And thats why you always check the petrol...Chapter Two Of Two.

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Continuing the frightful weekend, this chapter sees the defeat of either the Masked Man or the five freinds, stranded and with no where to run to...

Submitted: September 13, 2007

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Submitted: September 13, 2007



And Thats Why You Always Check The Petrol...
Chapter Two/Two.

By Anne Hastings Hughes.

“I wonder if we will get another visit from our friend tonight.” Hanna said as she and Beth made up the beds. They had cleaned everything away that morning but with them staying they had to do it all over again. Greg was outside looking at Old Faithful and Mrs McDermott was preparing tea.
“Oh don’t Hanna.” Beth said as she placed another pillow on the bed. “I don’t want to think about it.”
“I wonder where they have got too.”
“Dave and Cara of course who do you think?”
“What time is it now?”
“Getting on for five.”
“Oh. Well I suppose we shouldn’t worry, but I am afraid I do.”
“Me too. I tell you something - if that masked man has hurt them - I’ll kill him!” the fierce look on Hanna’s face made Beth think that she couldn’t possibly doubt what she had just said. Hanna was a loyal friend and more fool anyone who tried to hurt her friends.
“Well - I don’t worry about Dave. He’s a fighter. But I do so worry about Cara. She isn’t as strong as him and though she is fit and healthy - I can’t help think that she would burn out quite quickly.”
“Oh Hanna you worry far too much.”
“Well someone has to.”
“Well I wouldn’t if I were you. It isn’t going to do you any good. And I’ll tell you what. If they are not back in an hour - we’ll go looking for them ok?”
They continued to make the beds and then went downstairs.
“Greg must still be outside.”
“Lets go get some food. I’m starved!”
“Trust you to think of your stomach at a time like this!” Hanna laughed.
They walked in the direction of the kitchen but then there was a loud knock at the door. They turned and looked at it and then at each other.
“What if he’s come back?” Beth said.
“Don’t be silly - its more likely to be Greg.”
“He used the side door though at the back.”
Hanna went over to the door and shouted. “Who is it?”
“Hanna? Open the door! Quick!”
Hanna recognized Dave’s voice and she and Beth started to unlock the door. They opened it and Dave and Cara ran in. Hanna and Beth stared at them and their cuts and bruises. The air were too exhausted to do anything except for pant but then Dave saw the open door and shouted “CLOSE IT!” Hanna and Beth looked round just in time to see the masked man coming. They pushed the heavy door closed but he battered against it and they couldn’t close the door and bolt it. Dave was out of action completely with his one leg all swollen he could barely move it. Cara got up but she had no strength left and was useless. Thankfully though at the third blow Greg ran in and managed to aid Hanna and Beth with the door.
“Well - that keeps you awake anyway.” Hannah said as she leant against the door trying to catch her breath back.
“What has happened to you both?” Beth said looking at her friends.
“We have had rather an interesting day actually. We were certainty kept on our toes.” Dave tried to laugh but the pain was too much. Mrs McDermott came running through a worried look on her face and a dish cloth in her hand. Her sleeves were rolled up and her arms and hands wet from the washing up she had been doing.
“What is going on? I heard you all shouting and came as quick as I could. My legs aren’t too good for running anymore. What has happened to Dave?”
The others explained quickly.
“Get him upstairs. I shall go get some cloths to bathe his wounds.” Mrs McDermott said and turned to leave. Greg and Hanna got him to his feet and helped him up the stairs with Beth helping Cara behind.
Mrs McDermott came through a few moments after the tired adventurers were in bed and Cara and Dave told everyone what had happened.
“So you managed to get so far - then he attacked you, Dave and then he went back for Cara. Then you caught up with her and you lost him and then you found him again and ran back.” Beth said when the pair had finished and were feeling much better with hot food in their stomachs and clean clothes on. There wounds had been bathed and dressed and Mrs McDermott had suggested and early night for everybody.
“Yes, that’s what happened.” Dave said as he finished off his coffee.
“Well I suppose we had all better leave you to rest. Mrs McDermott has some hot soup waiting for us downstairs.” Hannah got up and kissed Dave on the forehead.
“You keep a better look out next time mate.” she said sternly. She went to Cara and gave her a hug. “And you keep a better watch on which roads you actually take.” the three left the rooms and went to eat, when came back up they found the two asleep and they all got changed and one by one sank into their beds and slept soundly.

