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A young woman struggles with a deep issue inside her, both literally and physically. Will she ever find that elusive happiness or is she bound to be alone forever?

Submitted: December 15, 2014

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Submitted: December 15, 2014





By: Annamarie Ciccarello



The knock came loud and clear.  I stopped sipping my tea and looked towards the door.  I wondered who would come at so late at night to see me.  I walked over and opened it.  There he stood, the man who put me in such a rage.  He was holding a bouquet of flowers.

“Hi” he said in a cheery voice.

“What’s with all the flowers?”

“Well, it’s our 6 month anniversary and I wanted to celebrate.”

“Oh, well that‘s okay I don’t need them.”

“No, I insist take them!”

“No, I can’t!”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s over, alright? We’re done!”  And before he could say a word I slammed the door in his face and locked it.Why did he have to come?  When will I ever be able to forget this nightmare?  

I wished I had never met the man nor gotten so up and personal, and now I was stuck, the good Miss Caroline gone bad.  I had fallen into that deceitful trap and was paying the price mightily.

 I couldn’t believe my misfortune.  Or was it just me?  I hated to say I was caught up in the deal.  But I was, too caught up in the love and drama to think about reality.  And now he was back, back with his smile forgetting our faults.  I didn’t think he would ever realize how that one night had changed our lives completely.


I looked at the door, confounded and bewildered.  What had gotten into her?  Where was my strong and sensible Caroline?  She was gone, and in her place was an angry and lost woman.  I thought back to our dates, the times we’d shared…that night.  We were so in love I thought we’d never be separated.  And now…

  I turned and walked toward the elevator.  This can’t be how it ends.There’s got to be a second chance!

As the large elevator doors closed I thought I had caught a glimpse of a face peeking from the door which she just slammed.


Cars and taxi’s honked to their highest potential of sound as I rushed off to work.  As soon as I entered its doors I tried to remember and go about my daily routine.  And then the image came back, “positive”. 

Lizzy smiled with an innocence and joy that I longed for.  My heart took flight and I tried to return the same smile she had given me.  Why am I so nervous?  She’s not going to find out…right?

“Hey girl, where were you last night?  It was some party!”  An image of Michaels face appeared and I felt a deep sense of guilt bubble up from within.  I tried to stare at the computer screen and erase the lagging memory of him.

“Caroline?  Are you okay?” I simply nodded my head.

“Something happen with you and Michael?” 

My heart stopped beating.  “No, why would you say something like that?”

“You always get like this whenever you and Mike have a fight.”

“It’s nothing like that.  Now will you please get back to work?”

“Alright, alright, I’m going!”  Lizzy went back to her desk and I breathed a sigh of relief.  ‘She didn’t find out!  Everything’s okay!’  If only that were true.

The rain poured endlessly never ceasing its movement.  My car inched closer and closer.  I can’t do this.  I won’t do this

But my desperation forced me…to walk out…to knock on his door.  As I did, I prayed there would be no answer.  I waited a few seconds, no answer.  I walked away, joyful yet guilt ridden.  And this guilt surpassed me, bringing me out into a world of depression and hate; hating myself for even allowing this romance to invade me.

I never thought I would be calling out to the man I never wanted to see again.  What’s the point in asking him to help me anyway; he’s just a selfish, undeserving creep!

Don’t give up on him beloved.’   Yeah, easy for you to say God or whoever you are, you don’t have to live with the pain I feel every day!   My annoying ringtone buzzed through my eardrums.

“Hi Dad…”

I was exhausted.  Fighting with my dad had really gotten to me. We had the worst of a relationship.  Ever since mom died, my dad and I have always been fighting.  We no longer had my dearest mother as a peacemaker.  Oh, how I missed her, especially now.  She always knew what to say and comforted me in the best ways possible. 

God is with us.’

 Those were the words my mother would continuously say throughout my childhood years.  I didn’t want to think about God, not now.  If he was truly God then he would’ve spared me from this horrible disaster!

I would never have told my dad what happened.  I was sure of what he would say.  ‘Well, what do you know?  You faults finally caught up with you?  You’ve always been a trouble maker and now you’ve completely crossed the lineGo with your precious mistake and never see me again!’ 

