The Start: A Grave Digger

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For those who havent watched my noval,"The Seeker", read that before this.But if you have then this is the background of the Seeker before she met any of the mercs.

Submitted: November 16, 2013

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Submitted: November 16, 2013



It Started with a Gravedigger

I was born in Southend Hospital, when I was born, I didn't cry. That’s what scared my mother and father most, even the doctors were shocked. They thought I was dead. I didn't breath and didn't make a sound, they called it as a miscarriage and buried me. When I woke up, I was surrounded by darkness, I cried, cried and cried. A man with a spade heard me and dug me up,” Hello, what were you doing down there?” I stopped crying and looked the man “Where’s your parents?” the man took off his coat and wrapped me in the clothing “You have been abandoned, poor baby I will keep you safe” and carried me and his spade in his arms. Saved by a Gravedigger.

"Daddy! Daddy where are you?” a little girl was wondering around the house, “Dad?". "I'm here honey", a man came and picked up the little girl and span her around, the two laughed and hugged. “Daddy, Do I have to go to school tomorrow?” the man laughed "Yes Amia, you have to,I bet you will enjoy it, I am sure that you will make lots of friends, come on, you need to go to bed missis", Amia yawned and the father carried the kid upstairs to her room. Her room was painted green, there were glass shelves holding crystals and fossils, she had a desk with four draws on each side with books on it, there were posters of dinosaurs on the walls, a broken down wardrobe in the corner and a bed. The dad put down Amia on to the bed and took a fossil," Can you tell me which dinosaur this was?” Amia held the fossil and studied it closely, “Its a thumb of a Iguanodon", her father smiled, "That’s right, your teachers and classmates are going to be very impressed, night you’re going to need some sleep, it going to be a big day tomorrow”, he kissed her forehead, “Dad?", the man turned to her ”Yes?” the girl looked at the books on her desk ”Can you tell me a story” the father laughed quietly and sat down on the bed ”Ok but promise me that you will go to sleep”

“Once upon a time there was a little girl who had started as an orphan, she didn’t know her parents and walked along the streets alone. The girl met a lonely boy and they became friends, they made a little tree house in a tree of the forest outside the city and lived together at place they can finally call home. One day the boy had an accident and the girl buried him under the tree and cried, she made friends with a bird who understood her sadness, they lived peacefully until a group of men found her and her friend and took her back to the city by force. She only managed to escape and hid away forever and none who knew of her ever found her again.”

“That’s a sad story, I wouldn’t want to be taken away from home” the father hugged her “I would never let that happen “the girl smiled and lay down to sleep.

A girl stepped out of the car and put her bag on her back. “Are you sure that you have everything Amia?” the father lowered the window of the car, “Yes I have what I need dad” the dad looked worried “Have you done your homework?” Amia sighed, “Yes dad I’ve done my homework, I am going to be late” the man smiled and kissed the girl on the forehead, ”Have a good day”, he raised the window and waved while driving out of the car park. Amia waved back and walked through the gates. Thorpe Hall School ad three main building, one for seniors one for junior and one for Practical lessons like DT and Drama called the Norris building, Amia made her way and went into the junior block. When she got into the building she saw the small bookshelves in the corner and stairs to the upper floor next to them but she walked forward to the corridor of classrooms .One of the doors had Year 3 on it and Amia opened it.

“Amia, why are you late?” Mr Gracie was sitting behind his desk with all her classmates staring at her, a couple of them giggled. “Sorry sir I was held back by my dad…again” the teacher wrote L on the register for late, “Sit down Amia”.

Amia looked from the classroom outside, it is really boring in year 3, it’s so simple but the others are really dumb, well other than the girl in the corner, she had nerdy glasses no wonder she knew every question. Amia had a thought, there was an oak tree at the bottom of the field, there was a forest behind it but the oak tree was separate from the forest as if it was alone, just like her, she’s made no friends hardly ever chat to anyone, “Amia!", she woke from her dream and turned to the teacher "Yeah?", "Where do coco beans come from?" Amia smiled "They come from coco trees that are only grown in Jamaica "the Mr Gracie said it was correct. After lessons, Amia asked the teacher how long the Oak tree was there, ”Funny you should say that, the Oak tree has been here longer then the school but none know why the tree was separated from the forest” and looked back at the test papers on his desk, the girl looked sadly at the tree, how lonely the tree was, she saw all the students playing football and making daisy chains, Amia walked over to the Oak tree and felt the rough bark from her hand and sat down next to it with a book, but Amia didn’t know that someone was watching her from afar.

