Admired Beauty

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

I am just a flower, and she loves to admire my beauty. This is my story.

Submitted: November 30, 2017

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Submitted: November 30, 2017



I was beautiful.

I had five purple petals with yellow streaks growing on a small yard bound bush;

My siblings happily growing next to me.

There were stories told about my form.

About a queen, two daughters, two step daughters, and a king in the middle.

It was quite creative,

But not as creative as the life I had.

Are you ready to hear my story?

One day, I was peacefully enjoying a light summer rain

And a small furry animal came by.

It smelled me and walked away.

Then, a young girl came right after the animal.

She saw me and plucked me right off of my bush.

She smiled and admired my beauty,

But I began to feel faint.

No longer receiving my much needed nourishment,

She put me in a very small glass of water.

She must not have known that I needed more than just water,

But I loved the way she admired my beauty,

So I stayed alive and beautiful for she could not see my weakness on the inside.

A little bit later she placed me in her hair right behind her ear,

And as she looked in the mirror, we saw ourselves, and we admired our beauty together.

She left her home and went down the road to meet a young boy.

He held her hand and walked with her.

He saw me and admired my beauty;

Our beauty.

We were a great pair, she and I.

The boy and girl walked a little longer and it began to rain.

The same light summer rain that I was enjoying when I was healthy,

Next to my siblings on my bush.

Then, I felt the wind.

She was running to get out of the rain.

I started to wobble loose from her ear.

I held on as tight as I could, but it was no use.

I fell.

Down I went;

A long, wet, windy drop onto the sidewalk.

The rain felt good but it suddenly stopped and the sun came out.

It was bright and hot.

It cooked the sidewalk beneath me;

Turning my petals into stone.

My stem shriveled.

I knew this was the end.

Right as I was about to give up,

A small, black bird came by.

He looked at me, and even though I was wilted and weak;

He admired my beauty, and for a moment, I felt beautiful again.

The bird left and the sun was beaming.

The wind began to blow.

I was blown into a nearby bush.

Shaded from the sun, and still disconnected from the earth,

I faded into the darkness and that was it.

It was quite a beautiful life wasn’t it?

Not long, but beautiful.

All of a sudden, I could see the world again.

It was brighter than ever.

I felt strong and beautiful, but small.

I looked around and I couldn’t believe what I saw.

It was my siblings!

I was back on my bush.

My old decaying body was devoured by the soil and I was reborn.

Reborn into my beautiful self.

People and animals passed by and admired my beauty as I grew bigger and bigger.

What seemed like a lifetime went by in a flash.

A big fluffy animal and an older girl came by and admired my beauty.

“Hey, I know you.” She said to me.

So I replied, “Yes, and I know you. You admired my beauty once long ago, and as much as I appreciated it, I ask you.... please, don’t pluck me from my bush again.”

She couldn’t understand me of course, but still, she respected my request.

She simply touched me, smelled me, and walked away.

She comes back every now and again to admire my beauty.

She grows little by little with the passing time, just like I do.

Together but apart, we gaze upon each other.

We are a great pair, she and I.

In the sun, in the rain, at night, and in the day;

She comes back to gaze upon my purple and yellow petals;

And together, we admire each other’s beauty.

Growing, strong, happy, and beautiful until the end of time.

That's my story.

Wasn't it beautiful?

© Copyright 2020 annahorbin. All rights reserved.

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