At the Funeral of an Eminent Man

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We attend funerals for a variety of reasons: sometimes to say a last 'goodbye' to a dearly-loved one; sometimes out of duty, because it's expected of us; sometimes out of curiosity. Our emotions will, similarly, be different, depending on our feelings about the deceased. In this poem attendees share their thoughts about a well-known "pillar of the community".

Submitted: October 21, 2011

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Submitted: October 21, 2011



At the Funeral of an Eminent Man


"Why are we gathered here?"

The pretence continues; not a tear!


"Did you like him?"

"Nor did I"

"I didn't really know him."


"Doesn't time fly by?"


"What am I  doing here?"


"A true gentleman... blah ... blah ... blah ..."

"Loss to the community ... blah ... blah ... blah..."

"His deeds out-live him ..."



"His coffin's rather small;

I thought he was a tall


"There aren't a lot of flowers."

"A lot of mourners, though."

"But are they truly mourning this



"His widow's wearing pink."

"That makes you think!"

"It looks as if his brother's the worse for drink!"

"Only his young step-daughter looks on the brink

Of tears ..."

"One really shouldn't believe everything

 One hears..."


"That's it!  It's over!"

We'll follow him to his grave.

We'll see him lowered in; and stand, heads bowed.


I'm praying, now ... along with all the rest:

"God grant that someone will emerge who's brave;

Someone who's brave enough to tell the truth; and let his reputation, too, be laid to



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