Never Let Go

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
a story of love, promises, and heartbreak.

when two people are meant to be, love will find its way back to the one they belong.

Submitted: January 20, 2015

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Submitted: January 20, 2015



>>Eunji's POV



"I'll never let go."


Those words.......


Those words that are shattered.... Today.....


Out of breath, I ran desperately while chasing for the bus heading to the airport.


"Sehun...don't go! You promised me that you'll never let go!"


How could he say not a word? Why does he have to leave without telling me? Without a reason....


"Sehun, you're so unfair!"


I was desperate to catch that bus, but I couldn't run faster. I stopped running and I fell on my knees. Tears ran down my cheeks without hesitation. My heart pounded with pain. My body is shaking. It's too late. Without a word, without a reason...He left me...


But.... "Why can't I get mad at him?" I cried again.


I gave up and went home....



"Sis, please open the door!" only sister, Trisha, has been pestering me for weeks ever since that broken-promise-incident.


"Leave me alone!!"


"Honey, please open the door."


"Mom, please, leave me alone." still, my voice sounded like I was going to cry again.


"Mom, I'm worried for her. It's been three months since Sehun left."


"Let's give her some more time."


They left without any complaints. It's been three months but I still couldn't get a hold of him. No communication. It's been hard for me. I could hardly eat, sleep and concentrate on my studies. I'm beginning to worry because I'm now a graduating student in Culinary Arts. matter how I try, I still cant get over it. Everything, every moment reminds me of Sehun... What hurts me more is to see him on television, internet, and magazines...


Did he already forgot about us?





It's been four years since I decided to leave everything behind me, and forget all the pain I have in my heart. I decided to be happy again......



Until one day........




Something changed my life............






That night, I was eating dinner with my mom and sister while watching a movie........



When an urgent news flashed...........











What is that on the news?



My breathing got heavier and heavier.

All I could do was stare at the screen......dumbfounded.....









It can't be....



After seeing that horrible news, I wasn't able to control myself. All those memories of Sehun. All those moments we had together... All of them flashed back in my mind... His voice, his breath, his smile, and the way he held me.... I won't be able to take them back again....


It won't sink in.... I just... It's so unbelievable....

I cried myself to sleep that night....


Next morning, I felt horrible. My mom told me that I should stay at home and she'll stay with me. I agreed.


Mom helped me access International Calls. I tried calling the other EXO members but they were not answering....


I decided to file a one week leave off work and went to Seoul... to find a hope that Sehun is still alive....


After two days prior to my arrival here in Seoul, my chances are still zero...... Despite this hardship that I'm facing right now, I'm thankful that the EXO members are here for me. They treated me as a real friend, especially Suho hyung... Hyung has been the one who comforted me the most. I know that he felt much more hurt because he treated Sehun as his brother... Same through with the others... I saw how they tried to hide all the pain from losing their maknae,but they weren't afraid to show how they really felt.


I met Sehun's family for the first time in person... I only met them through video calls whenever Sehun is with me or when he is at home with his parents.... They took really good care of me....



"Sehun always mentioned you whenever he's with us.. You made him very happy, and we'll always be thankful for that"


"I just don't understand the reason why he left me four years ago... I couldn't get a hold of him.."



His mother became quiet for a while before she answered me...


"I felt sorry for the both of you that time. Even him, he didn't told me the reason why he came back here. But he told me that he felt awful for leaving you. I didn't understand it,too.."


I cried when she told me that. When she hugged me, it felt like it was Sehun who was here with me...



After four days of investigation, the police, investigators, Entertainment company, and the court decided to close down the case... Tomorrow, Sehun's funeral will be held...


It's hard to bellieve.... It's hard to imagine....



It's hard to accept that Sehun is.... gone....



It feels like I lost a big part of my life... My heart feels heavy and I couldn't understand.. I can't help but cry outloud at these thoughts.. I don't want to understand at all. I don't want to accept it either. Inside me, my mind is telling me that I must not lose hope. It feels like I want to find him.


At this thought, I went to Sehun's mom to tell her about what I feel, but she told me that I should accept the truth and let go.


But.... I don't want to...



Even though I don't feel that it's Sehun in there, I still felt pain deep within my heart. At the thought of what if I'm just hoping for nothing?

Next day after the funeral, I flew back to my country... I told my family about what happened, and they felt sorry..