 “Hey Amia” a boy from her class went up to her, “What do you want Zac?” Amia was reading her book underneath the Oak Tree again “Do you want to play football with us?” another boy joined them, Oliver, “Sorry guys but I want to finish reading this book” she returned to her page Zac shrugged” Do what you want, but why do you always go under this tree?” the girl looked back up at them “Cause I want to is that a problem to you” the boys left her alone. ”Suit yourself”. A few minutes later the girl with nerdy glasses came over, ”Hey erm can I sit next to you” Amia was beginning to get annoyed ”Can’t I get peace for 5 minutes!” the girl backed away “Ok calm down I leave you alone” and the nerd girl walked off,

"Hey NERD", Emily looked up from her work and saw 3 girls surrounding her, they had brown, cruel eyes stared down at her, they put sheets down in front of her, "Why don’t you do our homework for us if you love it so much", Emily looked at the stacks of paper, "I am sorry but it’s your homework, you do it". The three girls looked at each other and nodded, "Oh smart ass eh?" said the one on the left, "You do it or otherwise you will pay for it" said the one on the right," and it will be very entertaining for us", Emily was frightened and got up trying to run away but they grabbed her by the collar and laughed, “Aww, little rabbit trying get away” ”Is this your notebook?” Emily looked in horror at the pad the bully had in her hand, she looked like she was going to rip it up, "Please no" the girl tried to get away "Oh you care about this, oh you probably won’t mind if I rip it up then", then a fist met the bully's face "Leave her alone bitch", a girl with a hat punched the main bully, she held the side of her face and ran out of the classroom with the two other girls. "Hey are you ok?" Emily looked up at the girl, she had rare blonde hair, hazel-blue, coloured eyes, she had an Australian hat on her head and a sweet smile, she held out her hand "Yeah, thanks" and the girl helped her up. "Thanks again with that" "Hey no problem, we haven’t been properly introduced, my names Amia what’s your?", Emily smiled too she knew that this girl was good, "Emily", ”You’re the girl that wanted to sit next to me, sorry about that I ain’t the most social one” Amia rubbed the back of her head”, ”No problem, everyone has their moments, hey can we go to the Oak tree I’m bored”. Amia and Emily sat next to each other in every class and they talked to each other every week-day, but there was one thing that Emily found about the Oak Tree that Amia didn’t see.

They knew each other for a couple of years up to Year 8, Emily wanted to meet up underneath the Oak tree "Hey can I show you something., knowing that we have been friends for some time" Amia was pretending to be surprised ,"Wow, I have never heard someone say that to me before", Emily looked at the top of the Oak Tree, "Well, it’s now your first", the girl walked around the tree expecting its every branch, "Do you see that lever up there" Amia looked at the lever on the top branch, "What the fuck is a lever doing on the tree, I never noticed that", Emily explained "I have been researching on the school history and it was said that there used to be a secret military base here, but when I checked the school there were no signs...",Amia put a derpy face on, "Hence the name 'Secret'", Emily ignored her, "I looked around and found this lever, but I could never reach it and I ain’t the best gymnast" ,Amia knew what she was going to say, "You want me to pull that lever, knowing that I am the best gymnast in the class", Emily nodded, "Alright then, don’t blame me if I fall and break my ribs”. Amia stepped back from the tree, ran up the tree and grabbed the nearest branch and pulled herself up, Emily stared in awe, “How did you do that?!"Amia smiled, “Gymnastics does have its positives" she pulled the lever and a trapdoor behind the tree opened up. Emily and Amia looked down the trapdoor, it was dark "Its lucky I have a flash light”, Emily turned on the light and looked at the room below the tree, at first it just looked like a mole hole but when Emily fully shined her light, there was more to a mole hole.

