Blood Red Full Moon

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A short story of a young girl who enconters a dismal demise.

Submitted: November 26, 2011

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Submitted: November 26, 2011




I remember the day. The speeding white truck, the exploding pain. Oh, yes, I remember it quite clearly; ‘twas the day I… well, I’ll get to that. I remember many things about that day; well, night really, but I remember the moon the most. The big, glaring full moon…

“Mother! Mother, please! Stop!” I yelled as she brought her hand back down in another staggering, pain-filled blow.

“Oh, sweetie,” she said calmly, soothingly, “You tried to leave me, just like your father did, and no one leaves me! Now you must face your punishment. You remember what happened to him, don’t you?” she said with a sickeningly sweet smile, throwing an extra pain-filled punch to my eye.

She gave a few more pain-generous blows before saying sharply, “Now, go to your room and get cleaned up.  Hurry, I’m taking you to the grocery store.” And with that, she trotted upstairs.

I followed behind, slowly. I kept thinking about the promise she made me when she…disposed of dad. She had said to me “Someday, sweetie. Someday you will end up like your dad. Just remember, I say when you can leave, and you can leave when you’re DEAD! That day will come when you want to leave me, and when it does, as you lay drawing your last, pitiful breath, look at the moon, the full one, because it will be blood red…”

I trudged up the stairs to my room. My room is…okay. It could be worse (and trust me, I’ve seen worse). We live in an old Victorian style house. It was of decent, livable size.  I’m sure it was once beautiful, but alas, ‘tis no longer. Now the walls are a sickly yellow color, and the carpet is stained and moldy. But only slightly. I left my room to go to the bathroom so I could see the damage my mother’s fury had wrought upon my face. My eye was black and blue, my lip swollen and split, and my cheek was a strange hue of reddish purple. But it wasn’t that bad. I’ve had worse. Well, at least this was the worst, because it could have been much worse.

“Hurry up!” my mother called.

“Coming!” I replied.

My mother and I were riding in her blue slug bug when she noticed my eye (My eye really stood out against the maroon color of my face).

“If anyone asks, you fell off your bike”, she said.

“Sure, mom. I always fall off my bike. You’ve used that excuse already!”

“You just do as I say, child!” Mom yelled.

“Fine.” I mumbled.

As we were getting out of the car, some lady my mom knew saw us and ran over.

“Hello, Ca-‘’ she started greeting my mom, but noticed my eye mid-sentence.

“Dear child, what on earth happened to your eye?” she asked.

I thought a moment before saying, “My mom hit me!”

“Don’t you dare…” my mother threatened. But I continued.

“Yes! She hit me; she has ever since my father…died. She even threatened to kill me, like she killed my father!”

As I finished and saw the woman’s shocked, flabbergasted expression, my mom stepped in front of me.

“It’s time for you to go now, darling.” She whispered. Then, she pushed me in front of a speeding white truck.

“The pain…so…so bad…” I thought. As I lay there, bleeding on the pavement, I recalled my mother’s promise. As my last breath was taken from my lungs by the greedy Death, I saw the moon. What I saw frightened me to know end. Sure, the moon was there. It was full too. But it was red. Blood red.


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