I told them about my doubts... my sister told me that she will support me.. I'm thankful that I have these wonderful people in my life...


Many months passed. . . .



I continued my life and career as a Hotel Manager while searching for Sehun secretly. All this time, my love for him did not fade but rather, it became stronger. . .I didn't lose hope. Wherever he is, I know that I'll be able to find him. . .



After almost two years of searching, I didn't had any improvements. . .So I decided to apply work at Seoul.

Mom was against my plan because she thought that what I am doing and what I will be doing is insane. She wanted me to move on and she wanted me to get married to that son of her friend. Not a chance...


After several applications and interviews, I finally got hired. I'll be able to start after two months as the Food and Beverage Manager at a restaurant in Seoul.



"Is there really no way I could change your mind?" . . .Mom is worried for me so much.


"Mom, don't worry. I know what I'm doing. Trust me."


"Honey...Just...Take care of yourself, okay? You know how much I'm worried."


"Yes, mom. I promise that I'll be okay."



I started work after three days prior to my transfer at Seoul. Everything was new for me. Except for something...






Every off-duty, I take walks at the Han River where we first met. It sure brings a lot of good memories... But it hurts deep inside.

I planned to visit the N Seoul Tower that weekend. When I got there, I went to where we had our Lock of Love., I was surprised to find it easily to where we had put it..It's slightly faded out.. "JANUARY 1, 2012 SEHUN and EUNJI OUR LOCK OF LOVE" ..It's been 6 years already..

It feels like I'm torturing myself....


I randomly met up with Suho oppa because he insisted on helping me find information, because he also believes and feels deep inside that Sehun is alive... Even though we got more closer to each other, he respected what I feel and did not continue to court me....


After a round of searching helpful information, we took our lunch at a coffee shop...


"I know that we'll be able to find Sehun. don't worry, Eunji-ah, I believe in you and I'll be here to help you no matter what."


"Thanks oppa, I really appreciate it. But, we can't tell this to anyone just yet."


"Yeah. It's going to be difficult once the rumors get out in public. I already told the police and investigators to keep it confidential. They agreed to help us since the investigation was not enough."


"That's good. I still think that their investigations weren't enough. But since the case got cold, it's going to be easier."


We continued our lunch quietly...


After we paid our bill, we decided to take a walk at the Han River...


While walking with Suho hyung at Han River (where the EXO members usually went for night cycling), we talked about the other members...


"Lulu is still suffering. I feel really bad for him. Though he wanted to go home because of what happened to Sehun, he still chose to stay intact with the group." Suho hyung let out a deep sigh. "At first, I got scared and worried because I thought EXO would be disbanded. But all of us chose to stand together like always. Just think about everything the group has been through all these years."


"I'm sure that is what Sehun would want. Luhan hyung is really strong. He's been the closest to Sehun. I can't imagine all the pain he has to bear."


Silence filled the atmosphere. . . .


"Oppa, I better get going." I managed to give a smile.


"Oh. Then I'll walk you home." then again, hyung gave me that sweet and reassuring smile.


I wanted to refuse but he would just insist again on accompanying me.




I finally got home. . . . .


Today felt exhausting, but it was worth it because the police investigators are willing to help us to re-investigate Sehun's case.


To be honest, I feel confused. . .about everything. I don't even know if what I'm doing right now is right. What if I'm just hoping for nothing? What if I'm just giving everyone else a false hope? What should I do then? But, I don't want to give up. . . .


"Eunji-ah, let's go to the park!"


Sehun is smiling brightly at me. His rare smile. A smile that is like a rainbow. You rarely see it, but when you see it, it will also make you smile.


The sun is shining and the weather is just right. It seems like the winter snow could melt anytime. Today is a perfect day.... We sat at a bench. Sehun leaned his head on my shoulder. I could smell his cologne. That familiar smell reminded me of our first meeting. It was just like a dream, a dream that became a reality.


I was walking at the Han River that day. Enjoying the cool breeze of autumn while sipping my favorite Bubble Milk Tea. I was mesmerized by the sight of falling orange leaves everywhere. I fell inlove with this city of Seoul. My first time in a foreign land. I was still a college student that time when I met Mr. Perfect accidentally.