Skeletons were spread out on the floor, Emily covered her mouth as if she was going to be sick, Amia walked down the steps "Amia what are you doing?!", Amia turned around to her "Look, you wanted to show me this, might as well explore" Emily rolled her eyes and went down the steps as well. There were shelves full up with paperwork and books, the desks were in rows with matching chairs, a table that people used in war was in front of the desks and roots hanged from the ceiling then a body of a women was also hanging from the ceiling, a rope around her neck, Emily couldn’t face it and vomited in the corner of the room, Amia just stood there and looked at the women, she didn’t have a face but she knew that the women was sad, the woman caused suicide, ”How are you not feeling sick when looking a that” the girl kept glaring at the women ”I don’t know” Emily began to step up the stairs "Come on Amia, let’s get out of here", "Wait, why don’t we use this, I mean, it’s a waste of a base", Emily stared back if she was mad, "Amia are you crazy we can’t do that, especially when there’s.... you know... dead people", "But Emily, I know that you ain’t the one for dead people, I can clear out that and give them peace at least, we can tidy this up and use it to our advantage", Emily sat on one of the chairs, she thought about this for a moment, it wasn’t actually a bad idea, and it will give the people here a grave "Amia you are the craziest person I have ever met".

It took a while to clear out the place, teachers were everywhere, but when they got the chance, Amia managed to pick up the bodies and bury them in the forest and when she cut the rope of the hanged women Emily vomited again “You are cleaning that up dude”. Emily tidied the floor and the walls and sometimes looked at the paperwork to find out what happened here, why did the woman hang herself? Hunger? After a couple of weeks of tidying the place, it started to shape, Emily looked at the equipment in the corner next to the War table, "Hey Amia come look at this", Amia was tiding the desks when Emily called "Yo what you find?", Emily typed on the keyboard and a screen lit up, it was a video of the school. Amia and Emily stared at the image, then all of a sudden, nine other screens glowed showing the whole of the school ground, "Oh my god", the two girls were shocked, "Wait, I thought those video camera at school were fakes, I thought they never worked until now" ,Emily laughed, "Hence the name 'Secret'", Amia looked at Emily, "Ha Ha Ha I am laughing out loud....Shut up".

Emily also found a headset with a microphone meaning there was also a sound system, but they weren’t going to try, they could get into trouble if it really worked, it would spook everyone. The next week Amia was looking through a closet, "OMG Emily! take a look at this shit", Emily was trying to figure out how to use the equipment she sighed and came over to Amia "What have I told you about....holy shit" ,Amia took out a golden pistol, "And look at the rest of the stuff, geez this is in prim condition" there was rocket launchers, pistols, rifles you name it "Amia we can’t take this, it’s illegal", "Emily I wasn’t going too, but if we are ever in trouble, we know where to go "Emily turned back to the equipment, while Amia put the golden pistol in her pocket. When Amia got home, she didn’t say a thing in the car to her dad about her day, “Is there something you’re not telling me” the father was staring out at the road in front of him “Na just the normal day” the father smiled “Ok then”.

I was in the basement of the school, Emily and I found the basement 2 years ago now and have found loads of new stuff, it was mostly corridors until we found more  rooms, we also found the diary of the woman that hanged herself, she was one of those people who sent telegrams to families that lost their sons and husbands in the war, it said that they were surrounded by British, guessing that this was a secret German base, and they were starving, most were shot by the English and the last ones died here from starvation. I heard cries and screaming outside, I dropped everything and  ran as fast as I can to the main base, I put on the headphones, looked at the screens and saw soldier like people walking around the playground, holding children and teachers by the hair and arms, little kids cried while the teachers were questioned, "Where is the girl?" , "I don’t know, please don’t hurt the children" and the teacher fell to the ground dead, I stared in horror at the screens, who were they looking for? Then something struck me, Emily was pulled out of the building, the guy grabbing her by the hair, ”Get off me you son of a bitch!”, "Tell me, where is Amia?" Emily was on her knees, but she didn’t cry, but the soldier ignored her screaming, "I don’t know" .A gun shot was heard, Isa back in my seat with tears in my eyes, they had killed my only friend. An idea popped into my head, I may be upset, but I have seen enough videos to act creepy and scare people.

 Soldier guys with guns held a man tightly, making sure that he didn’t escape, "Tell me! Where is the girl?!” the man looked up at his captor, "I ain’t telling you shit", the soldier punched him in the face, "Whatever you do to me, I ain’t gonna to tell ye nothing. Rain started to pour down. "God dam it, why can’t I get a break". A buzzing was heard from the buildings surrounding the playground.

It’s raining its pouring.

The old man is snoring.

He went to bed and laid down his head.

He never woke up in the morning.

