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I had a high school crush who gave me the surprise of my life in the pouring rain yesterday.

Submitted: March 28, 2012

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Submitted: March 28, 2012




Walking out the door, I was strangely faced with cold prickles of water dribbling down my face. The drizzle turned into pouring rain faster than you could say "incognito", and I was baffled, without an umbrella or hoodie because of the news caster's reportings. I started the long walk home anyway, for public transportation is something we lack in this town.
A few blocks away, I was startled to hear, "Anna Maria! Wait up!" from a distance. I saw a boy my age running towards me. He had the short dark brown hair, dark tan skin, and tall thin body structure that I instantly recognized - Charles.
Charles was my elementary school crush since 3rd grade when he first came. I liked him a lot, and in 8th grade I told him that. But because of his many personality struggles, I won't get into that now, he said we were just friends. I was crushed.
"Anna Maria, please, slow down!" I stopped, and looked at his wet face sprinting towards me. He was lugging around a huge backpack with him, along with a huge black open umbrella he held, not above his head, but as if there was someone in front of him that he was running with that he was holding it for.
I was most shocked to find him here because he didn't go to the same high school as me. He went to the smarter school, while I went to a performing arts school. We were both juniors.
I was wearing a summer dress at this time. It was sleeveless and blue and white with a mild floral pattern on it, looking single as ever. I had white heels on, but they had a classy ribbon on the top. I also carried a navy blue messenger bag with my books in it, slightly heavy. My medium length brown hair was tangles and wavy from the rain, and my pale ivory skin was damp and cold.
Sprinting like the cops were chasing him, he finally got near me. "Hey, Charles! I -" Before I could exclaim how much I missed him, he jumped on me and gave me a huge hug. Of course, I was blushing...who ever said I stopped liking him. He was wearing a grey hoodie, hood down, like a macho, and jeans and sneakers. Still towering over me, he let go and looked at me for a moment. "I've missed you." he said. "So have I!" I said, with a giggle. He held the umbrella above our heads as we proceeded to walk in the direction I was going.
"You live down here?" I asked. "No," he replied. "I saw you on my way to the store, and noticed how soaking wet you were and decided you needed help." I couldn't help but smile stupidly. He still had his charm. We kept walking, and once we hit the next block an odd conversation came up. He started to speak of his ex-girlfriend, a girl I hardly knew. "She broke up with me last month," he said. "It was devastating." "I couldn't imagine!" I answered. "Who could ever break up with" Of course. I come off as an idiotic fangirl who is at a loss for words. Scared of what he'd say, I cracked a smile, looked at his eyes, and gave another giggle.
But the unexpected happened. His left hand found my right, and he intertwined his fingers into mine. He held my hand. I was at a loss for words, and he knew it. So he broke the silence that seemed to be a dream. "Isn't this your house?" I quickly spun my head around, out of my little fantasy that was real. Darn. It's my house. "Yuh...yeh...yes..." I croaked out, still marveling at our hands. He was still holding the umbrella with his right hand, over the two of us. We carefully stepped up to my doorway.
I realized he'd have to go now. I don't know when I would see him again. Just thinking about this made me tear up. And, Charles realized. He slowly let go of my hand. And the unexpected self that he is, said, "You've been waiting for this for a while, huh?" I answered with a meek "Yes." I ferreted around my bag to get my keys and opened the door. "You are leaving now?" "Yeah, I have to." he answered. So he pulled his hood up, and closed the huge umbrella and handed it to me. "You're gonna need it, Miss Anna Maria." he stated with a wink. I held it in my hands, still sad to know he's going to go. Unlike what I thought he'd do, he put his arms around my waist, held me close to him, and put his lips to mine.
I felt the world stop for a minute.
He left me speechless.
He let go, gave me a quick smile, and sprinted away, in the rain, without an umbrella.
I stood there, dripping wet, with a messenger bad on my shoulder and a big closed black umbrella in my hands.
And I smiled.

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