I was leaning on the railings beside the river, watching some fishes swim by. I was enjoying the sight when someone accidentally bumped on me. He immediately apologized. He bowed several times while apologizing then he looked at me when I told him it's okay. When I saw his face, I felt a thousand bolts of electricity surged into my system. We stared at each other. Then he cleared his throat to break the awkwardness that we were in. Our story is a typical Boy-Meets-Girl where we became friends then fell inlove with each other.


"Sehunnie, wake up now." He fell asleep when he leaned on my shoulders. It's almost lunch time, and I'm feeling hungry.

Watching him sleep peacefully is something I want to remember forever. I stroked his face with my left hand trying to wake him up again. When he opened his eyes, his lips formed a smile then he looked at me. 'You're making me weak with your smile.' I thought to myself. Each day that passes by makes me unable to hide what I feel for this guy. I'm inlove with him but we're still just friends. His sweetness towards me was making it worse. But I'm enjoying it.


"Eunji-ah, I'm hungry. Let's drink some Bubble tea and eat ddeokbokki too." The way he says it is like he's a little boy pleading with his pouty lips. It's so irresistably cute, I couldn't find a reason to deny.


"Araseo~." I can't help but giggle while he's showing me his aegyo side.


"Yehet~!" He giggled along with me while we're walking to find the nearest Bubble Tea shop and ddeokbokki food stall.


After eating our light lunch, we decided to go to N Seoul Tower. It's my first time going there so I feel really excited.

When we arrived there, we took the cable car up to the tower.


"Oooo~~ lucky for us, we're the only ones who will ride the cable car. kkkkk" Sehun is so excited even though this is his third time here.


While the cable car is going up and slow, both of us are not quite talking. I don't know why I feel awkwardness right this moment.

When I turned around to look at Sehun, his face was serious.




"Eunji-ah, I have to tell you something really important."


Right then, my heart pumped faster. "Uhm, what is it?" awkward. . . . . . .


"I've always wanted to tell you this a long time ago since we met, but I never got the courage to do it. But today, I'll do it."


Long and awkward silence.


"Eunji-ah, I. . .I have. . . .always loved you. . . I love you."


My eyes widened with shock and my heart is racing making myself blush. those words keep repeating inside my head like a song on a repeat and replay mode.

I saw him blush for the first time. I can't believe that this perfect guy confessed his love for me. This perfect guy who fell in love with me. This perfect guy whom I secretly love felt the same way for me. . . . 'Can someone please slap my face right now? I must be dreaming.'


"Sehunnie. . .I.. I, ah. . ."


Sehun held my hands. "Eunji-ah, I'm telling the truth. I really love you."


There! Instant bolt of electricity again.


His face became really serious. . ."Will you be my girlfriend?" .,I can't help but giggle because he blushed again.


"ahh~~~ waeyo??" Sehun looks like a little boy right now. I laughed harder because of his aegyo. I couldn't resist it.


I stopped laughing and stared at his beautiful eyes. I felt myself blush.


"Sehunnie, the truth is.. . .I feel the same way too. . .Yes, I would love to be you girlfriend."


Sehun's face was shocked with happiness. Both of us feel the same way. All this time, we loved each other.


When we arrived at the main point of N Seoul Tower, we bought a lock and wrote on it.


"JANUARY 1, 2012 Sehun and Eunji OUR LOCK OF LOVE"


After we locked it on a high place, we took a picture of it and we also took a picture of us both. Just then, Sehun held my face and he leaned forward to kiss me. I closed my eyes when his lips touched mine. My heart went crazy over this first kiss. . . . The best new year of our life. . .yet.


I suddenly woke up and realized that it's all just dream. . . A dream about our past. . .Tears showed up again. . .


After my shift at the restaurant, I decided to take a walk at the Han River. This has been my favorite place to think peacefully. Sometimes, I join the other EXO members in their night cycling to unwind after a stressful day.


While I was taking a walk,I saw Suho oppa sitting at a bench under a tree. His facial expression looked worrisome and burdened.


"Oppa! Hey, what's up?"


"Oh, Eunji-ah, hey." His sad face suddenly became a smiling face of an angel that is enough to take your worries away.


I asked him why he was looking so sad earlier. I wasn't expecting for him to answer but he did. He told me that he has been dreaming about Sehun these past few days. His dream was like Sehun wanted us to find him.


"Do you think that this could be a message?"


"I think so, oppa. I also have been dreaming about Sehun. My dreams were about our past."