The song carried on and on, one of the soldier looked around him, he had a scared look on his face, “What...What is that?! Stop it!”, the scared soldier shot randomly where he thought the sound was coming from but was stopped from the commander "What is this shit Soldier, she’s playing with us”, the captured man smirked “Clever girl” a cry of pain was heard from one of the soldiers who were guarding the children looked down at his chest and was horrified to find two swords cutting through his stomach and fell down.

Amia looked at the arguing soldiers and laughed, she had connected her computer to the headset and looked up creepy songs to lighten the mood, but then she stopped laughing when she saw her father held by two black soldiers. She grabbed two Shahanshahs from the closet and her golden pistol, she felt the grip and the weight of the knives, “Surprisingly comfy, as if I was made for these”, and she ran through one of the corridors and went up the steps and opened up another trap door to find herself in the theatre, “Perfect” she got out, closed the door behind her and went out the exit doors. There is a thin alley way between the junior block and the Norris building, a soldier was pacing down the alley, luckily the guy didn’t see her. What am going to do about this she thought, but then it hit her, they killed Emily and it was all her fault. She had to do it. Amia peeked around the corner and the soldier’s back was faced to her. She smirked and crept up behind him, the song had stopped playing it had reached the end. ”Finally that fucking thing ended…..”a knife stabbed him in the back and blood began coming out of the man’s mouth and fell, Amia stepped back from the corpse, ”Oh my god what have I done” but Amia didn’t feel sick, and didn’t really feel guilty. The girl took out the knife from his back and put it back into its case. Maybe it made for her.

A girl with an Australian hat walked over his dead body, one soldier held his gun at the girl, shaking. "Girl!, put down your weapons, NOW!!", the girl laughed, "But what if I don’t want to", she got closer to the soldier who was shaking "Don’t come any closer", "I don’t have too" she raised her golden pistol and before he can react, he fell down dead with a bullet in his head. A gun was held against Amia’s father’s head ,"Dad!", "Honey don’t worry about me.." one soldier who had the pistol of his head didn’t have his head covered, he had grey air and had evil looking eyes and his finger on the trigger, "Yes Amia, worry about your father" Amia looked at her dad and then looked at the bald man, "What do you want from me" the  man laughed, "My name is Gray Mann, I am the commander and I will be taking you to an army base, this man had dug up people’s graves for money in the past and we he finally found him”, “Is this true?” the man can only look down in disgrace “You will be given a new home, away from this thief” the girl closed her eyes and thought for a moment,” I will go with you”. ”Amia what are you doing?!” commander threw the man on to the concrete “I am going with these people” the girl walked to the helicopter “Please Amia No!”

I looked out of the helicopter, the body of Emily lay there, I wanted to cry but I just couldn’t bring myself to it, I chose this so I get to choose my future. "What are you going to do when we get there?” Gray looked at me, “We will give you a place and food when we get to the base” I heard the pilot shout something but the helicopter’s blades were overpowering him, Coming up to the army base, sorry about this but we will have to blindfold you for the it is secret” a black cloth went around my head but before I can detest. A needle went into my arm.

They took off the blindfold, Amia’s eyes flicked and took some time to get used to the light, her hands were cold and her back was killing her, the room was dull and grey, to her side, knives and swords were on a tray, but then she realised that she was on an operation table, she tried to escape, but the bonds tying her to the table were stopping her. A man in a white cloak towered over her, "What are you going to do to me!?!", the girl panicked when he got a needle out, "This is the last one, but knowing this girl, she will survive this" Gray was next to the scientist “I hope so”, the needle went into the arm and Amia screamed with pain, not from the needle but something was growing through her veins, she cried out with pain, while the two men stood there, watching her.

The pain. The pain. If I wasn’t forced to stay awake, then I would have probably died. The pain rushed through me, I could feel the stuff going into my heart, bigger than any chest pain, and it could have even been bigger than a heart attack. My eyes started to burn with pain and blackness started to cover them like a shadow, my fingers felt like something hard was pulling them together and my back felt like something was coming out of it. Then suddenly the pain stopped. It took me a minute to recover and saw my golden pistol, knives and my hat on the table close to me, what a stupid place to put them.

