Goldilocks - A Play for Children

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This is my version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears :)

Submitted: January 30, 2009

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Submitted: January 30, 2009




We see a car pull up to a cabin.

NARRATOR: Once upon a time there was a family of bears. (We see the drivers door open and a large male bears steps out. He is dressed in a hawaiian shirt and sun glasses.)There was a papa bear. His name was Harry. Harry Bear. (We see an adult femaile step out. She is wearing sun glasses and a large straw hat. She is dressed in capris and heels.) He had a wife. Her name was Mary Bear. They had a not so little daughter named Serena Bear. (WE see a teenaged female bear step out of the car. She looks at the cabin and rolls her eyes. Wes ee them take their luggage out of the car.) They were a typical bear family. Harry bear work in the accounts receivable department of a large company in the big, big city, where it was always smoggy and foggy. Mary Bear was a stay at home mom. Serena went to a big, big junior high with lots of other teenaged bears. She had lots of friends and went to lots of parties and went to the mall with her other bear friends after school almost every day.

FATHER: "Gee honey, You were right! This place is Gorgeous! You sure picked a nice cabin.

MARY: "This place came very recommended by the Finklesteins down the street and they have very good taste. Serena! Stop your sulking and help your father and I bring this stuff into the cabin.

SERENA: "My social standing is ruined! And all because YOU," (pointing accusingly at Father.) decided that we needed to spend some family time together. I hope your happy. The biggest party of the year and all my friends will be there. But not me! I'm ruined!

MARY: "Oh honey! There will be other parties."  (Serena storms off and sits in a tire swing, pouting.) "Well, that trip down from the city sure made me hungry.

FATHER: "You're still hungry?!? We must have stopped a hundred times to get something to eat! How could you possibly still be hungry?" (Mary Bear swiped lovingly at Harry Bear with one of her paws.)

MARY: "Oh you! Stop exagerrating! We only stopped 20 times. I am going to make some porridge. You want some too?"

FATHER: (drooling) "Do I!?! Your porridge is what made me marry you! I'll have a full bowl!

MARY: (smiling) "Well I'm not that hungry, only a little peckish. I just want a medium sized bowl. SERENA? You want some porridge?" (

Serena poked a head out of one of the windows in the cabin. She had been putting her things away in her roo.)

SERENA: "Porridge? Well ok, but only a little. I'm on a diet. The Prom is coming up." (We see Father and mOther wlak into the hosue. Serena watches them. As soon as the coast is clear she sneaks ou and pulls ou a cell phone. WE hear loud music in the background.)
"Hello? Hello Patsy? It's Serena? Are you at the party? Oh I wish I was at the party too. I wish my mom and dad didn't decide to go out the the big, big woods, especially this weekend. Who's all there?" (Serena listens intently nodding.)

NARRATOR: Serena listened intently as Patsy Panda listed off a long list of names of the people at the party. There was Patsy's brother and sister Peter and Polly, Karla Kodiak, Betsy and Bernie Brown, and best of all Greg Grizzley.  Greg Grizzley was a special friend of Serena's but her parents didn't like him. They said he was too rough and gruff for their daughter. Serena was especially pleased when Patsy told her that Greg had been asking about her. IN fact she squealed in dleight.

SERENA: "Oh my god! What did he say? He didn't! He did! Yay! Tell me every thing! Uh-huh? No way! No way! (WE see mother step out. She sees SErena and sneaks up behind her her arms folded across her chest. She waits a moment and then grabs the phone away from Serena.)

MARY: "SERENA! Are you talking to your friends back home? Hello? Patsy? Serena says goodbye." (She hangs up the phone. Serena pouts.)"Serena, this phone doesn't pay for itself you know? Besides we're roaming out here. That call probably cast a small fortune and you know that your father is a big old grumpy bear when he gets angry! Especially when he is angry about money."

SERENA: "Mother! Patsy Panda was just about to tell me what Greg Grizzley said to her about me? He's at the party and  -

MARY: "Now Serena! You know that your father and i don't approve of Greg Grizzley. Now, come inside Serena and we'll eat our porrige. (Serena walks in pouting.)


WE see them all sitting at the table. They each have a bowl of porridge. Harry has a large bowl, Mary has a medium bowl and Serena has a small bowl.  They drool as they pick up their spoons and dive into the porridge. It is very hot and soon they are waving their hands in front of their mouths.

MARY: "I guess I made it too hot. I have to get used to this new stove. I'm used to cooking on the gas stove back home in the big, big city."

HARRY: "It's all right dear, I know! We will just go for a walk and when we get back our porridge will be just right for the eating."

