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Something goes terribly wrong for Ivy one night as she is dragged along to a party by her older sister.

Submitted: January 07, 2008

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Submitted: January 07, 2008



Ivy was nervous, she had never been to a party before.
The skirt she was wearing barely covered her butt, and she was having to pull it down every ten minutes because it kept inching up. A few feet away her older sister stood in a corner chatting up some blonde guy, she would occasionally flip her hair and stick out her chest, not that she needed to. Any guy who couldn’t see Tanya’s chest was obviously legally blind.
After a few minutes the blonde guy walked away and Tanya walked over to Ivy, stumbling a little ‘Hey sis’ she yelled above the pounding music ‘Having a good time?’
Ivy shook her head ‘No…Can’t you just take me home?’ she yelled back.
Tanya sighed ‘Well of course your not having fun’ she said, rolling her eyes ‘You need to socialise more.’ She looked around the room and spotted a dark haired guy standing by himself on the other side of the room. ‘Go talk to him’ she yelled in Ivy’s ear ‘I know him. He’s really cute’
Ivy shook her head again ‘No Tanya…Please, just take me home…’
Tanya looked a little annoyed ‘You know I can’t’ she said patiently ‘I’ve had too much to drink, just try and be social and I promise you’ll have more fun. Here’ she pushed a half-drunk glass of vodka and orange into Ivy’s hand ‘Drink this and go talk to him.’
Ivy took a sip, and was surprised to find that she liked it. ‘Where will you be’ she asked as Tanya started to walk away.
Tanya shot her a wink ‘We’re are going upstairs’ she said, ‘Please don’t interrupt…’
‘Tanya…’ Ivy pleaded.
Tanya smiled ‘It’s okay. Like I said, I know him…he’s a sensible guy. He’ll take care of you I promse.’
Ivy sat in her seat for a little while longer drinking her vodka and orange, she was bored beyond belief. ‘Stuff this’ she thought to herself and decided to go for it.
She stood up and started to walk over to the dark headed guy, she was about two feet away from him when a drunk red headed girl stumbled in front of her and threw up at Ivy’s feet. Some of the vomit splashed onto Ivy’s shoes, and she took a startled step back. The redhead looked up groggily at Ivy, ‘Sorry’ she whispered before completely passing out on the floor. Ivy was disgusted.
She looked up at the dark headed boy and flushed, really smooth, she had just been vomited on – he was probably really going to want to talk to her now…
To her surprise he took a step towards her, stepping over the unconscious girl and placed one hand on her shoulder ‘Sorry about that’ he said apologetically ‘My sister sometimes doesn’t know when to stop’
Ivy smiled ‘It’s okay’ she replied ‘they’re only shoes, and I’m sure it’ll come off.’
‘I’m Alexander – Alex’ he said, extending a hand.
‘Ivy’ she replied, taking his hand and shaking it firmly.
‘I saw you talking to Tanya before, you know her?’
Typical…Every guy this side of the equator knew who her sister was ‘She’s my older sister’ Ivy replied, sounding a little sulky.
Alex nodded ‘That fits’ he said thoughtfully, ‘same killer good looks.’
Ivy could feel herself blushing and she looked around awkwardly for a moment ‘So how about that cold snap in China?’
The words were out of her mouth before she realised it. Holy Crap – What was that about?
Alex’s eyebrows shot up for me a moment, than he tilted his head back and laughed ‘What?’ he said, looking amused.
Ivy wished the earth would just open up and swallow her right then and there ‘I mean…Um…’ she struggled for words, she was only making the whole situation worse.
Alex tried to save the conversation ‘Do you want another drink?’ he asked, gesturing towards her nearly empty glass.
Ivy felt relieved that the conversation was slightly back on track ‘Sure’ she said, handing her glass over to him.
‘I’ll be back in a minute, don’t go away.’
Alex walked over to the fridge, and opened it. He rummaged around for a bit then pulled out a can of rum and cola. Slowly he poured it into a clean glass for Ivy and was just starting to walk back towards her when he noticed a guy standing near the kitchen bench holding two, small zip-lock bags. The guy’s eyes were completely bloodshot and he kept shooting paranoid looks at everyone who walked past. Alex walked up to him ‘Hey mate…Are you okay?’
The guy stared at him ‘Fine…Just fine’ he whispered, his voice was hoarse.
‘What’s in the bags?’
The guy looked at the bags with surprise, as if he’d only just noticed that they were there, after a moment he answered ‘Um…Speed’ he raised one of them slightly ‘And Eccies.’