As harsh as that seemed I was certain that’s what he’d do.  I’m just another problem in his sight and I’m sure he’d want a reason to completely abandon me.  Why didn’t anyone love me anymore?  First my mother left me, then dad, and now Micheal.  What have I done wrong? 

I will never leave nor abandon you for you are my child.’

 As hard and painful as my disgrace and terror was a feeling of peace suddenly pushed through all these and I felt an overwhelming presence that I never had felt before.  I picked up the telephone and this time, prayed for an answer.


I stared at the glass, shrinking all my problems, anger, and disbelief into the depths of my mind where I hoped they would stay forever.  Drinking was the only way to keep me under control.  It’s smooth, hypnotizing power left me drowsy and unaware of anything else around me.  But even still, this drink couldn’t take all my thoughts away.

It made me sick and dizzy to think that the girl I had known and loved for so long could turn her own lover away so suddenly.  Though it was just yesterday, it felt like an eternity since we parted ways.

  The phone rang loudly, piercing through my escapade of thoughts.  I had to go talk to her face to face, get things straightened out.  I needed her more than she even realized.  Grabbing my car keys, I rushed out into the dark night praying that I would find the one I lost.


The phone rang softly as I stood and wondered why I was doing this.  ‘You don’t have to.  You can just hang up the phone and live life normally again.’ 

That was a lie.  My life would never be the same. To my dismay, it went to his answering machine.  Not knowing what else to do, I hung up.

I thought about the very beginning of our relationship.  It was the first time I had ever really been in love.  And I promised myself it would be the last time.The events from yesterday were pushing on me from every side and I felt claustrophobic and more lost than ever.

No more thinking.  Just go to bed.  So I let myself be slowly devoured by my mattress and lay there for what seemed my whole life.  I remembered I forgot to lock the apartment door but I was too disheartened to care.  No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t dismiss my pain and guilt.  I thought it would be so wonderful in the beginning.  I just wanted to forget what I had done. 

God, you said you loved me, and thought that I had felt it, but now you’ve abandoned me just like the others!  How could I trust in such a stupid unseen being?  I waited for a response and received none.  Frustrated, I wept in exhaustion and a greater fear for the unknown.  I was tired from trying to hide my turmoil and grief.  I looked so happy on the outside when really I was crushed and confused on the inside.


I was surprised at how terrible all the roads were.  The thunderstorm this evening had took down some heavy branches and sticks were lying in every direction.  But I had to get there. It was my only hope of getting her back.  I wondered if she would even want to see me.  After our last encounter I made myself promise that I would never see nor think about her again.  I realized though, that without her, life just wasn’t the same. 

She was the one who got me through work every day, her smiles, her eagerness to listen.  I figured we would last forever and be happily married. 

What did I do wrong?  She loved me always, no matter what I did.  My mind went back to that night.  How could that one single night break the relationship we had so aggressively kept together? Even through my confusion and anger, I was certain that I needed to see her.  Then, the lights of the city appeared and soon enough, I had reached my destination. 

I stepped into the elevator doors and pushed the button.  It started to rise.  The door opened and I stepped out.  She’s still in love with me, right?  I found her number. 


I knocked hard and waited and then knocked again. 

‘How could she ever love a selfish, hopeless, drunk like you?  Go back and forget all about her!’ 

But I couldn’t forget about her.  She had become a part of me and my life.  There was something about her that drew me to her.  I looked at my hand.  It was turning the knob. 

‘The door’s unlocked? No!  Stop!’

I walked in.I found her lying in her bed staring at the ceiling.  My voice felt like ice breaking total peace.

“Hi Caroline, you know, your door shouldn’t be unlocked like that.”  She looked completely startled and dazed.  Her mascara was strewn across her face from tears and her hair was a tangled mess, but she still stopped my heart with her beauty every time I looked at her.  Then, to my surprise she started to walk towards me.

“Hi, Michael, I know.” It was as if nothing had happened before.  “What are you doing here?” she asked.  I had expected this question and planned the answer hours in advance.

“I wanted to say, I’m sorry, for whatever I did, really I am.  But what happened to end our relationship so suddenly?”  My words came out harsher then I meant them to.  She looked at me for a long time then took a breath and looked straight into my eyes.  Her confidence stupefied me after the mess I had just seen her as.

