Lost In her dark mind

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A young girl who realizes she Is no longer the same and her mother doesn't realize It . She can't speak on It so she simply bottles everything Inside . She has learned to accept It and move on with life although It was a hard pill to swallow .

I question everyday , does she realize how much her daughter has changed ? Has she noticed that her daughter Isn’t okay ? Has the thought of her daughter going through so much pain crossed her mind ? But never an answer . Days can go well until the night hits . Distracted from reality until she remembers that people don’t know how much she Is hurting . They don’t know the amount of pain she Is going through or how many nights there are In where she cried her eyes out until they became numb . The thoughts running through her mind the whole night while laying In bed with absolutely no feeling . With only tears running down her face , realizing she Is no longer the happy daughter her mother knew . Realizing she went from being a happy healthy daughter to starving herself and crying the whole day because she feels she can’t talk to anyone about her problems . Having to ball everything Inside until she has the chance to let It all out . Not being home Is her only escape , The feeling of not being trapped Inside her own mind Is her only relief . Almost giving up because of how hard It gets each time . Her skin becomes a battlefield because of how much she has let her sadness out on It .


But still , the mother has not noticed . Her grades have dropped because of her lack of motivation . She sleeps all day because she hates the thought of waking up every morning just to remember nothing has changed . She ghosts her friends because she feels she Is annoying them . She Is no longer the person anyone knew . From the outside she tries to look fine but her eyes betray her . If anyone looks Into her eyes she feels they’ll realize she Isn’t fine . She fears getting asked If she’s okay because she knows she’ll break down . She Is scared to speak on how she feels In the Inside because she feels no one will listen . The world has treated her so badly that she questions why she Is still on It , she prays to god for things to get better but nothing . She didn’t deserve all the things she has gone through . She never expected things to be this way . She wishes she could go back to her younger self and enjoy the days In where she was genuinely happy . She wishes things were different . But she has learned to accept that life will get harder as you go . She accepted that she Is simply a lost girl In a dark world .




Submitted: February 27, 2021

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