It's Spring

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I bet you never knew the Easter bunny could be scary.

Submitted: December 07, 2017

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Submitted: December 07, 2017



The dew lies still in the garden while you are immersed in your nightly slumber.

At first, it’s just a muffled bump on the roof.

Then, the dull sandpaper sound when you open a window.

“Thump….thump thump…..sniff sniff”

He’s here.

His body is covered in blue, blood stained fluff.

His eyes are as black as onyx.

His two heavily protruding front teeth weep bile and foam.

His ten inch claws drip thick, liquid rubies that stain everything he touches.

One of his ears is half torn and infested with maggots.

He thumps about your house looking for you.

He has a gift for you.

Over your bed, he glares at you in your weakest moment.

You open your eyes as the first light of day breaks form the horizon,

You sit up and put your feet on the ground when you notice a small drop of blood on the carpet by your foot.

Curious, you walk about your house.

Nothing seems to be suspicious or out of place except for the opened basement door.

You turn on the light and make your way down the stairs to where your dryer sits.

There are two drops of blood near the dryer door, and in the dust below seems to be a paw print the size of your hand.

You slowly open the dryer door to see a black, straw woven basket.

Inside is golden foil wrapped chocolate in indistinct shapes.

You take the basket out of the dryer, unwrap a piece of chocolate and examine it.

It’s in the shape of a severed head with a pained expression on its face.

There’s a piece shaped like a knife;

And one shaped like the Easter bunny.

The only other thing in the basket is a picture that has small knife cuts all throughout it.

It’s a picture of you sleeping.

I bet you’ll be locking your doors and windows next year.

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