After staying quiet for a couple of minutes, I came up with an idea. I sure hope it will help us.


"Oppa, do you want to check out the place where the accident happened?"


"Oh! Yes, we should! Why didn't I thought of that before?"


"Well, since it's Saturday tomorrow, we can go there by morning.:


"It's settled then!"


Both of us smiled at our new idea. Hopefully, it would be a very very big help for us. We will check out Daegu tomorrow....



When I got back home, I took Sehun's picture and stared at it.. I feel somewhat happy because he feels alive and that he is just waiting for me..



"Don't worry, Sehunnie. I will find you. But you have to help us find you, okay? I'm missing you so much. I love you."


That night, I prayed sincerely, hoping for a miracle.


Saturday morning. . . . .


I met Suho oppa infront of my house and then we took the taxi and went to Daegu..



Upon arriving there, we asked a couple of people who witnessed the accident 6years ago..


"They told us the same story but it will still help us. They said that two ambulance came at the area..after an hour, one ambulance left. The weird part is, those people who are in the ambulance took someone from that area." Hyung explained.


That got me thinking....


Could it be?


"To what hospital does that ambulance belong to?" I asked.


"Asan Medical Center."


"How far is it?"


"It's located at Seoul. 10 min walk from Jamsil-naru station Subway line 2 or 5 min ride by free shuttle bus."


"Let's go there now."


"Got it."



We rushed at the hospital. When we got there, we went to the information desk and asked if there was a patient who was registered here named Oh Sehun.

The nurse gave us a shocked expression.


"Could you wait for a while, Sir? I will look at it at the history files. You may sit at the lounge area."


I felt really nervous. Suho oppa also looked nervous. We looked at the nurse while checking the papers, then she went to the older nurse and asked something. The older nurse looked at us and she looked shocked as well. I was so curious as to why they gave such shocked expressions. But, I almost forgot that Suho oppa is famous because he is ofcourse the leader of EXO. We noticed that the older nurse was talking on the phone with a worried expression on her face. Then, the younger nurse called us.


We walked towards the information desk with hesitation.


"Sir, someone wants to talk to you." The older nurse handed him the telephone.


"Hello. Yes this is Suho speaking. Yes, sir. Yes. I'm with ______-ah right now, sir."


Suho oppa continued talking to the man on the phone. I felt so nervous. I noticed that hyung was slightly pale and had a worried expression on his face. When hyung finished talking to the man on the phone, he thanked the nurse.


"How was it?"


"The CEO of our company talked to me. He told us to wait here."


While we were waiting for the CEO of the entertainment company, we drank coffee to help relax our nerves. Suho hyung has been pacing back and forth because he felt really nervous.







“______-ah, I’m so nervous.”



“I know, I am too. I feel like I want to throw up.”






After waiting for almost 30 minutes, the CEO finally arrived . . . and he brought two cars with him?!



The CEO was with the rest of EXO. All of us had shocked expressions on our faces. I and hyung were shocked because the other members are here with the CEO, and the other members are shocked because they were at the hospital. We gave each other an “I-think-I-have-an-idea-about-this” look. I gulped but I couldn’t swallow it. My hands were cold and shaking. My heart was pounding fast. I felt like I might faint anytime.




Once the older nurse from the information desk saw the CEO, she led us to a rehabilitation room. I felt my eyes widened with curiosity. The other members were in shock.


The CEO faced us. . . his face. . . serious...





“EXO, Miss Park Eunji, I have lied to all of you all this time. Before we go inside that room, I need to tell you something important. I hope you’d all let me finish.”




Oh my god! Sehun! He…… He’s alive! All this time! I was right! Suho hyung and I were right all along!




“The company decided to keep this hidden to avoid any further spread of false rumors. They did their work fast once we heard about Oh Sehun’s accident at Daegu. I called them and we kept everything hidden. He lost his memory because of the accident. We negotiated with the hospital to keep everything confidential even to the police and investigators. “



All of us gave a shocked silent gasp. No one dared to ask questions to the CEO. My tears started to flow down. I want to breakdown so badly.





“Miss Park Eunji, you are the only one he remembers. He kept asking for you and he pleaded to be released but we didn’t let him. We were afraid that rumors might spread. These past few weeks, I received information that Suho and you had been investigating about Sehun’s case. Then when I found out today that you were here at the hospital, I thought to myself that it’s time to tell all of you the truth. I hope that you’d all understand and forgive me.”





