A Sleepless Night from Your Angel

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.... your angel

Submitted: December 26, 2013

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Submitted: December 26, 2013



Sleep evaded her yet again in the middle of the night

She stood silently on the front porch breathing in the air of the cool night

Her nightgown loosely clinging to her curves

She gazed up into the sky trying to calm her nerves

A gentle cool breeze began to wrap around her lightly clothed skin

Trees began to sway to a beat all their own as the winds did begin

The smell of rain was faint and sweet

Clouds rolled in search of a destination they would never meet

The once distant rumble of thunder now close

Brilliant flashes of lightning capturing the earth's pose

Her heartbeat became more rapid

Her senses were all captivated

All she was taking in

Was arrousing her deep within

As if watching lovers intensely playing

The wind's constant whispering

Such strong force and power

The thunder's deep and lusty murmer

The awesome strike by a rod of lightning

Sure to send any spine tingling

Her body responded to all she was seeing

She never even noticed the eyes behind her watching

His eyes focused on her

At that very moment he longed for her

Her nightgown blown against her body

Revealing the beautiful curves of her body

Her hair wildly tossed around

Down to her bare feet on the cool wet ground

He stepped behind her

Pressing his body against her

His hands grasped firmly on her hips

A trail of kisses around her neck left from his lips

His hands moved down around to the front of her thighs

From her mouth came many lustful sighs

Her body was ready to explode with such touches

Hungry for more intense pleasuers

Two lovers began another journey in complete abandonment

Exploring each other with extreme enjoyment


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