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My one sentence challenge, to make a sentence as long as I possibly can, I'm hoping it's all grammatically correct, but if not please tell me <3

Submitted: November 09, 2017

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Submitted: November 09, 2017



I, Pattrick McMuffin, baker at heart, 30 next birthday, a flour mad man, husband to a Mrs Rebecca McMuffin (known to me now as She Who Plays Away From Home) and farther to no one (although I'm always hopeful that will change); I, who has a mind full of old recipes, techniques and trays from the very finest of stores (the Great London edition), together with a vast knowledge of bread loafs, cookies, french sticks and fashionable sticky buns; I, who am now the oldest of my trade in this old town, take up my pen at this now quite time in the business hours (theres very little action around 10:30am), in a desire to write down some of my favourite baking discoveries (including the odd disaterous recipe) in the warming glow of the oven, hoping to make an extra coin or two which won't be immediately snatched away by the government or my front of house Tommy, or by She Who Plays Away From Home, and prehaps inspire someone who, like myself enjoys baking and could oone day take over my legacy.

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