“Why do you think Michael?”  She held her stomach and my mind came to a horrible conclusion.  “I know you never meant it to happen like this but it did and now I’m stuck.”  Tears started to stream down her face.  “You can go on with life pretending nothing ever happened but I-I can’t.  I was trying to call your apartment.  Michael, I need you to help me, support me, and try to be the best man you can be.  I’m not saying I’m over this whole mess, but please help me. ”

“So, we’re still together?”

“Is that all you care about?  I’m pregnant Michael and I need your help!” 


That word shocked my mind piercing instantly to my heart. 


“Yes, pregnant!  Now will you help me and at least try to be a father for our child’s sake?”

“Of course Caroline, of course.”  Suddenly, adding on to the shock and trauma, Caroline started to wail.  I sat down and held her in my arms. 

“It’s okay Caroline.  It’s okay.  I have a great job and we could get married.  It’ll be fine.” 

“Married?  We’re going to get married?”

“Yes Caroline I think it’s the best for all of us wouldn’t you say so?  We were planning on getting married and having kids later.  Why not do it now?”

“Yes, oh yes!  But when?”

“One thing at a time Caroline, one thing at a time.”  I suddenly felt responsible for not only my soon to be wife but also for that baby she was carrying.  A father! I’m going to be a father.  I knew times would be tough.  And some days we would regret all this.  But it was going to work out.  It just had to. 


I lay in Michael’s arms for what seemed like an eternity.  And as I did, I talked to the one being I had so recently rejected.

It was you.  You love me?’  I felt a smooth reassurance and that same peace covered me like a blanket. 

Thank you!  You do love me!  You brought Michael back even when I rejected you.  You died for me!  My mother was right!  I always thought that you weren’t here but now I see you!  You are truly the king of the world!  Thank you Jesus!’ And in that solemn moment, I gave my worries, my problems, and my heart over to the one who would love me no matter what.


1 Year Later



“Michael do you have everything?”  It was a few hours before my husband left and he wasn’t ready by a long shot.  He was quite a particular man which was fine except that it took him hours to complete things, like packing for instance.  “Honey, are you sure you have everything?”  Michael stood in the doorway and just smiled at me.

“I’m fine sweetie.  I have everything.  It’ll only be for a week okay?”  His sweet reassuring words lowered my stress just a bit. 

“And you’re sure you’ll be okay being away from the baby and all?”

“Caroline it’s only for a week!Besides, you’ll be the one with the most work!  Now please, sit down and rest!”  It was surprising how oblivious men could be.  How in the world could I relax when I had to make dinner, get Curt dressed, finish the laundry, get my husband out…the list just went on and on.  This last year had been crazy.  Michael and I had gotten married right away and before we knew it, I had little Curt.  My life was anything but peaceful, but I was thankful for Michael.  He helped me and provided me with support when I needed it.  I had heard of many boyfriends who had left their girlfriends right after they found out.  Michael would never do that.  He loved me more than I loved myself. 

But he still didn’t know about the good news I had so recently accepted.  Every time I thought to mention God, my fear got in the way and I said nothing.  How can I get the courage to talk to Michael about you God?  I’m so weak, please make me strong.

 Seek and you shall find.

That night, I spent much time reading God’s word and continually praying for confidence to tell my husband the on e thing he needed to hear.


I stared at a picture of my little boy as the plane started to take off.  I was so proud of him and of my wife.  I saw her everyday trying her best to control our crazy life.  She was so special and precious to me.  She forgave me for what I had done to her and we had the best of a relationship. 

And there was something else in her as well.  Even when little Curt screamed or when I came home with next to nothing for money she had this peace about her that radiated from her smile to my heart.  I didn’t know where this peace came from and I’d always wondered if I could have the same peace as well.

  Hours soon passed and I was high in the sky.  I truly hated when I had to leave for business.  ‘It’s only a week’ I told myself.  Then I would be back to see my loving wife and smiling son.


I smiled and breathed slowly as I held Curt.  His peaceful eyes were shut and he started to mummer to himself.  I loved the way Curt snuggled so close to my body.  I thought about the time before this and how much suffering I had gone through.  I remembered telling myself it would all be worth it someday but I never really believed it. It was worth everything to see this little creature lay still and silent in my arms.  Not to say he was always like this.  Nights would often consist of screams every two hours or so, piercing through my dreams.  Not all of it was perfect but these moments were the ones I cherished the most.