Next morning was Sunday and Greg woke up with a very happy and healthy attitude.
“Why are you so chipper?” Hannah asked as she put her jeans on.
“I don’t know exactly. It’s just its Sunday right?”
The others agreed rather bored.
“Well - we’ve survived! don’t you see? Those kids twenty years ago were killed during the weekend. We have almost survived the weekend. We are indestructible! Nothing he does can hurt us. Not one of us has even come close.” there was a cough from Dave.
“Well - except you Dave. So don’t you see? We can get out of here and we can get out alive.”
“Yeah well maybe I will share your confidence tomorrow morning but until then.” Hanna picked up her rucksack and put it over her shoulder and picked up her torch.
“Until then I am going for the police.”
Hanna had headed for the door as she said the last part but Greg got in front of it and her and put a hand up.
“What do you think your doing babe?”
“What does it look like. I am sick of that guy scaring me. I am going out and I am getting the police. I will come back to you with police.”
“I’ll go with you.” said Beth.
“No, I will.” Greg said not wanting his girlfriend or his sister out there.
“Oh, come on Greg!” Hanna exclaimed as she tried to open the door but he didn’t move.
“What happened to your enthusiasm of us getting out of here alive?”
“Only if we stay together.”
“Greg! Let me out of this door now or so help me I will be the one cutting people up!” Hanna grabbed the door handle and pushed passed Greg. And walked right into the Masked Man.
“AHHH!” she screamed and screamed and screamed. Greg and Beth were behind her, Beth holding the door ready to close it and Greg grabbing her and dragging her in. Beth closed the door but the bolts wouldn’t budge. Greg looked over.
“What’s wrong?”
“They won’t move! The bolts won’t ruddy move!” she pushed the door and held it with all her might but the Masked Man was stronger than she. Greg and Hanna and Cara were running across the large room but another swift blow caused Beth to loose her grip on the key she was trying to turn and she fell onto the floor. The door crashed down and the masked man walked in and looked around. Greg and Hanna were helping Beth up and Cara was trying to get Dave out of bed. His one leg was hurting badly and he couldn’t move very fast. Greg looked up and saw the masked man advancing on poor Cara and Dave first. He looked around and saw a bed sheet on the floor.
“Hanna get Beth in a hiding place. Now!”
Hanna grabbed Beth’s hand and the pair ran out the room. Greg then turned and grabbed the sheet and walked up behind the masked man. He was at the bed now and Cara screamed as she saw him. The axe was lifted and the sheet came down over the masked mans head so that he could not see.
“Cara! Get out of here! I’ll help Dave.” Greg commanded. Cara did so and ran round the bottom of the bed and across the room making sure to be careful as the mad mans axe swung around in the air as he tried to free himself from the bed sheet. Greg helped Dave up and helped him limp across the floor. He got out the room and turned left. The man pulled the sheet off and started across the room towards the door. Greg heard and he wished more then ever that Dave could walk properly as it was not easy for him to get around. He looked in vain for a hiding place and then Hanna suddenly came forward and took Dave too and she lead the pair to where Beth was standing. They ran into a room on the left with the man advancing. Beth ran over to a bookcase while Greg helped Dave onto a chair and Hanna locked the door. Beth pulled book after book out of the shelf until she found a lever. This she pulled and on the other side of the room a dark wood panel slid back showing a dark empty cavity in the wall.
Beth ran to Greg and Dave and she put Dave’s arm around her shoulders and between them they got him to the opening. Hanna stood there waiting to close it.
“When did you two find this?” Greg asked as Beth climbed in after Dave.
“When we were doing the beds we got bored and wondered off for awhile. We found this and thought it might come in handy.”
“You really are wonderful!” he said. A sudden sharp crack came and the pair looked at the door. An axe head was being pulled out of the splintered wood and another blow caused a bigger crack. “Get in!” Hanna screamed. Greg did so and Hanna followed. She pulled the panel back and then took a lighter from her pocket. The four were in a room. A small room which the girls thought must be an old priest’s hole. She opened the lighter and a flame of light lit up the dark and small room.
“Are you ok Dave?” Beth asked looking at his one dressing that was stained with blood.
“Yeah - just a bit sore. My gosh you guys! Where’s Cara?”
Well where was Cara? As soon as she left the room she turned left and started down the stairs. She had run to the broom closet and hidden in there and then she cursed herself for being such a coward.
“Your boyfriend and best friend are up there and could be being killed right now and all you can do is hide?” she pushed the door open and thought about looking for Mrs McDermott. But she didn’t know which room was hers let alone if she was in there. No. Mrs McDermott would be alright. Cara ran back up the stairs her trainers making a clicking noise on the stone. When she came to the landing she ran to the bedroom they had been in but there was no one there. She then ran across the hall calling. “Dave! Greg? Beth! Hanna!” but there was nothing. Then she came to a room at the far end and looked in. the masked man was in there and he was bashing away at the wooden panelling on all sides of the room. He was only three of four panels away from the four’s hiding place and Cara’s sharp eyes noticed the lever in the bookcase. She had to do something. She looked around. There was nothing in the room except the bookcase, some books on the floor and a couple of heavy looking armchairs. There wasn’t even any curtains at the window. She knew it was stupid but it was the only thing she could do. She went closer to the man and then shouted.
“Hey Mask Boy!” it worked. The mans head turned and despite the mask Cara could swear she saw his eyes light up when he saw her standing just a couple of feet away. He forgot his panels and started towards her. Cara saw her plan was working and she ran out of the room the man following. In the wall the four sat in silence. They had known the man and his axe were close but now it had stopped. The room was made of stone and was soundproof from all sounds outside.
“What has happened? Why has he stopped?” Beth asked.
Dave suddenly exclaimed. “Cara!” he pulled the lever that opened the panel again and Hanna and Greg got out. Dave came next and then Beth. Knowing that his girlfriends life was in danger, Dave had found strength he didn’t have before and now went forwards with no aid.
“You guys stay here.”
“No way!” Beth said starting forwards too.
“No you must. I’ll be ok. Greg look after them.”
Dave left and Greg and the girls got back into their hole closing the panel and praying Dave would come back with Cara safe.
Dave turned to the right and but saw nothing. He checked the rooms on the landing and was starting downstairs when he heard a scream coming from above.
“The tower room!” he said and he limped quickly over to the door that was hidden behind a curtain. The door was unlocked and he pulled the heavy door open and saw stone steps leading upwards in a spiral. He too started up and after a few steps though his leg gave way and he only just managed to steady himself by putting both arms out. It was very narrow and he managed it. He stooped panting and wincing with pain when another horrific scream, worse then the last came to his ears. He started up again, ignoring the throbbing pain in his leg and he went round corner after corner until he came to a door. The door was locked and he could hear the screams were coming from in there.
“Cara!” he cried. There was another scream and he pushed his shoulder against the door with all his might. It was only because it was such a rotten door and it was coming off its hinges that he got in and the Masked Man turned round in surprise as it crashed to the floor. The room had one slit of a window and cowering under it was Cara. The man was standing over her, axe raised. Cara screamed again and the Dave went forward to the man who saw him coming and managed to dodge him. Dave went straight into the wall, shoulder hitting it first. He cried out in pain and turned his head to see the man turning, ready to deliver his final killer blows. As the axe raised, Cara and Dave both closed their eyes and held each other close. But no axe hit them, in fact a fight was going on. Dave opened his eyes and saw Greg wrestling with the man for the axe. The axe fell from his hand and Greg pulled the man to his feet in order to see who it was. He ripped the mask off and to his utter astonishment found the face of Mrs McDermott, eyes fierce with rage looking at him. The boots she was wearing which gave her height, now crippled herand she crashed to the ground. She got up swiftly though and ran out the door.
“Quick! There’s another flight leading to the roof!” Cara cried. Greg ran out too and sure enough around the corner was another flight of stairs. He ran up and came to a door. He opened it and ran out onto a sort of rounded balcony, but there was no one there. He walked slowly over to the edge and looked down. And there lay the crumpled body of Mrs McDermott.

