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This article gives insight to how two minutes really affects the rest of our lives.

Submitted: July 01, 2008

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Submitted: July 01, 2008



Two  minutes

People meet in a vriety of places.A person goes to the grociery market and over the stupidest thing strikes up a conversation with a total stranger thus ending in an everlasting friendship or companionship.Someone goes to the local fair and gets on a ride with a total stranger.One year later the're planning there wedding.You move into a new place and the neighbor you never met before that day becomes one of your best friends.You get on the internet and meet the person you have always longed for but never thought you would find.Do you ever ask yourself about destiny and why we meet people in the places that we meet them?Or perhaps why they were ther at that very moment when the difference of two minutes would have been enough to have never met that person.Or the possability that in the two minute incounter your life would be forever changed.If you think about it everything that happens in our lives is a direct chain reaction to a first encounter with a stranger.Once you meet someone everything in your life that involves that person is a direct chain reaction of events thus ever changing our lives forever.It's amazing the effect that two minutes makes in changing our destiny.

written by Annah D. McFarland 

© Copyright 2017 Annah. All rights reserved.

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