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describing oneself and an inevitable journey that treads along like a shadow

Submitted: May 01, 2014

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Submitted: May 01, 2014



there's only so much to learn
in this given amount of time
that we're taught too damn fast
never reaching a finish line
our lives deem to be stories 
that lack a last page
ones we can't read ahead
keeping up a dreadful pace
we are songs and poems and lyrics
that never reach a stage
we are souls and reincarnations of energy
workers burning off minimum wage
we are leaves on a tree
first green then orange then brown
though some stay green forever
some never even frown
think of me as a pencil
you keep sharpening as it breaks
over and over again
imagine how that pencil aches
think of me as a star
in the wide, endless, dark sky
remind yourself there are billions more 
remind yourself I'm space matter that exploded and died
think of me as a person
living breathing working dying
lying stealing always crying 
at least I'm still breathing and trying
it's all I'll ever be
a minuscule migrating bird
flying where I'm told, have learned to go, guess, or choose
and dying like the rest
cause in the end we all fuckin' lose

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