Rescued from Nowhere

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This is the story of two friends who discovered the universes by an accident.

Submitted: November 26, 2011

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Submitted: November 26, 2011



Rescued from Nowhere
BY: Anne Margaret Emperado Reyes
A fifth-grader genius named Henry tried to invent something great. He studied many things about science and mathematics, and after all of these studies, he succeed on making an invention. Even though his studies were very far from his lessons in school, he understood them. He studied by reading many, many books. He introduced to his friend, Phillip, his invention, the Visual Universe.
"I made a universe out of a software," said Henry, "I made it using what I call 'visual items'. I tried to copy all of the substances, gases, solids, and liquids in this universe. I also mixed them until life started. Life started on a planet like earth. And its creatures are very different. This is just visual, so you need to enter the computer to see the Visual Universe. And when you entered, you will perceive things through your five senses."
"But I don't understand that complicated thing," said Phillip, "What kind of invention is that?"
"This is... the new universe. As long as there is electrical energy, the substance of that universe will be active."
"Ok, ok. You should enter the computer first. If there's mischief, then it's your fault."
Henry used a device to enter the universe. He saw nothing, but then he saw everything he made.
"So I succeed." thought Henry.
Three minutes later, Phillip was still watching that software, until electricity broke down. Phillip thought that there was no more electrical energy to support the Visual Universe. And that was right, and now, Henry was stuck in nowhere.
"Where I am?" asked Henry to himself, "What kind of place is this. Am I stuck in nowhere?"
Phillip went out and got some candles. He returned and seeked Henry's laboratory. He was also a genius, although he didn't understand Henry. Using his knowledge, he made a machine called the Universal Machine, a machine to connect the two universes. Then he used heat power from the candle, and traveled the nowhere.
"So there are three universes," thought Phillip, "Nowhere, Visual, and Reality."
He tried to figure out what was Nowhere. He figured out that it was the universe between the Reality and Visual. But this mess was just made from Henry, the mischievous genius. Using his machine, he found Henry, floating (because Nowhere was like outer space, no gravity), and yelling.
"Henry!" shouted Phillip, "Let's go back to Reality! Or you'll be stuck in Nowhere forever!"
Three hours later they reached Reality, safe and alive.
Phillip told Henry about the whole story. Then Henry said to himself:
"Thank the electricity which broke down, now the three universes were discovered!"

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