But what is Art?

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This is an article I wrote on the topic of Art and what it means to us. Enjoy :)

Submitted: February 15, 2009

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Submitted: February 15, 2009



What is art?

To some here it is the written word. Living as a painter, a friend of mine insists that art is all about colour, form and contrast. But what is art to people who are not artistic?

Anything that touches you, and moves you is Art. Art does not have to be hanging in a museum to be considered art. If you are into automobiles, a car might be a thing of graceful, beauty in your eyes. You might look at the way the colour complements the graceful curves of the body and the way the sharp contrast of the chrome brings the whole piece together

Every year we have contests for gardeners to compete against each other hoping that they have the most beautiful garden. Would the fact that their gardens are being graded on their aesthetics make gardening an art form? I know that I cannot make anything grow in a garden to save my life so I do find gardening an art as it is not attainable by all.

Any skill that you have that is particular to you can be considered art. I am a writer. I use words to paint images and tell stories much the same way that a painter uses paint on a canvas.

Needlework, such as knitting and crochet, is another art form. Taking one or two pieces of wood and a string you can make beautiful creations if you know how. That is the key to art.

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