SERENA: "Can we walk down to the river? I want to see where the best places for sun tanning are. The prom is coming up." (They get up and walk out.)

BANNER -- Meanwhile ...


WE see a little girl picking flowers. She picks a flower and smells it. She smiles to herself and then places it in her basket.

MOTHER: (Offstage) "Goldie?" (Goldie gets a mischevious look on her face and hides behind a bush, giggling. We see her mother step out.) "Goldie? Where are you?" (She wlaks past the bush and Goldie jumps out.)

GOLDIE: BOO!!! (We see mother jump back

MOTHER: "Goldie! You scared the life out of me!"

GOLDIE: "Did I really mother?"

MOTHER: "Yes you did. Now Goldie, I am going to the store, do you want to come with me?"

GOLDIE: "Oh mother do I have to? Please, let me stay and gather some flowers, they are so beautiful to-day."

MOTHER: "Well, I don't know ..."

GOLDIE: "Oh please mother!"

MOTHER: "Allright. Make me a promise then. If you promise not go into the deep, deep woods, you may stay and pick wild flowers." (Goldie runs off.) "Goldie! Promise me you wont go too deep into the woods!"

GOLDIE: (Off stage) "I won't mother! Goodbye!" (The curtain closes.)


WE see Goldie run across the stage, picking flowers.

GOLDIE: "Oh! These flowers are beautiful and they seem to be everywhere. I will pick some for mother. She always like to have pretty flowers in the kitchen." (She runs off. The curtain opens.)


WE see Goldie walk out. She looks around.

GOLDIE: "Where am I? I don't recognise anything. Oh! Mother will be mad at me. I promised not to go too deep into the deep, deep woods and here I am. Maybe if I call out someone will here me. Hello?" (NO answer.) "Hello?" (No answer.)"Anybody? Oh why didn't I pay more attention when I was a girl scout?" (WE see the cottage at the side of the stage.) "Oh! I think I see a little cabin. Yes I do. Some one here will surely tell me the way home." (Goldie runs to the cottage and knocks on the door. There is no answer but the door swings open.) "Hello is anybody here?"


WE see Goldie step in.

GOLDIE: "Hello? They must not be home." (GOldie sees the bowls of porridge. He stomach growls.) "Oh look! Porridge! I love porridge and I am so very hungry. I don't suppose that they will mind terrible if I have just a bite of their porridge. (She wlaks ot the largest bowl. She picks up the spoon adn takes a bite of the porricge. She makes a face.)"Yuck! Too salty." (She goes ot the medium bowl.)"What about this one?" (She tastes it.) "Even worse! Too sweet! This one makes my teeth hurt. Well there's always this little bowl. (She tastes it.)"Ummm!" She said as she This porridge is perfect. Not too Salty. Ummm Not too sweet. Just right." (Suddenly the bowl is empty.)"Oops! I ate it all! What am I gonna do? Maybe if I look around I will find the porridge pot and fill this one up again. (She looks around the room for the porridgepot but cannot find it. She sees 3 chairs in the corner of the room.One Large, one medium and one small.) "Well there's no porridge pot here. But look! These chairs look so comfy and I have been walking all day. Maybe if I just sit for a few minutes. I'm sure the owners won't mind. (Goldie goes ot the largest chair. She sits in it and starts to fidget immediately.) "This chair looked comfy, but it is too high off the ground. My feet barely reach the ground. I couldn't even lie back and stretch out my legs. And they are so very sore. (Goldie goes ot the medium sized chair. She sits down and shoots up again rubbing her behind.) "Ouch! That chair feels as if it is stuffed with rocks! This one surely won't do either. Well there's always this last one. (Goldie goes ot the small chair. She sits and smiles.)  "This chair is perfect! I could just sit in this chair all day long. (Suddenyl the chair breaks.) "Oops! I broke the chair! Now I've done it! First i eat all the porridge and now I break a chair. I must be a horrible house guest! That remeinds me I still have to find that Porridge pot. Maybe it's in the other room. (WE see 3 beds in the other corner of the stage. Goldie looks at the bed and yawns.) "Golly!. Look at those beds. They look so warm and inviting. Just looking at them makes me sleepy. (Goldie walks to the biggest bed.)"Surely, they won't mind if I take a small nap." (She lies down and gets up right away.)"Yuck! This bed smells bad!" (She walks to the medium sized bed.)"Maybe this one will smell better." (She sniffs the bed and then gets in.) "Well, this bed does smell better, but it feels as if it is made from cactus needles. I don't see how anybody can spend a peaceful night in either of those beds. Maybe this last one here will be better.) Goldie wlaks over to the small bed and lies down.) "Oh! this bed is so soft and warm." (WE hear Goldie snoring. We see the Bears walk in.
SERENA: "That lake is soo cold! I'm looking forward to a nice hot bowl of porridge now! (We see them wlak over to the table. They look at their bowls.



