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A girl named Kimberly has a tear-making past that she is trying to figure out. Yep, her mom abandoned her. As she tries to cope with the fact she doesn't really have a mom and the loner reputation she has at school, she stumbles upon a important factor in finding her mom...if she isn't dead. Will Kimberly ever be able to find her mom again?

Table of Contents

Starting Off

In life are categories. The greatest and most painful one is Love. Well, love and taxes, bills and yeah. Anyways, everybody has experienc... Read Chapter

What Really Happened?

“Kimberly! Get down here! Don’t you know you will be late?? I made eggs and bacon!” Linda yelled. I immediately ran out of bed, eag... Read Chapter

Fiora Gets Curious

Fiora Gets Curious Sigh. It was Monday. I had to go to school and face the teachers filled with random questions on why I wasn’t at sch... Read Chapter

Ready Or Not, Here's My Surprise!

I was getting ready for this so called Jack Jewels Dinner. I put on my jewel necklace (in honor of Jack JEWELS) and jewel bracelet. AND m... Read Chapter

The Arrival

Heather smiled and she waved at me. I waved back and sat down, looking at all the empty plates around me. Mine was the only one that wasn... Read Chapter

Moving In

It felt really weird only staying with Jake for the next week. He didn’t know that I was moving yet. I decided to tell him at last minu... Read Chapter

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