Super Size Mentality

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This is an article I wrote a while ago about healthy eating. Hope you enjoy and / or get something out of it :)

Submitted: February 15, 2009

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Submitted: February 15, 2009



In today's world of fast food and limited time to prepare nutritious meals, watching what you eat and eating out has turned into something practically unobtainable. The portions that you get at most restaurants for food and beverages are huge. I recently had the largest 'small coffee' I have ever had. It was sixteen ounces; twice as large as the average coffee cup. Their other sizes options were Medium, Large, Extra Large and Grande. I shudder to think how many ounces were in the Grande but by looking at the Grande sized cup I am assuming it would be measured by the litre.

Society in general is getting larger and larger. Our eyes are bigger than our heads when it comes to food and most of the times when you go to a restaurant it is because you are already hungry . And face it, people are always looking for a bargain. Why would you settle for a small when for only one dollar more you can have the grande?

Another problem is that as we get used to larger and larger portions for food and beverages, we begin to demand them. I saw a news report recently in which a young boy who appeared to be about twelve who stated that every morning with breakfast he had at least two litres of cola. If you drink that much liquid at any one time it stretches out your stomach and soon you need more food to feel full.

If people had the proper guidance for making healthy choices when it comes to food, then we in whole would not be in the state of health that we are in now. We would be healthier, there would be less diabetes, high blood pressure and society would be thinner. But for every diet plan out there, there is someone who will tell you how dangerous that diet is. Should you choose a Low Carb diet? A No Carb diet? Low Calorie? Low Fat?

There are so many diet plans out there that it can be frustrating just trying to absorb all the information out there to make a decision on which one is the best for you. Which one of them would work best for you is hard question to answer as it depends on several things.

What kind of will power do you have? My boyfriend has a sweet tooth I mean a major sweet tooth but he also has a metabolism that just won't stop. Lucky him but not all of us have that kind of luck now do we? While trying to lose weight I had to avoid temptation because the candy bowl is always full to the brim with candy. This is hard to do but you have to learn to ignore temptation. Just because you are on a diet doesn't mean that the rest of the world has to hide the bad food choices from you. In fact, the opposite seems to happen. I never noticed before when I wasn't dieting but the majority of commercials out there are food related.

What diet plans will work for your body type? I have been on a few different diets and I can tell you it takes time and patience to figure out what diet is the best for you. I took a few guidelines from several of the popular diet plans out there and formed my own and it's worked quite nicely for me. You have to put in the effort for yourself to create a diet plan for yourself that works for you AND your body. I can however give you some truths that I learned along the way.

Watch your portion sizes - especially when eating at a restaurant. Just because your waiter brings your meal to you on a platter big enough to serve an entire turkey does not mean that you have to finish the whole thing. Don't be embarrassed about taking some of it home. There is no harm in asking for a half portion either.

Don't go back for seconds. If you still feel hungry after a meal wait for a few minutes. It can take upwards of twenty minutes for your stomach to send the message to your brain that you are no longer hungry. So wait and see if you are still hungry. Sometimes what I do is drink a glass of ice water after a meal. It fills your stomach up and you don't feel guilty after having that second bowl of pasta.

Don't let yourself get into a rut. Some diets drastically restrict what you eat to such an extant that your choices are limited to either a glass of ice water or a carrot stick. These diets might work in the short term - the less you eat the more you lose is the philosophy - but who could stick to a diet like that? And besides, it's not very healthy to say the least. Go for variety, taste, texture - anything to keep yourself satisfied. Look at it this way, much like your car needs gasoline for energy, your body needs food and water in order to work at its best. The less food you put into your body, the more weight you will lose but at the same time you will have less energy to do anything else.

Eat smaller meals more often. I usually eat about five or six smaller meals throughout the day rather than the established three meals per day . This can be hard to do when working in an office environment but it can be done. I always have an apple, an orange and a banana within arms reach of my desk that way when one of the girls comes by with that daily box of donuts I just politely say no and say that I have brought something from home. This way too when you feel like a snack you are not limited to the choices from the vending machine, you have a healthy alternative.

Everything in moderation. There really is nothing wrong with having carbohydrates, fat, or salt in the food that you eat. In fact most of the diet plans out there seems to point the finger at one thing and one thing alone as the reason why people today are in such poor health. But in reality it is everything combined.

A little salt is okay but if you find yourself salting your toast, you might want to look at how much salt is too much. The same holds true for fat. We need fat in our diets but not as much as in the food we eat today. But if you are watching your fat intake - beware of low fat foods. Many manufacturers remove the fat from the foods but this removes the taste from many foods so they add sugars to enhance the taste. This in effect adds carbs to the foods.

Carbohydrates are in bad favour right now and there are many Low Carb-diets out there to choose from. A lot of people may sneer when you mention Low Carb diets and say that it isn't healthy, incorrectly thinking that a Low-Carb diet means that you are not allowed to have any carbohydrates at all. This is not true. In a Low-Carb diet you are allowed a certain amount of carbohydrates per meal. Its not the Carbohydrates in the foods that we eat but the amount and also the food choices that we make. Even though a donut and a bowl of pasta are almost purely made of carbohydrates, which one would you choose for a meal?

It's the choices you make and the amount of food that is the biggest problem we face. Hopefully the next generation will learn from our mistakes when it comes to food consumption.

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