Lost and Found: The Letter

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This is a short romance story that I wrote. This is a little autobiographical. This is how I started dating my first real boyfriend. I have changed the names to protect the innocent :P

Submitted: January 16, 2009

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Submitted: January 16, 2009



Emily was sitting in the lobby, waiting on one of the benches as she usually did before her drama class. She was always the first one to arrive. William always arrived just shortly after she did. They would sit and talk together before the drama teacher arrived and opened the class room. She stared at the clock. William should be arriving any moment.

This was actually Emily's favourite part of the class, the time that she got to spend with William before the class actually started. She had liked him for a while now but he was older than she was. She wasn't sure sure if he liked her in that way or if he would even want a girlfriend who was still in high school. She had tried flirting with him but she was shy and to be honest, not very good at the whole flirting thing yet. But here she was, holding a letter that she had written for him, telling him how she felt about him.

It had literally taken her an entire evening to write the letter before she thought it was good enough to actually give to him. By the time she was finished her waste paper basket in her room was full to overflowing with her crumpled up stationary. She didn't want it to come across too much like a love letter just a simple statement of fact.

"I like hanging out with you and I was hoping that maybe you would want to hang out, just the two of us, somewhere other than in class, kind of like a date - if you want." Emily replayed the words that she had written down over and over in her head as she mentally reread the note she was going to give to William. She hoped that it didn't sound as stupid when he read it as it now sounded in her head. She heard the elevator and her heart started to race. It was him. William was finally coming.

Her heart swelled and as the elevator doors opened. William stepped out of the elevator, a smile on his face the moment he saw her. Emily felt her heart skip a beat. William's smile really was captivating but a second later, she saw the drama teacher step out of the elevator, right behind William. She suddenly as if she would be sick. Her last chance to let William know how she felt about him had come and past. This was the last class of the season and now her chance had blown away like dandelion spores in the wind.

The class dragged on and on. She had been working on a scene with another boy from the class by the name of Paul. When the teacher said that they would be doing scenes in class she had hoped that she would be paired with William but she ended up with Paul which was really awkward for her because in the scene the drama teacher given to her and Paul, called for Paul to kiss her – on the lips. How was she supposed to kiss another man in front of William even though the kiss wasn't real? She would have given her eye teeth to do the scene with William instead.

The drama teacher watched as She and Paul performed the scene they had been working on in front of the rest of the class. Afterwards he commented that it didn't seem to him that her heart was in it.

There was no chance during class to talk with William since he was working with his partner on their scene and since this was the last class she wouldn't see him until the season opened again in September and that was months away. What if he forgot all about her by then? What if he didn't come back next season?

After class, Emily gathered her things from the shelf by the window she hoped that she could get a chance to talk with William after class but he was talking to the drama teacher. Sighing, she walked out of class, making her way to the bus stop. As she sat glumly in the bus shack, she opened her bag with the intention of just throwing the letter away. It was a reminded to her that things never went her way. But when she looked into her bag she realized that the letter wasn't there.

Emily searched every compartment in her bag thinking that maybe, just maybe she had tucked it away in a different section in her bag. That's when she realized that the letter was gone. Emily felt as if her heart had stopped suddenly. She tried to retrace her steps. She didn't remember going in her bag at any point during class. It must have fallen out of her bag in the lobby.

Just as Emily had left, William had been talking with the drama teacher about the next season. He grabbed his jacket from the coat rack and was about to walk out when Paul, ran over to him and handed him an envelope.

"What's this?" William asked.

"I don't know. I found it on the floor by the window. It's addressed to you." Paul said as William opened it up and took out a piece of stationary that looked quite feminine. As he read it, he started to smile. He looked around and then turned to Paul.

"Hey Paul, where's Emily?" William asked.

"I saw her leave a few minutes ago. She's probably still at the bus stop." Paul said.

William dashed out of the room, leaving Paul in the classroom looking confused. He pushed the button for the elevator several times and waited anxiously. After a few seconds he decided to just bolt down the stairs. He raced out of the building and to the bus stop just as it was leaving. Out of breath he leaned against the bus shack.

“Dammit!” he said to himself, wishing that he was in better shape. If he had been just a little faster he might have caught her before she left.

"William?" He heard a voice say and when he looked over he saw Emily stepping out of the bus shack.

"I thought I missed you." William said, smiling, still trying to catch his breath.

"That wasn't my bus." Emily said shyly. She looked at him for a second wondering why he had ran out to the bus stop to find her. He had never done that before. William held the letter out to her. Emily blushed furiously as she recognized her stationary.

"Did you write this - for me?" William asked.

Emily found that she could not speak. She looked up at him and nodded. William smiled as he wrapped his arms around her.

"I'd love to hang out sometime, just the two of us - kind of like a date." William said, holding her in his arms. Emily smiled widely. Maybe her losing the letter was the best thing that could have happened.

The End

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