SERENA: "My bowls empty! Somebody ate all my porridge!

HARRY: "Somebody has been in our house and that somebody might still be here!" (THey
look around, sniffign. Harry follows the trail to his chair.) "SOMEBODY HAS BEEN SITTING IN MY CHAIR!"


SERENA: "Somebody has been sitting in my chair, and broke it to pieces!"

HARRY: "What if they're still here?" (We see them creeping around all the way to their beds.)"SOMEBODY HAS BEEN LYING ON MY BED!"


SERENA: "Somebody has been lying on my bed," (She throws back the covers.) "And here she is!" (Goldie wakes with a start. She screams. The bears scream and run around the room in a panic. Goldie watches them in confusion as they hide behind furniture.

GOLDIE: "Hey wait a minute! Are you running from me? Why are you afraid? I am the one who should be afraid. You might eat me."

SERENA: "Ewww! Thats disgusting!"

MARY: "We are civilized bears!"

GOLDIE: "Yes civilized!"

MARY: "Now, Child tell us who are you and what are you doing in our house, eating our food and breaking our furniture?" (They all come out of hiding.)

GOLDIE: "Well you see, My name is Goldie and I was picking flowers in the meadows, only I lost my way and ended up in the deep woods and the I got more lost and and ended up in the deep woods. I was trying to find my way home. My mother told me not to go to far into the woods and what do I do I get lost. Anyway, I found this cabin hoping that the people who lived here could help me find my way home. When I saw the porridge, I got hungry, so I tried the porridge in the large bowl but it was too salty."

MARY: "Salt?!? You know that the doctor put you on a low sodium diet.

HARRY: "I know, I know. BUt I love salt! Oh why couldn't the doctor have told me to avoid brussel sprouts? or Cabbage?

GOLDIE: "Then, I tried the porridge in the medium bowl but it was too sweet."

MARY: "Yes, I do have a bit of a sweet tooth."

HARRY: "A bit? The local candy shop owner gets dollar signs in his eyes whenever she walks in.!"

GOLDIE: "And then i tried the porridge in the small bowl and it was so delicious that
before I knew it, I had eaten the whole thing. I'm sorry."

SERENA: "That's ok. But what about the chair? It's in a pile on the floor."

GOLDIE: "Well I sat in the large chair but my feet didn't touch the floor."

MARY: "Don't worry dear, You still have a few years to finish growing.

GOLDIE: "Then I sat in the medium chair but it felt like it was stuffed with rocks."
MARY: "Oh I know! I find that chair hard to sit in too.

GOLDIE: "Then, I sat in the small chair and it was so comfy that i stretched out my feet and then the chair fell over and it broke."

SERENA: "That's ok. The furniture in this cabin is pretty old. It probably wasn't your fault. Maybe we can work together to fix it."

GOLDIE: "That would be nice." (Mary looks at her watch.)

MARY: "Well, It's getting late. How about I start dinner. Goldie how about if you stay for dinner and then we will help you get home?"

SERENA: "That would be great."

NARRATOR: And they all sat down to a nice big dinner of - porridge. (The curtain closes.
WE see them step out and walk across the stage.)

NARRATOR: Later that evening GOldie walked home with Harry Bear, Mary Bear and her new best friend Serena. Theyw ere even making plans for a sleepover that weekend. (They stop. Goldie hugs them all.)

GOLDIE: "Thanks for walking me home. Dinner was great! YOu were right, Harry Bear, her porridge is the best." (The bears turn and walk away. Serena turns back.)

SERENA: "Remember to ask your mother about sleeping over on the weekend!"

GOLDIE: "I will."

SERENA: "Great we can give each other manicures!" (They walk away. Mother steps out. GOldie runs to her and gives her a hug.)

MOTHER: "Goldie? There you are! Where have you been?"

GOLDIE: "Well, mother, You see I went a little too deep into the woods."

MOTHER: "After you promised me that you would not?" Her mother said sternly.

GOLDIE: "I'm sorry, Mother, But I made some new friends."

MOTHER: "Come along, You can tell me all about it as we walk home.)

NARRATOR: As they walked toward the hosue as Goldie told her mother all about ehr big adventure in the deep, deep woods.

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