“Your daddy’s coming home today” I whispered.

 I couldn’t wait.  It was a long week and I hoped these business trips wouldn’t happen repeatedly.  Then suddenly, the door opened and an exhausted yet gleaming face met mine.He walked silently over to where I was sitting and I greeted him with a little kiss.

“How was the business trip?” I asked.

“It was boring and useless without my two precious angels with me, but somehow I managed.”  I loved it when he talked like that.  “So how was it here?”

“I missed you a lot.  Curt kept crying for you every night.”  Michael smiled.  “Well we won’t have to worry about that now.  I won’t be going on these trips anymore.  Someone’s taken my place thank goodness!”

“You’ve moved down a level?” I asked concerned.

“No, I moved up.”  He and I both shared a smile.  “You know, while I was on this trip I thought about you and how you’ve helped me and made our lives truly special.  I don’t know how you do it but I’m really thankful.”

“Thank you Michael.”  I felt that confidence warm me as it did before and I took a shaky breath.

“Michael, it’s not me that’s made this work out.  It’s God’s will that this happened.  Everything was done with a purpose in mind.”  I saw his face cover in confusion and unbelief.  God, please let him see you!  Just as Michael opened his mouth to speak little Curt opened his and let out a cry.Relieved to cut the tension I held Curt out to his father.

“Curt’s been waiting all week for his daddy to hold him.”  I tried to give an encouraging smile but as Michael took his son I saw his face was still crumpled in confusion.  “I should probably go start dinner.  You stay with him, Michael.  He’s very tired so I’m sure he’ll fall asleep fast.”

And so I left wondering if my words had any effect on Micheal.  I reminded myself that is was God that spoke through me.  My words meant nothing but it was God’s voice that would bring Michael to the joy I had found.


I heard the sound of food sizzling on the stove and wanted to go and help her.  I put Curt down who was fast asleep and headed toward the kitchen.  Caroline was there cooking chicken with a look of worry on her face.

“Are you alright Caroline?"

“Hmm, yeah I was just thinking about… well never mind.”

I could sense some tension between the two of us ever since I came home, but I tried to ignore it. 

“Hey Caroline, how would you like to go out for some desert tonight, just for a little break. “ 

“Thanks Michael.  I’d love that.”  She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and stirred the pasta that was boiling in the pot.


I got up around 3:00 in the morning to tend to Curt and couldn’t fall back asleep.  No matter what I did, I ended up thinking about Michael and how he was so lost.  The guilt welled up in me because I was failing to do my job, to tell him about God.

Oh Lord, how can I talk to him?  I’ve failed you again and again!  Please be merciful and give me more chances to speak with Michael.  I need all of your strength Jesus because I have none.  I promise that whatever happens, I’ll stay by your side for eternity.  Please help me Lord not to tremble with my own fear but to be filled with your holy confidence.  I need him to see, I need your help.

Wearily, I closed my eyes and finally fell asleep.  I dreamed of being caught in a raging sea with me on one end and Michael on the other.  No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get to him.  All of the sudden a bright light shone from the sky and a hand reached out to help Micheal across the roaring waters.  I stood dazed and confused until Michael was standing directly next to me.  I looked up and the light and hand were gone.

I woke up with a start, shaking, trembling, and sweating.  Then I looked towards my sleeping husband and a familiar tune rang in my ears.  “It is well; it is well with my soul...”


I got up early as usually for work and found my wife downstairs making breakfast.  I greeted with a kiss that I hoped would ease her troubled spirit.  She hadn’t slept all night and I was worrying for her.

“Good morning Michael.  I thought I might make you some breakfast before you head off to work.”  She placed an egg sandwich with its strong and irresistible aroma filing my nose.  I looked up and still saw that look of worry and distress.

“What’s the matter Caroline?  You’ve been upset for a few days.”

“I’ve just, been thinking a lot.  Hey, how would you like to go to church with us this Sunday?”  I felt a deep disposition grow from inside.  I never liked church ever since I was a kid.  It always seemed full of traditions and words but never made any sense to me.

“I don’t know. “

“I’d love for you to come.  It would mean the world to me if you did.”  I looked into those passionate hazel eyes now gleaming with a hope I didn’t understand.  I couldn’t possibly turn down such a suggestion with that face.