Alex leaned against the bench, mildly interested ‘True. How much you got?’
The guy shrugged and shifted from one foot to the other, he looked like a drug-fucked cartoon character on fast forward.
‘Um…about…three ounces all up, I think…’
Alex’s eyes almost popped out of his head. He wasn’t normally into drugs but…
He looked over his shoulder at Ivy who was nervously looking around at everyone – She wasn’t exactly having the greatest time…She needed something that would make her feel better. Make her stop worrying and enjoy the party…
He turned his attention back to the druggie again ‘How much?’ he said quietly.
The guy nervously twisted the bag in his hands ‘Um…the Speed’s 15 dollars apiece, and the Ecstasy is um…’ he counted on his fingers for a moment ‘24’ he finally concluded.
Checking over his shoulder to make sure that Ivy couldn’t see what he was doing Alex pull his wallet out of his pocket ‘Give me the Speed’ he muttered, pulling out three five dollar notes.
The druggie struggled to open the zip-lock for a moment, and when he finally did open it about a dozen pills spilled out, scattering everywhere, he whimpered for a minute and then dropped to his knees and frantically tried to pick them all up. He passed one to Alex and took the money in return.
Alex started to turn around when he stopped ‘Is this good stuff?’ he asked suspiciously.
The druggie nodded, not even looking up at him. He was still trying to pick up all the scattered pills ‘Yeah…yeah’ he mumbled ‘I made it myself…It’s the best…’
‘Well that really puts my mind to rest’ thought Alex to himself. But still, it couldn’t be that bad could it? The druggie had obviously taken tons of them in his lifetime and he was still alive wasn’t he?
As he started walking back towards Ivy, Alex dropped the tiny, white pill into her new drink and shook the glass a little to help it dissolve.
Ivy was relieved when Alex got back, she felt like a big loser just standing there completely alone in a room full of people.
‘Here’ he said, handing her a glass of something that smelt like ordinary coke.
‘What is it?’
‘Rum and Cola…Trust me, it’s good stuff’ he said, placing a little too much emphasise on the last two words.
Ivy drank a mouthful, it tasted alright to her.
‘So…’ Alex said, leaning against the wall, ‘tell me about yourself…’
Ivy shrugged ‘Not much to tell really’ she said truthfully, pausing to take another sip of her drink.
Alex smiled ‘Come on…’ he said ‘Surely there’s something you can tell me…’
‘Well…Tanya’s my sister, she’s three years older and about ten times more hotter. She in-sis-ted that I come out with her tonight, she thinks I’m becoming too much of a hermit or something. I’m shy…I don’t really like to socialise that much…’
Alex chuckled ‘You seem to be doing alright’ he said softly.
Ivy could feel her body starting to relax as the alcohol sunk in, she leaned against the wall also and did her sisters trick of sticking her chest out slightly.
The more Ivy talked to Alex, she more comfortable she felt, she had no idea why she had been so nervous before, Alex was a nice guy. And a really cute one to…She couldn’t help but stare at his lips, they were so beautiful. They were full and looked really soft...she could almost see the blood pumping through them. She wondered how his body functioned properly if all his blood was in his lips…Maybe he had extra blood or something. More blood than most human beings. Yeah…That was probably it…
After about twenty minutes Ivy could feel the adrenaline in her body pumping away, she felt more awake than she had all night. Alex continued to talk to her, but she couldn’t hear him properly anymore, who could with that stupid music so loud? It seemed to be getting louder and louder…thumping in her ears, Alex was saying something to her.
‘WHAT?’ she yelled, trying to drown out the music.
‘I said…you…okay?...look…out…it…’ He was still speaking too quietly, Ivy leaned in so she could hear him better. She kept leaning and almost fell on him, she could feel her eyes widening and she felt like she could see better than she ever thought she could. Everything was so much brighter now, and sharper…clearer…
Alex was looking at her with a worried look on his face ‘Ivy?’ He yelled ‘Are you okay?’
Ivy laughed, it was high pitched and not hers. ‘I’m fine!’ she yelled in his face, suddenly feeling the need to run ‘I feel like running’ she panted ‘Do you want to go running?’
Alex grabbed her by the arm ‘Let’s go outside for a bit Ivy’ he said, practically dragging her out. She could feel his nails digging into her skin and she got angry, all she wanted to do was have a good time and he was acting like the worlds biggest prick.
