snowballs exciting day

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

Snowball the kitten has an adventure


When the door is locked, and everyone is gone away,
Snowball the kitten decides to come out and play,
With a yawn and a stretch, she slowly looks around.
She notices that no one is making a sound.
With a swish of her tail,she hops off fthe chair
Sneaking around the corner
She peeks up the stairs.
With so much to do, and  an  empty house.

She decides to have an adventure and look for  A mouse.

With a growl from her belly she knows it's time for a treat.
Then it's off to find something good to eat.
When the bowl is empty and the food is no more.  It's time to see what the day has in-store.

With a full belly an idea came
 to mind,
It's time to see what kind of trouble she can find.

There is little to be done, with the fishbowl insight
Unwilling as he is the fish  is in for a fight

With a swipe of her paw, the floor is all wet.
Leaving the fish in his bowl very upset.

Once on the couch, it's off for the bird.
Thankfully no one's around to say a word.
On the back of the couch, she's much too unstable.
On her way down she knocks over a table.
Deciding to look for the mouse she forgot.
She looks around to see what you can spot.

She purrs when she sees a shoe with it's strings.
And all the wonderful possibilities it brings.

Not quite a mouse but still it will do.

There's nothing quite as fun as an unexpected shoe.

Oh, this was not good.

Playing did not turn out like it should.

with her paw in a string she finds herself stuck.


Unfortunately,  it seems she is running out of luck.

There's nothing to do, until she gets her paw out.

With a little wine she starts to Pout.

Distracted, By the sight of a cup.

Her ears give a twitch, and start to perk up.

With herself, she tries to play keep away.
Unfortunately, The cup does not want to stay.

With A crash the cup falls apart.

Causing snowball to jump with a start.

Deciding to jump on thecounter, something catches her eye
It seems she found a yummy BlackBerry  pie

With proof of her presents left behind,

She leaves footprints on the counter for someone to find

Seeing the door open she runs to her bed
Hearing a yellshe turns her head


The mess that was left can't be her fault,


She was just having fun, or so she thought



Submitted: November 27, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Annarose 86. All rights reserved.

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