“Alright, Caroline, I’ll come.”

“Thank you so much!  I think you’ll really enjoy it.”  My wife’s reaction surprised me and her eyes seemed to gleam with utter joy.

“Well, I have to be going to work now.  Thanks for the breakfast honey.  I’ll see you tonight.”  I went to go get my briefcase and then kissed Caroline goodbye.  About to open the front door, I glanced over and saw my wife bowing her head and whispering to herself.  I didn’t know what had taken over my Caroline but it had definitely consumed her life.A feeling of uneasiness came to me and I quickly closed the front door behind me.


As Michael left, I prayed to God that he would somehow soften my husbands’ heart.  All throughout my day, while I did the dishes and daily chores, I kept seeing my Michael on the other end of the strong currents of the ocean.  I kept waiting for that hand to reach out and grab him.  I saw every day, that longing, that aching.  He wanted something more and I had that something.  It would be my life’s mission to give Michael the one thing he longed for the most.


Work was the same, uneventful.  I couldn’t wait to get home.  I drove as the rain poured down.  I couldn’t help but remember my wife when I left her.  She looked so troubled but there was a look of peace as well.  Throughout my life, I had always tried to get the best things whether it was a great house, a faithful wife, or even the best car.  These things always claimed to make me happy.  But as I thought about it, they really didn’t make me any happier nor more content for the things I already owned.

  I was sick of trying to be happy.  I figured that all humans would never really have that content and joy that we always strived to achieve.  But now, my loving wife seemed to be joyous and filled with some sort of…light.  I turned off my car and walked to the front door.  Whatever was in her, it intrigued me and I wondered what this sort of light it could be.






Now it was Michael who was the worrisome one.  Ever since I asked him to come with me to church he has been a bit fretful.  He would constantly ask me if he was a good person and I would always say he was.  This was an odd question to ask, especially for Michael.  My husband was usually such a confident person, never worrying what other people saw him as.

 For the past few days I could feel a deep hunger from my dearest Michael.  It was if he knew that something was missing but couldn’t figure out what it was.  This excited and troubled me at the same time.  I could feel him watching my every move, observing me with the upmost concentration.  I tried my hardest to present Godly qualities but always doubted whether or not I could really be the example that would bring Michael to the God I knew and loved so well.

One night, as I waited for Micheal to come home from work I lay in bed and conversed with my maker. 
Jesus, my wonderful savior, how can I be the example of you to my husband?  I am constantly sinning and following my own directions instead of listening to yours.  Will he ever see you in such a person as I?

Through me, all things are possible.

 I know that Lord, I’m sorry for doubting you.  It’s just that I always feel like a failure and I want Michael to see more than just me.  I want him to see your perfectness, for I’m filled with quite the opposite.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, mind, and strength.

And this I did, everyday praying for guidance and another opportunity to share the good news to my husband.  Then came Sunday, and I was thrilled to finally convince Michael to come with me. 

I stood in the doorway of our small bedroom and smiled to Michael who was trying to gather a very active, crawling baby.  Once Curt was caught in his father’s arms, Michael walked toward me with a smile that made me shake inside with delight.  It seemed as though there was nothing that Michael wanted to do more than go to church.

“You ready?’  I asked.


My heart beat faster as we got into the car.  ‘Please God; please help his eyes to open.  Please help this to be his day that he turns to you!’  I prayed with all my might on the ride there, hoping that Michael would listen to the pastor’s words and take them to heart.  But I knew that that was only between him and God.

 We arrived exactly on time which was a miracle because I was almost always late.  When the congregation stood to sing, I watched Michael as he stood a bit awkwardly, and looked toward the worship team with no emotion whatsoever.  As soon as the songs began, I sang my heart out toward my Lord while inwardly crying out for my husband to understand what I was singing about.  Michael simply stared at the words not knowing any of the songs.  That’s when I took his hand and squeezed it to ease some of his stiffness.

Michael was surprised by this action and looked at me with pleading eyes.  I wondered whether bringing him was  a good idea after all.  Then, the worship songs ended and we sat down to hear some announcements.  My mind was so worried on Michael that I could barely hear what the announcements were.  Communion took place right after that and I wondered what Michael would do when he was offered the bread and juice. 