My knees gave up and I flopped down on the floor unable to control myself. I cried so hard because of the pain and joy that I felt all at the same time. Suho hyung flopped down on the floor with me teary-eyed. He gave me a tight hug to comfort me. I looked at the other members and they were also crying.





When we entered the room, Sehun was lying down on his bed, staring outside the window with a blank expression on his face. His hair was back to its normal black color and it was longer. His skin was pale and he had slight dark circles under his eyes. His face got more matured but he still looked the same. That handsome, and irresistible Sehun. I really want to hug and kiss him right now.





“Sehunnie……” My voice chocked because I'm trying not to cry.




Sehun looked at to where I was and he gave a shocked reaction.




“Eunji-ah? I-is that…Is that y-you?”




I nodded. Tears immediately came out from his eyes as he got up in bed and ran towards me to hug me. I hugged him as tightly as I could. I have never felt so happy and alive because I never gave up on Sehun. My best friend, my first love and my true love. He cried loudly while he was hugging me. I didn’t cared when Sehun’s hug was really tight. All I wanted was to hug him all I want. When his cries subsided, he gave me a kiss on the forehead. That kiss which I missed so much. That kiss which means Sehun truly loved me.




Sehun and I blushed when the other EXO members teased us.



“Sehunnie, do you remember your hyungs? Your EXO family.”


Sehun stared at them sincerely but serious, the he gave a smile.




“Yes. I do remember all of you.”


The EXO members cried, laughed, cheered and hugged each other because their beloved maknae is now back. I looked at them with a very happy smile on my face. Luhan oppa missed Sehun so much. He hugged Sehun tightly. They continued to cheer with each other as I watched them. Sehun is now back. All these years of search were worth it. I thanked God whole heartedly because He gave me strength and courage to continue this journey which led me to the truth. I also thanked Suho hyung because he stood by my side and helped me. EXO is COMPLETE. . .


This isn't a dream, right?

I slapped and pinch my face a hundred times already to check if this is just a dream, but it really did hurt me when I pinched my cheeks.




"Yeobo, what are you doing? And why is your face swollen?"

Sehun is laughing at me like I'm a weirdo.



"Eh? Ah, I was just checking if I'm dreaming."



“Huh?” He burst out laughing. “No, you’re not dreaming." .........." Or, maybe I’m the one who’s dreaming…” I heardhim whispered.



Sehun started to pinch his cheeks.


“Ouch! Ugh! Nope, not dreaming either!”

He gave me a smile. I laughed at his silly joke. I’m really glad that this is reality.


It’s been two weeks since we knew the truth about Sehun. We’re still here at the hospital. He was transferred at a private room. Some of Sehun’s memory still hasn’t come back. A lot of things happened these past few days.The public still doesn't know because the CEO decided to keep it confidential for a while longer. His parents already knew about Sehun. His mother’s happiness couldn’t be explained. I felt really good for holding on to Sehun. I never let go.




“You two should get married, have babies and a family of your own! You’re not getting any younger you know!” His mother teased us.




"Ah! Eomma! This is embarrasing~~!" Sehun chuckled and then he licked his lips..

Sehun really didn't changed. He still has that habit of licking his lips ever since we first met. But I find it cute though.



We looked at each other and blushed at the thought of what his mother said. Sehun gave me a teasing smile and a wink. I glared at him.


 Oh God this is embarrasing! Don't think about it!




Sehun and I talked the whole afternoon, recalling the past. I asked him why he left me 7 years ago, but he became quiet.


"Just forget about it. I won't force you to answer."


"Nah, it's okay. I should let you know why."


Awkward silence. . . . .




"The truth is.. . . A lot of things has been going through my mind 7 years ago.. I was 19 back then, I was young. My mind got confused and all. I hope you won't get mad. .. . I was afraid back then, afraid to tell you that I felt confused about what I really felt for you. I came back here at Seoul to reflect on what I feel. . .My mind started thinking that you're mad as hell at me so I got more scared to call you. . ."


Sehun's eyes started to show tears.


"Please continue. I'll listen." I gave hime a weak smile.