“She was very clever in how she did it.” Cara said as she helped herself to another scone. Police were everywhere and the five had just left the room after asking their required questions.
“Yes she was,” Greg agreed. “And yet it was so obvious. She was never with us when there was an attack.”
“Yes. She was meant to be in the kitchen when she went out to frighten you two in the garden when we first arrived. Remember you had two had to come through all those passages from the side door. She was only to run around and take off mask and robe, pick up tray and come in through the connecting door. Have you notice it takes nearly three minutes to go through all those passages to get to here and that’s in the daytime. In the dark it takes much longer. Do you remember we said that we were all convinced that was Mrs McDermott talking. Well the reason for that was that it was Mrs McDermott. And then next morning she denied ever having heard anything yet she was only across the hall.
“And she had me fooled when I went to check on her. I looked in her room this morning and I found a tape player under the bed and some extra pillows in the cupboard. And what do you think the tape was of? Moans and groans for a really bad headache. She was very clever. And then she did all that with running off after you two, pounding on the door, and then running to the kitchen where she lost mask and cloak and came through with wet arms apparently from the washing up. I think it was from the rain outside actually.”
“Yes Hanna your right. And then she went along as him this morning too. I was talking to the policeman in charge and he said that when the murders happened years ago it really was a man driven to lunacy from the grief of his dead wife, and that something must have tipped Mrs McDermott over the edge. It was rumoured at the time of his death that she had killed her boss but nothing was ever proven.” Dave finished his cup and placed it on the table.
“And when I saw her eyes…”Greg stopped as though thinking, remembering. “She - she looked as though she was - well she was enjoying herself. Like it was her life’s duty to kill young people.”
“There was a nun like that once.” Beth said. “She murdered small children because she wanted to save them from sin. She was as nutty as a fruit cake and they think that it was the death of her own brothers and sisters and the sin and pain that she saw that made her do these things though she said that it was the Lord asking her to do it.”
“Oh its too horrid to think about!” Cara said snuggling into Dave and holding a hot cup in her hands. “I am just glad that it is over and we can leave soon. The police say that they won’t need us much longer. I am glad though. Come tomorrow morning we will be home and everything will be alright again. Though I don’t know that I am going to sleep very well for awhile.”
“Yes I surprised we slept last night considering all we had gone through with the police arriving only awhile after her death and everything.”
“Yes well its all over now Hanna and we can leave it all behind us.”
“Should we go home Greg?” Beth asked sitting up straight. “Or should we go to our little hotel and do as we planned. Have a lovely break?”
“I think we should go on. It would be a shame to have come this far and to have gone through all this and not to do what we were came for.”
“Dave’s right. We should.”
“I will if you will Beth.”
“Then we go on. And we have our holiday and we have a marvellous time as planned.”
“Agreed!” all smiled and a happy time was had by all as they imagined the next few days. Full of sunshine and happiness. And no terror!

© Copyright 2018 Anne Hastings Hughes. All rights reserved.

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