The Murder Phase

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
Phases of my Life

Submitted: June 01, 2012

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Submitted: June 01, 2012




  • Laying beside her looking up to the sky the dark faces of what will be a beautiful night stepped in. The sun suddenly hid behind the clouds as the birds all flocked across the ocean and the tales of my phases begun. She stood to her feet , and walked onto the sunset pouring me a glass of the finest wine your lips could taste. Joining her I stood behind , pulling her waistline to a snug onto my crotch turning around, her hands wrapped around my neck and her lips fit perfectly into mines.
  • As we both caressed each other she started to sway her hips as my hand slid under her red dress that barely held onto her body. I Gripped her hair and gently pushed my hands in her undergarments as I romantically played with her dazzling youth of pleasure. her eyes rolled back into her head I picked up the freshly rolled bud and smoked it to my expense , her nipples became hard as my warm lips pressed onto them and silently she began to cry, looking down at me I blew a trail of smoke towards her as her head leaned back “ Exciting is it not” I said to this blonde devil of pleasure.
  • She followed me across the rooftop of the penthouse , where I stood looking down at the world from a peak which seems liked looking down from heaven. My Heart racing and my lips craving to be quelled I felt her cold red lips on my neck, holding the bottle and looking into my eyes. she sat onto my lap and These complex emotions felt yet so right she was a blindside I could not ignore. Pulling her close to me she started riding my hips as I undid her dress her hands played roughly as she took my jacket off . Her tongue wrestling mines as we kissed and her dress flew with wind , I pulled her panties off and she wrapped her legs around my waist , my broken heart was yet to mend and this was an excuse to brutally forget memories that lingered behind my head. This woman owed me nothing , no emotions, no respect what I wanted was her pleasure.
  • She began to finish the bud as we both shared the trail of flames , I slugged her on the edge , trying not to let this high go to waste, she blew the smoke towards my face, spreading her legs I sinked my thirsty mouth on her wet pussy sliding my tongue up and down on her juice-box. Her body moved in slow motion and fast forwarded riding my face screaming and laughing in excitement. The high-class royal slid down my mouth she blew over and crunched her body tight, slowly releasing and relaxing. Her fierce eyes stared into mines as she pulled me to her lips , a kiss so dry and wet at the same time. pushing my head down between her thighs she ran her fingers and griped my hair moving my tongue all over I pulled her angry hands beside her and this high was extensive it was a high on pleasure I wrapped her legs around my neck sloshed my tongue deeper and deeper in her my eyes looked down at the moving cars below and my eyes closed “ don’t stop “ she screamed . I felt the vibration in her hips as her hands weakened her body slipped over the edge a little but I could not help the pleasure running down my mouth it was explosive the outcome war , her body struck as she slid out my reach a pleasure so deadly she fell out my hands and down the edge of the building falling in a slow trance reality almost disappeared with the clouds she splift into the dark daze . Laying over the edge my hands faced down and my body bent over I quickly pulled back in fright my eyes closed and opened as if it was a dream but by the wetness and excitement in my pants was………
  • to be continued.


  • Lessons from my Broken heart

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