"Thanks. . .After almost a year, I finally knew that I do love you. I wanted to get you back but EXO got busy  I barely concentrated on our trainings and rehearsals because I want to go back to you so bad. . .I got scolded a lot back then because I made so many mistakes and our MVs almost made it to the deadline because of me.. so I focused instead. . . After our busy schedule,I decided to go for a drive at Daegu before going back in your country. . .I felt really excited and I drove fast not knowing the misfortune that I'll face. . .When that accident happened, I got scared, I cried for help but no one came in. . .Luck was on my side because two ambulance were passing by. They saved me. I got a lot of injuries because of that accident. , .When I woke up one morning, I was confused because I couldnt remember anything. I remembered you after 3 weeks because of a dream. . .My only thought was to go back to you. .. .but they won't let me. I waited for 7 years..I thought that you have forgotten me after I left you.. I got depressed because of the mere thoughts going through my mind.."



I was crying a river of tears while he was telling me about everything he went through for the past 6 years..



"But, here I am today, with you. Now, I am able to make my promise that I'll never let go."



"You know what? I chased the bus that you were riding on that day you left. When I heard about the accident, I thought that I'll lose my conciousness, but instead, I tried my best to finish my studies, get a job and transfer here at Seoul to find you. My mom thought that I was insane but deep inside me, I know that you were still alive. I never gave up and I never let go."



He gave me a bear hug and kissed my forehead. I really missed Sehun.


Five months later. . . . .




Sehun is finally back on track. He received extensive dance training for 3 months and his hairstyle has been changed from black to strawberry-blonde hair.

EXO will have their Summer Special Showcase at Seoul but Sehun's comeback is still confidential. The company decided to change the concept. Sehun will appear at the Showcase as a surprise for the fans of EXO. This move will shake the whole world but the company and EXO are prepared for it. Sehun is prepared.




I've been busy with my job these past few weeks so I rarely got the time to unwind. I was promoted as the Head Chef's Assistant, thank you. All these years of hard work paid off. My sister graduated in her Education course this year, so as promised, she went here with my mom to have their summer vacation.





Three weeks left before the Summer Special Showcase. Sehun gave me a back stage pass so I can visit him there before and after the concert. Since Sehun was still hidden from the public, he was not allowed go outside of their company building. 


"Aish~ Yeobo, I wanted to go out badly!" Sehun said over the phone.


"Aigoo. Don't worry, I'll visit you today after work and I'll bring you Bubble Tea."


"Jinjja? Wahh~ yehet!" Sehun's aegyo side was still the same. As always.




After my work, I went to buy Sehun's Chocolate Bubble Tea, then went at the company building.


Lounge Area..

"I can't stay long, Sehunnie. I feel pretty tired and you need to sleep well, you have practice tomorrow."


"Nae, araseo. Mianhe."


"Eh? Waeyo?"


"Because I won't be able to accompany you home. I feel sad."


"Aigoo~ gwaenchanhayo~. It's okay, yeobo. I understand your situation. I don't wanna spoil the big surprise for the fans next week!"


Sehun wrapped his arms around me then he whispered thank you. I smelled his cologne. It reminded me of our first meeting.


"I have a surprise for you after our concert." Sehun smiled then gave me a wink.


"Surprise? What surprise?"


"A surprise should remain a secret, yeobo!"


"Aish! Fine, I'll wait then." I pouted my lips just to test if it'll work but instead, he pinched my lips.


"Ya! Appayo~~!" I slapped his arms annoyingly. But he laughed at me so hard.


"Stop pouting, or else you'll become a duck! Ahahaha!"


"Ah jinjja! Araseo, araseo I'll wait for the surprise."


"Good. . . . . Now."


Sehun leaned in closer to me, smiling. I felt my self blush. My heart fluttered and I had butterflies in my stomach.


"Ya! Mwuh hae?!"


"Stay still."


I felt so nervous so I closed my eyes. My breathing got deeper and tensed.


"Ya! Are You okay?"


I opened my eyes.


"I removed some icing on you forehead. It was covered with your bangs."


My mouth hanged opened. Aish~ I actually thought. . .


"You're blushing! Hahahahaha! What were you thinking, yeobo?"


"Nothing! Pabo!" I touched my forehead. I could feel my self flushed from total embarrassment!!


Sehun teased me until I gave up. I had so much fun. I never got bored whenever I'm with him.


"Sehunnie, I should go home now."


"Already? Aww~ okay then. I'll see you tomorrow okay? I'm sorry I couldn't accompany you. But I'll make it up to you once everything's okay."