"She survived!" the scientist was holding Alexander's shoulders, "I did it, now please let me go" the soldier shot the scientist in the chest, "Sorry doc but we ain’t going to need you anymore". He turned to the table, Amia was holding her head, "What the fuck was that!", Alexander looked into the eyes of the girl, they were like a jaguar's eyes. "You have become stronger than anyone, you will be one of the soldiers working for the Gray team", the soldier turned to the window a pain was implanted into his back, he tried to get the thing out of his back but failed and turned to the girl who had her hat on her head and knives in their case, the man launched on top of her and punched her in the chest, Amia recovered quickly and kicked him in the private parts. Gray cried out in pain and fell to the ground. The girl picked up her pistol and ran as fast as she can.

I ran down endless corridors, lights on the ceiling flicked. A green sign read Exit and I ran down the steps, I heard the voice of Gray cry out, I burst open the door and felt the rain pour down on me, and I ran out into the shadows. I stopped and I pain started running through my veins, I screamed and knelt down onto the wet grass, “What’s happening to me!?!” my fingers joined together like glue, my back ached as black wings grew and my eyes stung.The pain stopped. I tried to say something but it came out with yep, I looked at my hands and saw that they were paws, I looked at my back and saw the wings. I pinched my arm to see if I was dreaming but I wasn’t. Tears crept out of my eyes and I roared.


Amia was in a tree looking at all the children playing football and skipping on the playground. She wished she could play with them but she knew they would be scared off. A gun shot was heard, children screamed, covered their heads and across into the building, Amia watched the soldiers coming towards them, they came here for me, she got out her golden pistol.

I know every single entrance to the base area, there was always a secret tunnel to the base. I opened up a bush and went into a hole. I dropped down the hole and ran to the closet, it held a sniper rifle, and I remember the thief that raised me showing me about these rifle, I love the skill of shooting. I came out behind the Oak tree and into the forest, I laid next to Emily's grave and looked through the scope of the rifle, ”Just like the old days eh Emily” I heard some cooing next to me, I turned to find a black dove? "Hey err I didn’t know there was such thing", the bird cooed again and looked at the grave stone of Emily, I looked out to the soldier on the playground, "Come out!!!Come out!!!” he was calling out for someone, I aimed and fires. The soldier’s head exploded into blood and the other guys around him looked in fear to try to find what killed him, then a familiar face came out of nowhere, Gray Mann was looking closely at the body of his comrade "Shit, I thought I killed him", the bird pecked at my arm, "Man, please I need to..." the bird looked at me with its eyes, as if he or she was trying to tell me something, I looked at the ground it was pecking at, a word was drawn on it ,'Jaguar' the bird cooed, "Clever bird, but I don’t know how to, and it’s not like I turn without pain", the bird stared at the school, I heard a shot, I looked and dreaded at the look, a small child was dead, I filled with anger, the bird backed away, I started to turn.

"Come out Amia, I haven’t finished with yet", Gray was walking around the place. Soldier closely following him. Darkness soon over took them, and all that Gray heard was the cries of his comrades behind him and the roars of a creature, he tried to looked through the fog but the only thing he saw was a flash of wings, for the first time ever, he was scared. When the blackness gave away. He found the creature standing in front of him.

 "YOU TURNED ME INTO THIS 'THING'!!!" the creature stared like daggers into the man, he looked around the grounds and found his men dead around him. "You are going to come with us, you will have a home..." before he can continue three claws went to his chest, he cried out and looked at the knives in him "Please let me live!", "WHY SHOULD I, YOU KILLED PEOPLE I LOVED AND I CARED FOR, WHY IN ALL MEANS SHOULD I LET YOU LIVE!!", she dug deeper into the wound then took her claws out of him and put them away. The man fell to his knees and fell down with pain.

"I am so sorry" I looked at the corpse of  the child, I turned to the students and children "I will leave your school, I have only brought you pain and suffering", I heard a flap of wings and the black dove before landed on my shoulder, I left the school and walked ,"I need to give you a name, would you like the name Emily?", the bird nodded in agreement.


Amia arrived in the country she loved most when doing geography, Brazil. She only just managed to get past security in the airport, "Well Southend doesn’t have the best security in the world", and she wiped the sweat off her forehead. Emily flew above her head while Amia walked along the lonely road. She passed by the markets, loads of people trying to sell them food, Amia got some bananas for Emily and herself, they are going to go to the rainforest, Amia's second choice.

She came up to the beginning of Amazon rainforest ,"How much I dreamed of being here, all those sayings about the rainforest, I can’t wait to find out how many of them are actually true, right Emily?", the bird cooed and landed on Amia's shoulder, one step into the wilderness.