The elders of our church came around passing the trays of grape juice and matzo.  When the tray came to me I took some and passed the tray Michael.  Our eyes met for a few short seconds and I could see the complete confusion he felt.  I felt awful for not explaining communion to him.

After communion, the pastor came and started his message.  Today, it was about proclaiming the good message to others.  As the pastor talked I could understand every word he spoke and related it to my daily walk with Christ.  My husband on the other hand, looked like someone was kicking him in the stomach with each word the pastor spoke.

  After a little while, Michael abruptly got up and left the sanctuary.  Embarrassed and confused, I tried to focus on the message and waited for my husband to come back.  Minutes passed and Michael still never showed.  Just as I was about to leave, the service was over and I rushed out to find Michael.

I found him in our car looking sick to his stomach.

“What’s the matter Micheal?  Why did you leave?”  I asked as calmly as I could.  Again, he gave me that sickening look and stared forward.  A long pause followed my question until he finally answered.

“I’m not meant to be there.”  This simply reply was nothing that I had been expecting.  I thought that Michael would be furious and scream at me for taking him to such a place.  Instead, he sat, strangely calm but deeply troubled.

 “Michael, you’re meant to be there as much as any of us.”

“No, I’m not.  Those people in there… they are so different from me.  They are delighted to sing to God where as I would rather shoot myself in the foot. “

I winced at this statement, for now I knew the state that Michael was at with God.  It reminded me much of how I acted right before accepting Jesus.  I was resentful, angry, and basically hated God.  I saw the same resent and lost expressions on my husband’s face.

“Michael, God loves you no matter how much you sin, no matter what you’ve done in the past.  It has all been forgiven.”  Again, his face crumpled in confusion.

“But, why would he want a person like…me?” 

“You think I’m any better?  Do you remember when we almost parted forever?  I was pregnant and shamed for all eternity.  But that’s when God met me in my greatest need and he gave me what I’ve wanted for so long.”

“What’s that?”

“A purpose.”

“And what purpose might that be?”  Michael said almost sarcastically.

“To praise and worship my king for all of eternity.”

“That doesn’t sound much like a future.”

“But it is.  There is true fulfillment when I talk day to day and rely on God.  He’s not just some powerful being who lives in the sky and wants to rule you.  He’s a God who wants to have a relationship with you.  That’s why he died for you, and for all of us.  It’s because he loves us so much.”

“I’ve watched you Caroline.  You’ve had some kind of light that seemed to come from inside.  But I could never figure it out.” 

I smiled and praised the God Most High for his grace. “That was Jesus, God, The Holy Spirit.  I’ve given myself over to the one creator of the universe and now I live with the peace of his love.  You could have that same peace and fulfillment if you just ask.”

Michael shook his head.  “But it just can’t be that easy.”

I took his hands in mine and looked into his eyes, all the love I felt for both Michael and God welling up inside, almost bursting.  “Do you want to know him?”  Michael’s face paled instantly and he almost looked as if he was about to weep.  Suddenly, his confusion faded and a look of pure joy came bursting from his face.

“If this god is who you claim him to be, then I’d like nothing better.”

 This response brought instant tears to my eyes and I was too overwhelmed to think about anything else but this one response.  Gripping his hands with complete bliss I told him to bow his head and ask the Lord into his heart.  In that moment, I saw that hand reach from the sky, and I knew that this was the moment I had been waiting for.  It was a moment I shall never forget.


The days following my conversion, were unlike any before that.  Each morning Caroline and I rise from bed filled with love for each other and for our beloved Lord.  My life had been forever transformed for the best.  I found the joy that Caroline had possessed and together we tried our hardest to show this to our son and now daughter Curt and Melissa. 

I can see God in everything; the skies, the people, the Bible.  I still sin constantly but I rest in the fact that God would forgive me.  The once dreaded life I lived now is an opportunity each day to follow God in every way possible.  And for the rest of my days, I will be praising God with the heart of a humble servant.  Forever will my life be dedicated to the one who gave it all for me.



Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?  Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword?  As it is written: “For your sake we face death all day long; we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered.” No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.  For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.’ Romans 8:35-39








© Copyright 2019 Annamarie Ciccarello. All rights reserved.

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