"Sure. You owe me that much."


Sehun gave me a hug and a kiss on the forehead before I left.

Finally. . . .bed. I felt so tired today. My mind kept thinking about that surprise but I'm too tired to think more of it so I just slept. Day off tomorrow!


The day has finally arrived!!





April 8, 2020 at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium.





Everyone was excited for that day. After a long wait, it’s finally here!







I was at the makeup room with Sehun. He felt really nervous because he kept thinking of what the fans and public would say at his surprise appearance.


“Guk jung hajima, yeobo. Everything will be okay. Hmm?”

I patted his face to comfort him. He held my hands and smiled at me.


“Gomawo, yeobo. I’ll do my best for everyone, especially for you.”


“I’ll cheer for you always.”


“Don’t forget about the surprise I’ll give you.”


I almost forgot about that! But I'm still wondering what it is.


“I’ll remember that. Don’t worry.”


Sehun licked his lips then he looked straight into my eyes. I still remember this feeling when Sehun confessed to me that day at the cable car. I immediately felt myself blush 50 shades of red. My heart beat fast but my breathing got nervous. I couldn’t concentrate whenever Sehun stared straight at me.


“Give me a good luck charm.”


“Eh? What good luck charm?







I went crazy deep inside and held my breath when his lips touched mine.

After that kiss he laughed at me because I didn’t know that I blushed so much.



“Thanks. Now I have enough courage to stand up on stage again.”


I smiled shyly at him. But deep inside I want to jump off the roof and shout happily.




The rest of EXO came inside the makeup room to prepare.









2 hours later. . . . .


EXO gathered into a circle and shouted their famous line.


“EXO! We are one! Saranghaja!”



I held Sehun’s arm and wished him goodluck. Their manager made Sehun wear a large coat with a hoodie and he wore a sunglass. He will remove them on stage to surprise the whole world for his ultimate comeback.


When EXO was on stage, their famous song “Growl” played first as their introduction show. As soon as the music started, Sehun removed his coat and sunglass revealing the number, “94”, behind his back. I heard how all the fans reacted when they saw Sehun on stage. They were shocked but their unexplainable happiness can be seen in their faces. A lot of fans cried and cheered so much. The whole stadium exploded with cheer. My tears also gave its way during the concert. Their Showcase lasted for 3 hours. After that, the reporters interviewed the CEO of the company.Still, they weren't allowed to interview Sehun yet. The makeup room was also restricted to any fans, reporters and media. I went to the makeup room to congratulate everyone for the success of their showcase.



EXO's Summer Special Showcase went all over the world because of Sehun's surprise comeback.

This was the biggest revelation the Kpop world had seen in history. The CEO explained everything about Sehun's case that they kept confidential. We were glad that the fans and public understood the situation that had happen. The issue didn't last very long because of the lined up concert of EXO in different countries. The fans gave a very warm welcome party for Sehun. I didn't had the chance to come along to every concert they had because of my job.





After 5 months, everything went well and EXO received their well-deserved vacation.


Something felt different. Something changed.




Sehun has been avoiding me these past few days ever since their short vacation started. I rarely see him. I'm rarely with him. When I'm with him, I noticed that he has been avoiding my gaze. Whenever I texted or called him, he always complained that he's tired and need to sleep. At first I didn't mind at all because I know that he has been through a lot lately, but he has been acting like this for far too long and I can't stand it. He hasn't been that happy, adorable and prankster Oh Sehun like before. He suddenly changed. Too sudden.



Last night, I texted him that I might not text him for a few days because of my busy schedule. He replied after two hours. It seems like he didn't care so much. What the hell is wrong with him????



Urrgh~ I will talk to him once my busy schedules are finished.



Once, I texted his mother if Sehun has been staying at their house but she told me that Sehun looked busy and was always leaving their house early and coming back late.




"Aish! What is his problem?"



"Ya! are you okay?" my workmate Daehyun asked me.


"Yeah, just thinking about something. I noticed that Sehun has been acting weird lately these past few days. I wonder what's up."


"Oh. Don't mind that too much. I'm sure he's got a pretty good reason why."


"I hope."













After a week, I finally finished my schedules. I went home early to rest.

After taking a hot shower, I texted Sehun.


[text conversation]

Me: hey~ Yeobo, how are you? I'm done with all my schedule.

