May Travyon find peace like a dove

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My husband and I were outraged at what happened in the Trayvon Martin case and saw obvious signs of racism I felt were missed by people that did not read the court transcripts or copies of the 911 call. The fact Zimmerman was not arrested such was heartbreaking enough however to see him acquitted was terrible.

I wrote it for however my social networking skills are limited so I am turning to the poem sites instead in the hope my poem is read.

Submitted: July 19, 2013

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Submitted: July 19, 2013



Walking home to Dad

Not mad skipping slow

A littler farther to go


Man is angry agitated and afraid

Made to protect

Sees a boy of a different sect


The boy, the man did chase

Place found to confront him

Man calls police situation grim


Boy address his stalker

Body chalker will soon be here

Exact event unclear


Boy heroically fights for his life

Wife or kids he never will meet

Boy shot dead last heartbeat


The father of the shooter is a Judge

Grudge with police he tried to be

Instead confessing sin to clergy


Revenge on the man will not happen

Flatten and outraged the sympathetic feel

Certainly seems hard to heal


Let us now work to fix the system

Petition them our government for change

Time for ideas to exchange


Florida please choose 12 jury

Hurry of 6 may be cheap

Instead priceless, quality justice to hold to keep


I ask Florida's corporate giants

And plants of workers to help us place pressure to the people do not betray

We will not buy your good products to an unjust government your taxes pay


Let us living speak for the dead

Head a movement that remembers with love

May Travyon find peace like a dove


Signed Andrea Keyser Scott 7-17-14 (mother who hopes her children will grow up where anyone can walk safely anywhere in the United States without cops being called or being chased down and confronted by the neighborhood watch)

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