Just One Life... Plus Nine Zeros

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This is something crazy I wrote when I was 13. It's basically about kids, growing into teens, and the path you can chose to go down, or turn at. It's all over the place, but it'a supposed to be. As if a crazy person were writing it.
the bold is the teenager being sucked into everything. the bold italics is when they become submissive to society)

Submitted: October 08, 2012

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Submitted: October 08, 2012




It's a crazy thought, I'd rather not, but it seems I have no other choice.
You need to hear it now, it's worth a hit, I need to up my voice.
This world we have, it's a whacky mess, with psycho killers and underage sex.
 How can it be? RAPED? Not me. "But I caught it on tape!"
Oh, shut up, just love. Oh, wait, we can't. "Why?"
'Cause that's only above. "Well, SHIT."
Calm down, don't rant, just drown. "Wha-?"
Well, we'll all die, right? Swell! Suicide! "What a terrible sight..."
Too bad, so sad, just 6 billion people a year.
Only homosexual boys, anorexic girls, and kids without toys.
"TOYS! TOYS!" Just some guns and knives. "Say what? No way." Too cool, I'd say.
Deadly barrels, pointy stabs, so much fun! What a day.
Bombs! Grenades! Explosions? "Yay!" Go BOOM!
Seems rad, not bad.
Kids with no other choice...
Go steal it! GO NOW! I want it...quick!
"...Bu...but how?"
Just walk up, and take it, or I'll give you THIS, it'll make ya sick! HA HA!
Hopes and dreams? It's not what it seems. It's like finding a feather.
"Well, that's not hard."
Then try finding THIS one, in the whole wide world!
Look at my fist, it's curled, so shut up! "He hurled!"
Who cares? Not me. He's okay. He's just dieing. "But..!"
No buts! Say what? You're flying? No no. Lay off the drugs.
Meth is bad, acid, too. "But come on, man! There's just enough... for me and for you!"
LSD, too? What the heck, dude. You're on the E? "Only just 3!"
Crack is whack! Cocaine is insane! What happened to that?
Meth! Meth! It leads to death. Consequences final and deadly.
You'll breath your last breath, because of the meth.
Cries of loved ones, a morbid medley.
CRY CRY! Boo hoo...
Rest in peace my friend, as their hearts rest in pieces.
"And that's our lesson today, class! No go on out to reccess!"

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