Sehun: Oh. that's good, yeobo~

Me: Uhmm, can we meet? I want to talk to you.

Sehun: Sure. but when? I'm still busy over something.

Me: Well. At your most convinient time would be okay for me.

Sehun: Okay~ how about this Sunday?

Me: Oh sure~ that would be fine.





Well.. . .that's how our conversation went. He didn't texted back again.







The whole weekday passed by fast. I gotta admit. I was so bored and tired. I felt incomplete. I didn't received any calls and texts from Sehun. I was really beginning to worry. Sometimes, I can't eat and sleep. I badly needed a vacation.






Sigh. . . . . .








next morning~~




I tried to reached for my phone because i felt irritated by the sound of alarm. When I turned it off, I noticed the day.. Sunday.


I've waited the whole morning for his text. . .I received none.





After I ate my lunch, I finally received a text from him.



[Sehun: let's meet at Namsan Tower at 5pm.]




I prepared and left home early. I wore warm clothes since it was already Autumn and was really cold already.






I arrived at exactly 5pm, but I waited for Sehun until 6pm. I already felt so cold while waiting. Tears started to form at the corner of my eyes. What if Sehun wouldn't show up?




Sigh. . .




I kept waiting for him. . .





At 7pm, Sehun arrived just when I wanted to leave and go home.


I wanted to smile at him but when I saw his face. . . I felt so cold deep inside. His reaction was cold. His reaction that made me want to cry. A reaction that I would not want to see.



"You're late. Where were you?" I asked coldly.


"I'm sorry. I ran into someone and I lost track of time."


"I see."




It felt so cold. We weren't looking at each other's eyes. Is this what you call the "COLD TREATMENT" ?




"Sehun, I noticed something different about you. You changed. Is there a problem? Is there something you need to tell me?"




"Yes. The reason I wanted to meet you here was because I wanted to tell you something."


"What is it?"


"The truth is.... This is about us."






I felt weak that moment. I felt like my heart was slowly breaking up in pieces. Is he breaking up with me?





"The smartest thing to do is to expect the unexpected."









But. . . . I don't know what to expect. I don't want to be self-assuming. It hurts when you expect something but in the end, you'll realize that it's never meant for you.







It felt so cold. Sehun and I were still at the Namsan tower that night. Avoiding each other's gaze. Waiting for something I know that I would not expect. Something that I had no idea of what it was. But, I won't be able to avoid it.







Sehun's hands were in his pocket, looking elsewhere. Never looking at me. Sehun, who suddenly changed. I had no idea what happened.






My heart hurts from the thought that I already lost Sehun once. Will I be able to make it if I lose him twice? It really hurts to lose the one you really love. You can come to the point where you just want to die or something. The thought of you may never see the one you love again. Not being able to hold him, and not being able to say "I love you" with each other again.







Thinking of all those time you spent together, imagining your future lives together, building your own happy family, and growing old together. What if all those memories, promises, and love just break apart? Will you be able to continue your life? Will you be able to fulfill your dreams when the person you used to love so much has the biggest part of your dreams?






Me? I don't really know. . .













I looked at him in response. Sehun licked his lips and put his hands in his pockets again.



"I don't want to keep our relationship like this anymore. I want to end this."






I felt a shiver inside my chest from what I heard. He's breaking up with me. It felt like I was going to have a breakdown. Tears were already flowing from my eyes.

I guess this is the end. But. . . .






"Why? W-what's your reason?"


I barely heard my voice when I asked him. Trying to hold back that feeling where I want to cry outloud. Instead, I looked away from him. Wishing that this wasn't true. Wishing that this was just another nightmare.








"Because. . ."




He stood right infront of me. I avoided his gaze.















Sehun knelt infront of me and held out a small box. I was shocked in disbelief.



















He took a ring from that small box. My eyes widened in this unexpected situation.





"What I wanted to tell you is that I want to end this and take our relationship to the next level. I want to be married to you, and only you. So. . . Will you marry me and be mine forever? Make me the happiest man in the world?"




I bursted into tears. I can't explain how much I felt. But. . .







"Pabo! Yes! I do!"


Right then, Sehun slipped the ring in my ring finger.  He jumped and shout for joy, carried me and spinned me around. I felt so happy right at that moment.




"I love you so much, Yeobo!"




"I love you too, Sehunnie. So much."



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