Goodbye (A Poem for Josh)

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This is a freestyle poem I wrote when my brother committed suicide. I have never and will ever edit any of the words or flow. This came straight from my heart when it shattered into a million little pieces and I thought I'd never smile again.

Submitted: January 31, 2015

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Submitted: January 31, 2015



I do not know why he is dead

But there is one thing I do dread

That somehow this is all my fault

How could I not have opened the vault

To let him know that he was loved

And that he didn't have to shove

Himself in all the wrong directions

He couldn't see the right reflections

of his own tormented soul

He couldn't seem to fill the hole

Inside him like a deep abyss

Did he not think he would be missed

I wish we could begin anew

Bring back the guy that I once knew

And this time he'd not take his life

And feel the reaper's awful scyth

Now i am the one who bleeds

Who longs for my soul to be freed

From pain and hurt and hate and sorrow

But I'll still be here come tomorrow

Because I can still keep on living

Even if it's death I'm craving

For to me, life still has hope

Even if it's hard to cope

I know his heart was filled with hate

And that his freedom couldn't wait

All I now have left to say

Is it shouldn't have ended this way

I wanted to see him just one last time

To let him know things would be fine

To let him know he was my brother

And that I loved him like no other

But he left me here on Earth to cry

I never got to say goodbye

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