Response at Christmas

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Christmas can be the happiest time of the year; but, depending on your circumstances, it can be the loneliest.
When we are fortunate to have enough of Life's necessities (and some things which are not so necessary, but enrich our lives), it is humbling to spare a thought for those who are less fortunate. We could also spare some cash! (Despite the theme of the poem, I did!)

Submitted: October 21, 2011

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Submitted: October 21, 2011



Response at Christmas


Don't sit and beg for coins from me,

As I pass by you in the street;

Don't sit in a derelict shop's doorway

 With that square of ragged canvas holding the paltry coins that others tossed,

Prominent, at your feet.

Don't fix me with a bloodshot eye -

Nor a clear eye, either.

Don't cough and call out,

"Missus - spare some cash?"

Don't scrunch inside your threadbare coat;

Don't advertise the fact you need a wash.

Don't twang your cheap guitar with half-gloved hands that shake;

Don't blow that ruddy whistle - or flute;

Don't tap at tambourines,

Or attempt any sort of music you can make.

Don't look so cold and hungry

On this wint'ry afternoon;

Don't eye my bulging carrier bags,

Or my cheeks' well-nourished bloom.


I have a son your age; a husband too;

And friends at all the ages in between -

It's true.

It could be my son sitting there, causing offence, like you.

I'm not insensitive;

I symapthise;

I recognise your plight;

I know it could be me, as well as you.


But don't ask me to compromise my strongly-stated view:

That giving cash can't help somebody like you.

How do I know you'll really buy some food ... not waste it, like I assume you usually do?


Don't sit on pavements and beg for coins from me.

I'll never give you any;

Isn't that plain to see?

I'm Mrs Moral Rectitude;

But as I hurry by,

If you look closely, you may see the teardrop in my eye.

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