...In A Snap

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For "Booksie Weekly Writing Contest 2012" - Week 2. This story is my first story here in Booksie and was written in 'pure English'. I really did a big adjustments so I hope you'll enjoy this short story of mine. Have a great day! Godbless!

Submitted: September 21, 2012

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Submitted: September 21, 2012



In a Snap

Helping the editor-in-chief, well, that’s my job being the secretary and all. It’s very exhausting but a very rewarding job since our magazines are starting to sell out.

On my 25th birthday, I, Jane Reid, received many packages in my house. Some of the packages came from the company that I worked from, and the other ones came from my friends and relatives. But one of the packages caught my attention, a small box, or I should say ‘a peculiar box’. I picked it up. As I opened the ‘peculiar box’, it contained a fancy bracelet. And as I took a closer look to it, it became more mysterious to me because of the volcanic stone-like in it. And you will see the big black diamond that stands out the most. The box doesn’t contain any letter or any indication of whoever gave it to me. Since this is one of my packages, it means this is for me. I decided to place it in the drawer of my vanity dresser.

The next day, while I’m about to go to work, I saw the bracelet’s box on top of my dresser. I was confused, shocked even. Seeing the box on top of my dresser and knowing that I was the only one in my house. Come on! Is there any ghost in here? How? But I disregarded the thought, instead, I opened it and wore it all the way.

A lot of my officemates noticed my new bracelet since it has unique designs. And of course, once they notice it, question and answer is the next portion. But all I could to is to give them my sweetest smile.

Well, time to work.

The most interesting part of my work is that I need to inspect the designs that are going to be published. And base on what I’m seeing right now, there are many new clothes/dresses designs that are ‘in’ for this year. And one dress caught my eye. I really want it. This dress makes me drools. It’s been decided, “I’ll buy this dress for the sake of the fashion!” I said then I snap. Well, I have enough salary to buy this stuff.

I was about to stand up but then I felt something strange with my body. I feel uncomfortable. I check myself and only to find out that... that... that where’s my dress? I’m not naked by the way.

Out of my mind, I run in to our human size mirror to check what I’m wearing. This dress looks familiar, yeah, THIS DRESS IS THE ONE THAT I’M DROOLING WITH EARLIER. Did my outfit transform? Looks like that. Seeing me in this dress makes me feel happy. I twirled three times just to make sure what I’m wearing was TRUE. Then I faced the mirror again. I noticed my bracelet and thought to myself, “Maybe, it’s the bracelet’s deeds”. A smile formed in my face.

After an hour, all I could to was to stare at the ceiling blankly. I did everything; I sang, danced, twirled, drooled, jumped and bumped, but whatever I do, I’m still wearing the same dress that I came through. “I’m going to be insane!”

Okay, think... think... think... and BRAIN BLAST!

I snapped my fingers and POOF!

My dress turned in to my office outfit again. As what I’ve thought, that’s the only magic key that can transform me back.

As the days passed by, I experimented on my new found power. I figured out that in just a snap of my fingers, my bracelet could transform my outfit into whatever I like. And every time that I use this power, people have been noticing me much more. Well, thanks to my instant dress/outfit maker – my bracelet.

I went to our editor-in-chief’s office just to know if he has an assignment for me to do. As I opened the door, I saw our editor-in-chief who stood up from his chair after seeing me. He walked towards me, and me, I just became a statue where I was standing. He leaned me to the wall. And all I can do was to stare at his beautifully proportioned face. While I was still admiring his beauty, I noticed that he’s playing a few strands of my hair. He is twirling it around his fingers. Then he leaned his face closer to mine. Just an inch away from me, then he whispered in my ear, making me shiver, “Miss Jane Reid, could you please listen to our discussion?”

Discussion...? Discussion...? What discussion? Then it hit me, someone tapped my shoulders behind me whispering, “Jane, wake up!”

I slowly opened my eyes and realized that... that... we are in the middle of the discussion. As I lift my head and shock to see my terrifying professor in front of me. Like, was that just a DREAM?

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