Deadly Disease

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Humans' demise is an ironic one.

Submitted: November 26, 2011

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Submitted: November 26, 2011




It wasn’t my fault. It wasn’t anyone’s fault, really. There was no stopping it anyway. Once it started, it was a chain reaction of infections, of deaths. Our extinction was our own fault; we brought it on ourselves. Heck, we brought it in. If you are reading this, then the last chance that we had worked out, hopefully. If you are reading this and we didn’t survive, then this is an account of the last of the human race’s days, starting from the beginning of this whole mess.

“Welcome back! How was the trip?”

“Can you tell us any information on the contents in your ship that you brought back  from-”

“What was it like on-’’

We, the now famous astronauts, tried to walk through the huge crowd of people, mostly of whom where reporters for the news. Our mission to Mars was successful. We were able to do a manned mission there and gather rock from the places the rovers we sent couldn’t. It was my last mission to space, even though I was far from old. I just accomplished what I wanted to do, and that was all I wanted to do. Plus, I had enough money to keep me going for two or more lifetimes.

As my team and I were walking into the space station, my boss came over and clapped me on the back.

“Great job, Jake! You and the team did amazing. We are going to analyze the new rock samples you sent us and we should have a report in about a week. Until then, you’re free to go,” then he glanced at my girlfriend who was standing by the entrance waiting for me and said, “And don’t be afraid to have some fun while you’re at it, huh?” at this he gave a dry, throaty laugh, patted me on the back again and winked at me before departing to go talk to the rest of my team.

Stacy, my girlfriend, saw me and her face lit up as she kissed and hugged me and told me how much she missed me. I really wasn’t gone long, since including the time to and from Mars as well as the time it took to gather the rock samples I was gone for about two weeks. Ah, the wonders of technology these days.

“So” she said, “What do you want to eat?”

“Well, any real food would be nice. Preferably meat, since the meat we have in board really sucked.”

“Okay” she said, giggling. “But first, I have a surprise.”

By the way she said this; I knew I would not like whatever she was going to show me. But, for her sake, I painted on an excited smile and said. “Gee, I wonder what it could possibly be!”

“Close your eyes…” she practically yelled in her excitement.

“She’s squealing like a pig.” I thought. “Matches her personality.” I chuckled at that last thought.

But I still turned around and closed my eyes. When I turned around, my assumption that I would surely hate whatever it was she was surprising me with proved true. She had brought along her mother. Her mother! I hate her mother a lot. I’m starting to feel that way about her daughter as well. Her daughter isn’t the woman I thought she was, but at least she has a little money like I do. I was planning on breaking up with her at lunch, but I didn’t know her mother would be tagging along. That woman hovers over you like a hawk stalking its prey.

“Maybe I’ll carry out my plans for a breakup after all, considering we will be in a public place and there’ll be nothing her or her mother could do.” I thought.

“Well, I bet you’re hungry, Jake!” Stacy said cheerfully. “Let’s go get something to eat.”

So, we did. As we pulled up to the restaurant, I started debating how I should break the news to Stacy. I decided to just go out and say it right when we sat down.

The waitress took us to our table and said she would be with us in a moment.

“Uh, Stacy? Can I, uh, tell you something?” I started.

Sounding concerned, she said “Sure. What is it?”

I took in a deep breath and let it out. “I want to break up with you.”

“…What?” she asked, stunned. Her mother looked the same way.

“I. Want. To. Break. Up. With. You.” I said slowly.

“Maybe that will get through to her thick, empty blond head” I thought.

She started to cry and ran out, followed by her mother. Her mother was exclaiming how right she had been about me, that I was just a money sucking pig. She wasn’t too far off base for herself or her daughter either.

I got up and left too. I took the bus home since I had no other means of transportation. Well, that went better than expected anyway. At least it’s over and done with.

A week later, we got the results of our mission back. I got the phone call to come down to the station just after I finished watching the news story about a strange series of breakouts of some disease that could not yet be identified. The breakouts were around the station, but I thought nothing of it. Technology would figure it out soon.

As I was nearing the station, I saw a man kneeling by the side of the road. He didn’t look good, and he had boils of some sort covering his whole body. He was shaking and screaming, and when he saw me coming he yelled, “Make it stop! Please, make it stop!” Then, he threw himself in front of my car.

I had no reaction time. By the time I hit the brakes and stopped, I had plowed right over him already. The cops showed up a minute later and after I explained what happened, they told me I could go.

I continued on towards the station, thinking that whatever that guy had death must have been better. I found it odd.

“Hey, Jake! What took you so long?” my boss exclaimed. I didn’t feel like explaining, and he would hear it on the news soon, so I told him it was traffic.

“Well, we split up the samples and sent them to every station we have in the world because we found an unknown substance that we need identified right away.”

“Why?” I asked, “We have had other samples with unidentified substances, and it wasn’t this urgent.”

“Well… you know how Steve keeps some rats in his office, right? Well, he was walking through the room where we had the samples, and his rats got these boil things from it and died. It destroyed them from the inside out! See, the reason for the boils is because the gasses burn you up inside and then exit through the skin. I don’t know how they picked it up though, the samples were sealed, but we think that we didn’t seal it enough and some of the gases and such got out. Must be some pretty strong stuff to get through our seals though…”

He continued to speak, but I could no longer hear him. The boils…the pain of burning up inside…no wonder that guy killed himself! But…that means that it’s out and around people…and they sent it worldwide! They idiots spread it around!

“You idiots!” I yelled, startling my boss. “You’ve doomed us all, do you know that? Don’t you watch the news? There’s been a breakout of the disease in people! You’ve killed us all! We’re all gonna die!!” I was crazy by that point. Security had to come and put me under to stop me from strangling every living soul in there. But they wouldn’t be living for long, I knew. It gave me comfort, in a sick way, knowing that they would die of what they brought in and spread around. I was against going on the mission in the first place, but I was legally forced to go. The government can do stuff like that now. I smiled as I passed out, knowing and imaging the pain they would go through before the new alien disease finally killed them…

As the pandemonium grew due to the new disease outbreaks, people who didn’t know what the space station had done either figured it out, or were told. They started to riot and threaten the station and its employees. They didn’t threaten me though. By now it was known that I didn’t voluntarily go on the trip.

As the disease spread and mutated, people started dropping like flies. They were dying left and right. We had to stack the coffins because we were running out of room to bury them. Most bodies were burned.

Soon, no one was left but me, my boss, and a couple members of my team. There was no cure for this disease, and there was no immunity. It would kill us. Our chance had failed. I wouldn’t let anyone, including myself, commit suicide. We wouldn’t escape like that, especially not my boss.

My team members, there were four of them, were starting to get the disease. It was only a matter of time, I knew, and so did they. Margi, one of my favored team members, was the first to keel over dead. Soon following were John and his girlfriend Kristy, also members of my team. Elijah, the last of my team, and certainly the one I miss most, held on as long as he could, but still lost the battle. Now it was only me and the boss left. We were the last living humans on Earth.

I found it strange and darkly ironic that we were the last to die and we were the cause of this pandemic that caused the extinction of our race. My boss and I didn’t talk much, for there really was nothing to talk about. Everyone else was dead, and we soon would be too.

Boss got it first, and it satisfied me that he had to live with it and suffer for a long while before the disease took his life. I began to wonder what was taking so long for me to get it, but I must have jinxed myself, for I got it in time. It is horridly painful. As I finish this writing, I feel it killing me. Soon I will follow the path of my boss, my teammates, and the rest of the human population on the trail of death that they followed. I can feel myself slipping away and-


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