How am I to me?

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Submitted: April 30, 2013

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Submitted: April 30, 2013



There are people who under-estimate themsleves.They think themselves as useless.I once was like that,if we ourselves don't find us precious,then how will others.Think for a second ,How am I to me? ..... we must think good about ourselves,if we don't then we must change ourselves to be good.

Always listen to your heart not to your brain.Don't live for others,live for you,your family.Think how your family thinks about you and not others.Our family is the one,who will be at our side in all our circumstances,either in good or bad situations.Whenever you get into bad thoughts or bad companies,which change your life think of your family,if you really love them,you will come out of it.

True love can change anything.

If you are good to you,definitely you will be good,extraordinary person to everyone.Getting bad name is a very easy task,but getting a good name is a very very difficult one.Better preserve your good name.

Live a better life,Seek a better future



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