She tried to pull away, but his grip was like a vice ‘Let go of me’ she shrieked, becoming more and more frantic. She tugged and tugged but he wouldn’t let go of her ‘Please just let me go’ she screamed, tears running down her face now.
Alex grabbed her by the shoulders and tried to sit her down on a chair, but she was kicking and screaming so hard it made the feat impossible. Alex shook her gently.
‘Ivy, calm down! It’s Alex, remember me?’
Ivy had tears streaming down her face as she wildly tried to fight him off, she bit and scratched at his hands, leaving deep gashes.
He gave a yelp of pain and let go for a moment ‘Ivy!’ he yelled, getting more and more frightened by the minute ‘It’s Alex!’
Through the haze of drugs, one word broke through; ‘Alex.’
Ivy looked up and saw his blue eyes staring at her with concern, his lips forming words that she couldn’t understand. He sounded like he was on slow motion.
His lips…they were so beautiful…speaking to her. All on their own…It was a wondrous thing…
Slowly, she reached out to touch his lips. They looked so soft, she just had to touch them…
Alex seized her hand and the spell was broken, he wasn’t beautiful anymore he was cruel…he was out to get her, she knew it.
She ripped her arm out of his grip and held it fast, staring at it and yelling like she had just been burnt where his skin had touched hers.
‘Ivy’ he tried to put one of his hands on hers, but she panicked and jumped off the seat, backing away slowly.
‘Just stay away from me’ screamed ‘Just…just stay away!’ Then she turned and fled.
Alex tried to chase after her, but she was to fast, and people kept getting in his way and after a bit he had no idea which direction she had gone in.
He swore angrily, why had he been so stupid and given her that pill? Great idea Alex…Real great…What the fuck was he suppose to do now?
Tanya…He was going to have to tell Tanya, maybe she could help him. If she didn’t throttle him for giving her little sister drugs first that is…
He bumped into a bleary eyed girl with red hair, and when she looked up he realised who it was. His sister!
‘Amanda’ he yelled ‘Have you seen where Tanya Byrnes went?’
Amanda looked at him for a moment, rubbing her left eye, before pointing to the staircase on the other side of the room.
‘Thanks’ he yelled, he had started to walk away when Amanda grabbed him by the chin and pulled his face close to hers. Their noses were millimetres apart.
‘The rabbits’ she hissed, and he could smell the alcohol and weed on her breathe ‘The rabbits are to blame…they caused this whole thing. We must stop the rabbits…’
She started to whimper and her fingernails bit harder and harder into his chin, the pain was unbelievable.
Alex pushed her away and she collapsed against the wall, sobbing. Any other time he would have felt terrible for what he had just done and would have tried to help her but he was over it. She was constantly screwing up her life with drugs, and he was tired of taking responsibility for her.
He had the worlds most drug-fucked sister and he had chosen to give Speed to an innocent young girl. What the fuck was wrong with him?
He clambered up the stairs and bolted along the hallway, trying to find which room Tanya had gone into. He passed the bathroom and saw a young teenage girl, who looked about fourteen at the most, violently throwing up into the washbasin. In a bedroom he passed he saw a guy who looked about nineteen getting a blow-job off a drunk girl who was about fifteen. He shook his head in disgust – Why did he even come to these parties?
‘Do you know which room Tanya Byrne is in?’ He asked to nearly every person he saw. Most of them just looked at him stupidly, or ignored him completely. Finally he found a girl who was sober enough to point him in the right direction.
Not caring what they were doing in there he ripped open the bedroom door.
Tanya was straddling some blonde guy, her bare breast’s bouncing as she moved.
It took them about two minutes to realise that someone had entered the room. Tanya shrieked when she saw Alex and rolled off the guy, pulling the sheet up to her chin. The guy bellowed at him, demanding to know what the hell was wrong with him? Walking in like that…
Alex wasn’t even close to being embarrassed, he walked over to the bed and ripped the sheet off. He picked up Tanya’s clothes and tossed them at her.
‘Tanya, put those back on…It’s your sister.’
As Alex explained what had happened Tanya wildly tried to get her clothes back on, after he had finished talking and she was fully dressed she got off the bed and walked over to him.
‘Alex sweetie?’
Tanya slapped him across the face – Hard. ‘You fucking idiot’ she screamed ‘You gave my little sister Speed? Speed that you got off some dodgy guy that you’d never seen before in your life no less! How could you be so fucking stupid? I would have thought you’d have known better, especially after Amanda! What the fuck was going through your head? I always thought you had a good head on your shoulders Alex, but I guess I was wrong! You had better pray that nothing has happened to her or I will rip your fucking testicles off!’
