Who U Talkin 2?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
This was originally written as an entry for a contest where they wanted a short story written in the form of people posting in a chat room.

Submitted: February 01, 2009

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Submitted: February 01, 2009



*USER EM1LY has entered chat1

EM1LY: Hey *smile* You there Mercy Bucketz??2

BIG RED: hey M *smile*3

EM1LY: Who are you? 4

BIG RED: Smee MERCY \"\"5

EM1LY: Whats with the handle? \"\"6

BIG RED: u don't like? Iz gettin bored wit da same old, u no?7

BIG RED: so?8

EM1LY: So? what?9

BIG RED: wot u mean wot?10

BIG RED: U asked him out yet?11

EM1LY: \"\"12

BIG RED: Grrrr!!!!!13

EM1LY: I Know. I want to but ...14

BIG RED: But wot? U lyk him right?15

EM1lY: yeah16

BIG RED: Practice on me17

BIG RED: Pretend Im him18

BIG RED: tel me how I make u feel.19

EM1LY: ok20

EM1LY: I like you *smile*21

BIG RED: BORING!!!!!!!!!!22

EM1LY: WHAT? \"\"23

BIG RED: u tell him dat he'll think u lyk him as a friend.24

BIG RED: U lyk him mor than a friend right?25

EM1LY: \"\"26

BIG RED: Try agin27

BIG RED: Dis tym put sum luv in2 it *smile*28

EM1LY: Why are you typing like that?29

BIG RED: Wot u mean?30

EM1LY: Normally you don't use to much net speak31

BIG RED: Just trying it out *laughing*32

BIG RED: Okay so tell me what you would say to him ...33

EM1LY: I really like you?34


BIG RED: When you see him what is the first thing that you think of?36

EM1LY: I smile because he makes me feel good about myself, you know? When he talks with me, I don't get the feeling that he sees me as some kid who is taking a class with him. 37

BIG RED: U tink dat??38

EM1LY: ?39

BIG RED: umm you don't think he looks down on you right?40

EM1LY: No. I told you that before remember? Whats with you today?41

BIG RED: Nothing LOL 42

BIG RED: I have an idea!!!!43

EM1LY: What?44

BIG RED: Don't ask him out on a date.45

EM1LY: WHAT!?! \"\"46

BIG RED: Just ask him to hang out sometime. Just tell him you like to hangout with him. He talks with you a lot in class right? He wouldn't if he wasn't interested. 47


BIG RED: Just tell him that you like hanging out with him and would like to know if he would like to hang out somewhere other than class. 49

EM1LY: You think that he'll say yes?50

BIG RED: \"\"51

BIG RED: Trust me \"\"52


EM1LY: \"\"54

USER Mercy_BUCKETS has entered chat55

MERCY_BUCKETS: Hey are you there Em? 56

EM1LY: Mercy?57

MERCY_BUCKETS: Yeah. Sorry I'm late58

EM1LY: Why did you change your nick?59

MERCY-BUCKETS: I always use Mercy_Buckets \"\"60

EM1LY: No you were just chatting as Big Red.61

MERCY-BUCKETS: Big Red? Why would I use that nick? I just got home like 5 minutes ago. 62

EM1LY: You JUST got home?63


EM1LY: Than who was I just chatting with? 65

EM1LY: Big Red was encouraging me to ask "W" out.66

MERCY_BUCKETS: What? Really?67

MERCY_BUCKETS: Wait BIg Red???68

EM1LY: Yeah69

MERCY_BUCKETS: hmmmmmm whats "W"'s last name70

EM1LY: Bridge why?71

MERCY_BUCKETS: Rearrange the letters in Bridge and you get Big Red *SHOCK*72

*EM1LY dies of embarrassment*73

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