Tweak explorers her new home

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

A bird adventure

Tweet sat on a perks,

All of a sudden her cage gave a lerch
 a flutter went tweets wings,
A hand enters  her cage, birdseed it brings
A soft word is spoken,
  To tweets surprise, the cage door is left opened
seeing her chance to Rome tweet decides to explore her new home
Slowly she sticks her head out the cage door, 
to see if The coast is clear
To her  delight, she discovers no one is near
Looking around the side of the sofa  she sees something white out of the corner of her eye
Spreading her wings she lifts off  to fly
Unaware of theQuickly approaching pest
Sitting on the chairt snowball did not notice she was about to have an unwanted, guest,
Tweet decides she needs a rest, 
oh what a nice place to build a nest
Unfortunately, it did not seem like snowball likes this plan 
As soon as tweet lands onThe sleepy kittiesback she jumps off the chair  And ran
Once firmly on the ground
she took tweet on an unscheduled tour around 
  Tweet did not like this game
And since she was so comfortable it was such a shame
Rounding the corner, side table with a vase of flowers came in to view
This was not going to be good tweet knew
 Snowball knocked over the table as she slid straight into the door
And the pretty vase crashes on the floor,
As tweet spread her wings she tries to fly away,
But since her foot is stuck she is forced to stay,
Grabbing some of snowballs fur withHer beak she pulls and tugd until she could Flee
Discovering that she had not found a new bed,
She went to find somewhere else instead,
Something shiny catches her eye,
She thinks maybe  she could use it to build something to keep her warmand dry,
It was too bad that it was attached to a puppy,
It seems that tweet is much too unlucky,
With  a yip Sammy thinks it is time to play
Tweet did not find this idea okay,
Seeing his intentions tweet takes  flight
Knowing that if she didn'tleaveHe would have her in one bite
Starting to miss the cage she had
It was beginning to look like this idea had been bad
Letting out a soft cheep
She  begins to look for somewhere to sleep
Finally she sees where she belongs,
this exploration had been much too long

Submitted: December 08, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Annarose 86. All rights reserved.

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Sun, March 22nd, 2015 9:03am

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