She grabbed Alex’s hand and dragged him out the door, leaving a very scared looking, blonde guy behind.
Tanya and Alex spent the next twenty minutes trying to find Ivy. They asked everyone they could find, but the party was mostly deserted now and all the people who were left were too fucked up on drugs or alcohol to remember if they had seen her. Tanya was wringing her hands and had tears flowing from her eyes.
‘If anything happens to her I’ll never forgive myself’ she said frantically as she picked up an empty, plastic cup from the table and proceeded to mash it into a pulp.
Alex took the desecrated cup away from her and held her hands, squeezing them tightly. ‘It’s okay Tanya’ he said ‘We’ll find her, I promise.’ He tried to sound reassuring, but deep down he was probably more terrified than Tanya was.
Tanya collapsed onto his shoulder, sobbing. Alex put his arms around her and tried to comfort her, squeezing her gently. He stared into spare as he did. Then, he saw her.
‘Tanya! Tanya look!’ he hissed into her ear.
Tanya turned around.
Ivy was under one of the bushes in the garden, curled up into a tight ball. She sat there, rocking backwards and forwards, staring into space while her right hand scratched furiously at her wrist on her left arm. Red welts had risen up and she had even managed to cut through the skin and there was blood. She looked exactly like someone out of a mental ward.
Tanya gasped and knelt down in front of her. She gently took Ivy’s right hand and squeezed it, trying not to shudder as she felt the blood smear from Ivy’s hand onto her own.
‘Ivy honey’ she whispered.
Ivy hadn’t heard her, she continued to stare into spare.
‘Ivy’ said Tanya a little louder ‘Ivy can you hear me?’
Ivy’s eye’s snapped to Tanya’s face, they were blood-shot and scared-looking.
‘Tanya’ she whispered, and squeezed Tanya’s hand tightly.
‘It’s okay honey’ said Tanya, trying to sound calm ‘You’re going to be okay. Just try to relax…Deep breaths now…Come on, deep breaths.’
Ivy’s breathing started to slow down and she became a bit more relaxed, though her eyes still darted around frantically. Until, they landed on Alex.
The moment she saw Alex standing behind her sister she froze, her body began to tremble ‘It’s you’ she whispered hoarsely, and Alex looked startled.
Ivy could feel panic welling up in her chest again ‘You’ she shrieked, scrambling to her feet ‘Stay away from me!’
‘No no Honey’ said Tanya, trying to get her to sit back down ‘It’s okay, Alex isn’t going to hurt you, he’s our friend remember?’
But Ivy’s mind was gone, she was frozen with fear. Like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. She slowly began to back away, whispering something that only she could hear.
Tanya grabbed her wrist ‘Ivy’ she nearly yelled ‘Sit down.’
Ivy looked at her, but it wasn’t Tanya that she saw, it was an enemy.
She gave a howl and pulled away. When Tanya and Alex tried to get her to calm down she lashed out at them, kicking, punching, biting. She wanted to do as much harm as she could to them, she just wanted them to STAY AWAY!
Her mind was a blur, she couldn’t see properly anymore, everything was melding together and all she could see was a big mess of colours. She could feel people grabbing at her, scratching at her skin, and it burnt. Oh how it burnt when they touched her! No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t fight them off, they’re were too many of them…
She fought as hard as she could, and finally got them to the ground. They were vulnerable and she could finish them off…
There was a sickening crack as Ivy’s shoe came into contact with Tanya’s head, there was a brief moment of silence, then another crack as Alex met the same fate. Ivy’s head was clearing a little now, and she looked down as the two bodies at her feet. The blood flowing from their heads and making a little pool at her feet, she shuffled back. Not wanting to get blood on herself.
The two bodies looked somewhat familiar to her, she looked at their faces, shaking her head slightly to try and clear her foggy vision.
The girl…she knew her…and the boy…she was sure that she had seen his face before.
Ivy could hear the dull thump of the bass as the party continued to rage behind her, she bent down. The pool of blood now spreading even further and staining the tips of her shoes.
She brushed the hair out of the girls face.
She did the same to the male body.
What had happened? She was starting to pass out now, the blackness was overtaking her eyes. She couldn’t remember what had happened…
She had no idea.
And she still couldn’t remember the next morning, when she woke up in a hospital, screaming for her sister.

© Copyright 2018 Anna Banana. All rights reserved.

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