Chance Encounter

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This was originally entered into a contest on The theme of the contest ws to write a peice with no dialogue.

Submitted: February 01, 2009

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Submitted: February 01, 2009



Thinking back, Emily really had no idea what had made her decide that particular day would be a good day to go to the mall.  She even remembered calling a friend and suggesting that they get together for a shopping day but her friend wanted to stay home.

Emily remembered feeling somehow depressed, when she hung up the phone as if she were somehow supposed to go to the mall not being able to shake off the feeling that there was some imperative reason for her to just get on the bus and make her way there that instant. So she had decided that she would go by herself. If she was just going to do some shopping why did she need her friend with her anyway?

It had only taken her thirty minutes but when she arrived, she remembered that she felt compelled to just sit by the fountains. Thinking back the urge hadn't been to go shopping at the mall but simply to go to the mall and now she felt the urge to sit. She wasn't sure for how long she was supposed to sit there but she was sitting there anyways wondering why she was there.

She remembered thinking that enough was enough and stood up turning to walk away when she had walked right into a man that had just walked into the mall. The impact made her stumble but the man had caught her. The first thing that she remembered when she looked up into his deep brown eyes was that he looked so familiar and then it hit her.

She had taken a theatre class years ago with him - his name was William. Emily smiled to herself as she remembered the way that he smiled at her, instantly recognizing her. Emily didn't remember exactly how it had happened but soon they were sitting on the bench, talking as if there hadn't been a space of many years since the last time they had spoken.

Emily remembered being barely aware of what William was saying to her. Her heart had felt as it were almost pounding out of her chest. She had fallen madly in love with him when they were in classes together but had never told him. She still had the letter she had written to him years ago.

As they talked, Emily had remembered suddenly being aware that that he had been inching towards her on the bench and that in no time he was sitting next to her, his leg brushing against hers. Emily remembered gazing into his eyes and then suddenly realizing what he was saying. He had actually told her that he had feelings for her but he never acted on his feelings but he wished that he had. Those were the words that she had always wanted to hear from him.

Ever since then, Emily had made a point of being more aware of everything around her and to trust her instincts no matter what they wanted her to do.

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