A while later, the evening came and Amia got some sticks, a flint and steel and made a fire, she sat down and cooked the monkeys they captured on the way, "Wow, these monkeys are pretty good, even for ankle-biters", after her meal of monkeys and feed Emily some more banana and seeds, she began to sing a song ' Come Little Children’ the dove looked at her strangely, "What? I loved listening to this song, it helped me cheer me up". Then the two heard some voices on the other side of the bushes and trees, Amia stopped and peeked through the gaps of plants, far off like 20 metres of so, they heard the voices of loggers that have settled for the night, "Hey Joel how many trees?", "I think around 15 today, unlike yesterday, jeez, we didn’t do much" ,the guy wasn’t pleased, "Dude if you keep going like this then you’ll be shot for witnessing" .Amia was angry, but thankfully the bird calmed her down, "I think I know what we are going to do tomorrow", the bird cooed happily.


Bang! "Christ not again" a man ran across the cut down area, he looked at the body, "Dam" Bang!

"Bloody assholes" Amia shot the other man that expected the body, "They deserve to die", Amia now had long hair rare blonde hair, her eyes were baggy from the tiredness of lack of sleep, Emily was sleeping next to her, and she had an injury from the last idiot who found out where their position was. Amia had been sniping every logger that ever came across this site, a somehow she enjoyed it. Ever since her first kill at school, she didn’t cry other it, or feel for her first victim. Amia smiled, she managed to survive this long. She heard something behind her, she took her knife and put it to the neck of.... a woman. She raised an eyebrow" What the fuck, no woman has gone in these parts, they must be desperate.” the woman wiped her glasses and put them back on her nose, "That is because I don’t work for that stupid lot" Amia put down the knife and flipped it back into its case ."Then what are you doing here?” the black dove woke up and also surprised to find the woman there. "My name is Mrs Pauling, I am assistant of the Administrator at Team Fortress", Amia rubbed her eyes in confusion. "Then shouldn't you be doing assistant stuff, cause this isn’t the place" Amia turned back to the logger area to double check, "Amia, if you come with me, you will have food, water and more weapons, we have dealt the dealer of this logging area, and looking you and your pet, you seem low on sleep and food".

Emily looked up at me as if she was begging. For the first days she enjoyed it, but after that we got low on food and water, we didn’t get much sleep because the logger bastards kept finding our camps somehow. Myself is also low on food, I haven’t eat in days ,"Ok fine, Emily and I are getting low on stocks and sleep", the bird flew up to my shoulder and with a face as if saying "You think?!" Mrs Pauling nodded, "Follow me please".

"How did you find me and How do you know me?", Amia was looking around the car, she hasn’t been in one of these since for ever The Administrator has companies all over the world that could tell her anything about very person that comes each country and second we know everything about by your history meaning that we know a lot about you, even your 'disease'", Amia looked out of window, she hasn’t thought out her 'disease' for a long time ,"Please don’t remind me about that", Mrs Pauling nodded "You’re not like the other mad men at Team Fort", Amia looked at her strangely, "What do you mean?", "Well, at Team Fort we have these men that we have asked to come, and they agreed, and there is battle between two companies RED and BLU for short, I won’t go through the details of their names, two brothers are fighting over the area, basically a never-ending battle, there is a respawn when people from each team dies, they will come back to life" Amia smirked, "Hence "never-ending battle'", "You though aren’t as mad as the others that are fighting", Amia stroked her bird, "what’s so mad about them?" Mrs Pauling laughed, "One of them had his enemies’ heads on a fence".

There was an old women next to a train when Amia and Mrs Pauling, "There’s the Administrator, be careful round her", they got out of the car and walked to the old women, Mrs Pauling had a clipboard and stood behind her, "Hello Amia, I guess you know who I am, you will get on this train to 2Fort, the first area. You will be known as the Seeker, so your comrades would know what to call you, better not use your name", Amia got onto the train and waved goodbye to Mrs Pauling, "You will be tested when you get settled in, good luck" and the train whistled and moved slowly cross the tracks.

This is a new step, I looked at my friend sleeping peacefully beside me, and it has given us a place to live, after the past couple of years of pain, hatred and sadness led to this. A new beginning and it all started...

With a Gravedigger.

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