She Says ... He Says

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Two points of view link these two poems.

Submitted: October 25, 2011

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Submitted: October 25, 2011



She Says ... He Says

PART 1( She says)

Gap-toothed; bristly; your hair glistening with some pungent goo;

That's how I remember you.

We didn't have much fun; we'd never met before; we had, perhaps, a dance or two.


Your groping hands felt hot under the swirling disco lights,

And then you said,"Let's go ..."

At the time, I wanted to ...

I didn't mind the kiss,

But propped against the wall, you dared things no one else has dared to do.

I tried to stop you.


It didn't take you long.  You thought you'd done it well.

You asked me how I felt ... how it was for me.

I didn't know.  How could I tell?


I haven't seen you since that night; and haven't wanted to.

I kept things to myself;  stayed in;  played truant from school;

'Til I could hide no more

Then, everybody knew.


The pain was bad. I know it's s'posed to be;

But at fourteen I'd not expected that to happen to me.

It took two days; and then it wasn't me

Who pushed her out into the world, whimpering piteously.

The forceps saved her tiny life; but they haven't done much for me.


Look at me now.  I'm not the same, you know.

I haven't been near a disco in months - and I can't see I'm going to!

You wouldn't know me now; I'm not the same - not now;

But, then, you didn't know me then -

And that didn't stop you!


Look at her now; she has no teeth as yet;

No hair to speak of; and she smells baby-sweet.


I love her now;

But when I look at her, I think of that one night

And I remember



PART 2(He says)

You were such a little flirt!

That skirt you wore ... God, was it short!

I'd watched you all the evening, from across the room;

My best mate betted me you wouldn't let me take you home.


"Wanna dance?" I said;

And you grabbed me quick.

God, how you danced!  I was mesmerised by it.

It was hot in there; and the room spun round and round;

Round, like the flickering lights; and the thumping sound spun in my head.

"Can I take you home?" I said.


You leaned on me; and we stumbled from the room;

You giggled when I held you close.

You led me on.

That kiss was something!  You'd done that before.

I brushed aside my nerves; I tried to pretend; I fumbled and sought for more.

"Don't let her think I'm new to this," I thought ...

I swore....


You were crying.

"How was that for you?" I stammered.  I was keen to know.

Had I done it right?

I was afraid it wasn't so.

How could I know?


You kept on crying; you wouldn't answer me.

It must have been a disappointment;

After all, it was for me!

"See you around then?"

But you didn't say a word.

I didn't press to take you home.

I felt absurd!


I haven't seen you since; and haven't wanted to.

I didn't want to see you giggling with the girls, telling them I didn't know what to do!

I did it, didn't I ... even if it wasn't much fun for me ... or you?


All that was months ago.

I haven't seen you since.

They say you've gone away and had a child...

That figures!

I shouldn't be surprised!

You were a flirt!

Some other fellow was better at it than me.

I'm hurt!


I go to discos every week; I drink some beers and watch the babes;

I never dance.

But if you turn up

And recognise me

And wriggler your hips

And give me the old come-on,

This time, baby, you'll find that I've become a man.

I'll take a chance.



© Copyright 2018 Anne Armstrong. All rights reserved.

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