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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic


~  Life Is Some Times Hard But Don't Ever Quit.

Whatever you may go through, whatever you may challenge When things go wrong 
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh, Rest if you must, but don't quit. Life is
 like a roller coaster you got your up's and down's but don't ever quit. ?Never give up
when the hardest hit's you, when things go wrong you can not quit. You need to be
 strong, forget the mistakes of your past, Take one step at a time, Follow your dream's.
Life is a game, we can only play it right. It's give and take, build and break, 'living memory'
"It's the journey that's important, In and out and ups and downs, As you travel through life
 there are always those times where decisions have to be made, There are some situations
where all you can do Is simply let go and move on, pack up your troubles and take a step
forward. There might be adventures you never imagined, wishes and dreams just about to
come true. learn there are so many options in life, you'll find comfort in knowing your
 friends Are supportive of all that you do, believe that whatever decisions you make,
putting one foot in front of the other, taking your life day by day... tomorrow that's just
 down the road. Don't look back, You're not going that way. Most of our troubles work
 out all right. Life can be tough, and overwhelming, confused, depressed and angry.  
Everyone's experience is different, You build a wall so you don’t suffer much pain. 
 I sit here holding deep Feelings, the troubles go But in me they grow and grow.
I know I said I could handle it But I wonder as I think. Outside lives a girl with a smile,
yet inside hides a girl with deep thought’s. that overwhelm her. Struggling with Depression.
Trying to appear ‘normal’, Can't you see But this is me And my life. If you hold me close
You can hear my heart It cries more than most. I blankly stare into my life, Each day I live,
Day by day. When this cold, hard world has me lonesome and blue I look up to see my angel,
You rescue me when I'm scared and alone. We get so caught up in life and things. Everything
Makes life worthwhile You give. So never give up on your life always’s think to yourself that
There are people who care so much about you, so never ever give up on your life dream’s and
Goal’s cause you can do what ever you put your mind to. I’m trying to find something to base
my life upon, No one will ever know how I feel. For I cannot even explain it all.
Thinking back on my life, all those wonderful years; You were always there to protect me.
Do you ever stop and think? Do you wonder where all that time went?
Sometimes we see things that aren’t meant to be seen. Sometimes things aren’t always as they 
seem. Sometimes we need someone to call on. Especially when we’re alone and feeling down.
Life is unfair, sometimes. This was a feeling I could never share.
I am strong, strong enough to move on from this pain, I won't feel the shame, my
life is not a game. tierd of these tears and my fears. I will find my dream,
that's what I will achieve. I believe in miracles, I won't fall, I may be lost but I will be found.
One day I will find the perfect life, life will run beautifully, I will fly like a bird,
through the night, will have a pleasant sight, afraid but I will fight.
No boundaries, free my mind of all the pressure, So now I pray, for these times of
struggle I will just say, I'll leave in your hands. God, I will let go.

Written By:Anna White

Submitted: December 17, 2014

© Copyright 2021 anna1166. All rights reserved.

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