almost simultaneously “ can we take the puppy to the castle ?” Felipe couldn’t really fight me about it and if he did then I would have pulled the princess card I was always good at arguments, I think he could tell.

When melody and I got out of the carriage with our new company who we decided to name tarma after a dog from our youth, all the children and parents came and welcomed us the one person that I saw was this little girl who looked to be about 9 years old was hiding in the background and was trying to stay invisible. Melody was just lapping up all the attention that we were given but it was always more of her scene to be in the spotlight and I’m always in the wing letting her and encouraging her. It seemed like as soon as we got there we had to leave.

When we got to the castle it was a little past noon but everyone welcomed us as if we had only left a month ago not that we had never been here in our lives. When Felipe opened the door to the carriage Tarma was the first out and sat and waited for me to get out but melody wanted to get out first and I saw no reason at the time of why not.” My princess you must always go first then your party may get out.”

I was confused on why but then I realized that I was going to start being trained in the princess ways and that it was going to be the exact opposite of my old life. When I got inside the castle away from the madness outside (or so I thought) inside everyone was happy and smiles it was really creepy after a while.  When everyone finally done with meeting me and wanting to get me to help their life’s out so it would be a bit better. Melody and I went exploring our new abode .when we got to my room which was in the highest tower I think as a joke but I don’t know. The room was so big that I think I could fit a whale or two if I wanted.  The room next to mine was melody’s and was a little smaller than mine it could maybe fit a whole elephant. Every room was huge. When we were pasting Felipe’s room I over heard him say “now that Princess Ann is here I can get rid of her so I can be king” melody and I looked at each other both knowing that we were in trouble.

A week later after I had moved to as I found out later the kingdom of Enchanted forests my princess lessons began how to talk, walk, speak, and write. Everything that I would need to be a princess but also I had a guard teaching me how to track and hunt so I could find my mother in secret of course because rule 1 of being a princess is no dirt may fall on to the skirt and rule 2 is hunting for food and evil is the guards and men’s job. Melody was able to pick it up fast me on the other hand kept falling and doing things wrong but melody had self-taught herself the princess ways from a little girl

A month after I got here I saw Felipe who I now knew had kidnapped my mother was going deep into the woods and I had to make a quick decision send a guard to spy on him or fallow him so I looked around and no guards where near so I decided to fallow him. We walked for about a good mile, mile in a half in the wood and when we got to a swing set that seemed to be about 20 years old but the swing wasn’t like the ones at home with metal chain going to a plastic seat this was two ropes going to a wood plank tied to a high tree branch it looked familiar but I had never seen anything like that in my life. Then Felipe moved a pile of leaves that looked real but was fake and reviled a cell with cross bars and a hand came out and grasped the food from his hand and quickly retreaded I hid in the trees till he left and it took him a good 5 minutes to talk to the person and leave.

When he left I climbed down from the tree and ran to the secret cell and removed the “pile of leaves” and a lady was sitting in the corner in a torn dress with a small aluminum bowl of water. The women looked up and I was surprised it looked like an older version of me. It was my mother my real mother. She looked at me and stood up she was thin but still beautiful it was amazing to see a queen in this place and looking like she dose. She asked who I was and all I could say was “Ann my my name is Ann.” She smiled and said “my daughter was named Ann but I don’t know what happed to her.  I haven’t seen her in almost 18 years now.” At that moment I wanted to say I’m your daughter I’m princess Ann but I didn’t know how to speak so I asked her what was with the swing set and why did Felipe kidnap her and lock her here and she said “ I am queen of this land or I use to be but Felipe wanted more power than just my royal adviser and my poor daughter if she is still alive will never learn who she is and the swing set is where she spent most of her days when she was with me.”

That when I remember being a year old learning to walk just barely but enough and my mother encouraging me and bringing me to the swing and sitting me in her lap and swinging till the sun went down and I fell asleep in her arms and she took me to the castle. I remember how the entire kingdom was covered in colors and flowers.

“Well I’m sure if she was here she would be in shock that she is a princess and happy to feel like she is wanted somewhere”

The queen, my mother, looked up at me and just stared at me and got a small smile on her face and said you’re probably right. All of a sudden I heard the something in the bushes and I told her a quick good bye and I’ll try and save her and tried to cover the hole as fast as I could and ran to the castle. The guards where in a panic. When I grabbed one by the arm and asked “what is going on why is everyone going crazy?” the guard said” the princess has gone missing for 2 days no one can find her and she left her best friend and she says that never happens.”

I ran to the castle and found melody franticly talking to Felipe and I ran to her. She hugged me as if she hasn’t seen me in a week and asked where I was hiding and where I had been and seen. All I could say was that I only been gone for only 1 hr and Felipe got a look on his face like he knew exactly where I was and just ran off.

“Guards get that man he is a trader to the crown!!!!” and Felipe was tripped by a janitor and fell flat on his face. The guards grabbed him and asked “my princess how is he a trader?’’ and I told them to hold to bring him and follow me.

We went back to the secret garden I walked strait to the “pile of leaves” and move them but only to find out that it was a real pile and the cell was gone I was thinking that Felipe had covered it with a piece of wood and covered it with grass and leaves but when I went to knock on the ground it was real so I accused him of witchcraft which instead of being a small joke the guards dragged him straight for the death chamber. ‘’what have I done?’’

Then as the guards where getting the rope around his neck Felipe yelled out “YOU WILL NEVER GIT RID OF ME MY PRINCESS!!!!”  And then the platform dropped and he fell to his death we all could hear the crack of his neck as it broke.

I had never had the power with one word be able to kill some one it was so crazy that I just hide in my room for about a year and melody took over for those days when I couldn’t say anything.


The End…. Or is it…

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