An Urchin Smile

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English poem I wrote, quite liked it so I decided to get some other opinions

Submitted: November 23, 2008

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Submitted: November 23, 2008



The sky was soft, crushed velvet
Creasing and folding
Releasing small angels
Their rounded bodies dropping like petals
On the sharp, grey world below
Pushing through a copy, of a copy, of a copy
In their Prada and Gucci
Silicon filled, plastic coated
I feel lost in an ocean of municipal beings
All practical, all logical, nothing natural
Their stone grey faces have lost emotion
Through years of disappointment, life has sucked them dry
Only the young have life, only the young are natural
A small urchin boy crouched on the side
A soft, young face untouched by life’s wrinkles
His faded, red coat is three sizes too big
He wears it like a crown on his back
The colour blinds me; it is too bright for this world!
His brilliant green eyes remind me of a time
When things were fresh and new
This boy is an out-of-place rainbow
A felt hat, yellow as a daffodil, doormats his feet
Which look chapped and blue in this cold setting
A few lone cents and a rare strip of paper lay before his toes
It must seem so much to him
His glittering green eyes, like flecks of shimmering emerald
Flick to attention, at my weary, worn face
Looking past the leathery skin, and seeing something more
He smiles
It comes too easily to him
My stressed facial muscles cannot understand
This feeling is foreign
It feels as though this emotion is mocking me
I push and I struggle
As the tips of my mouth curve into a lopsided grin
I make my way down this newly refined street
Dropping changed into the child’s felt hat
Suddenly the sun has emerged in this world
People’s faces are soft, their souls youthful
And we begin to remember how to live

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