The Wolfs Tricks

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This is based on a dream I had that wouldn't go away until I wrote it down

Submitted: April 01, 2017

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Submitted: April 01, 2017



The Wolf's Tricks

By Annette Smith

She wakes up from her sound sleep, gets out of bed and looks around, she isn't one for looking around but today feels different, when she looks around, she sees the strangest sight, she is somehow in the forest, this just doesn’t seem right How could she not have noticed until now? How long had she been there* Those were the questions running through her mind, she starts walking in search of a way out. She suddenly slops and realizes there is no path to follow, no sign to tell her the way or no guide to help, she just wanders aimlessly in search of any hints of an escape, Time goes by so slowly it seems to crawl, with every step she takes her feet hurt a little more.


With no path carved out she gets cut and scraped everywhere, Nothing seems to help She screams but no one is around to hear She is so scared but won’t allow herself to feel it, and then it starts to rain, The rain drops don't conk softly like a cleansing rain but instead like tiny sharp needles with only one goal, to rip her skin to sheds Everything seems hopeless, She sits down ready to give up, In the middle of her tears she hears 2 voices, One loud and one soft, At first she is confused about which one to listen to, but a faceless figure just close enough for her  to know that he was the louder voice says “I know the way out dear Just follow me I'll show you.” she gets up and follows him without question, There wasn't a path but he seemed to know where to go, it started to take a long time but he finally showed her a light, Even though it wasn’t blinding it still hurt eyes, the closer she got to the light the more she saw who was helping her, it was a very friendly looking wolf, She stopped to take a short pause, She was so happy to get out that she didn’t care, The pain never stopped and the scraps kept coming but she was convinced that it was going to help. they come to a clearing in the middle of the forest the canopy of trees blocked the sky so she couldn't tell if it was night of day, it was there that the wolf stopped and motioned for her to come closer Without thinking she came and stood next to him. She was confused, she couldn't see a way out, all she saw was more trees When she turned to the wolf what she saw seared more than she already was, His eyes became red, his smile turned angry and he laughed, In the next breath he pushed her, While she fell she saw the ground open up into a dark cold hole, She fell deeper and deeper, the fall seemed endless While she fell she started to relive her entire life, As she relives life everything that to this that led to this moment starts to make since, she puts the pieces together and it dawns on her that all of is nuking, She was the one that got herself this lost she was so blinded by herself that she never noticed when she walked herself into this mess.  

She cried “it's too late now falling and there is nothing to stop me. wish I could have one more chance. At that she hears that soft voice she heard before the followed the wolf. Even though the voice was still soft she seemed to hear it stronger than ever. She still didn't see anything but a bright light. She suddenly felt the need to shout out so she did she shouted "please help me I need you”.When she did that she saw, a latter corning front the middle of the light It dropped exactly where she needed it to be. As she grabbed it she was pulled back up to the top. She climbed out of the hole and saw the wolf on one side and a small beautiful lamb shining a very blinding light on the other side, while she stood there stunned she saw that the wolf was extremely afraid of this little lamb, All the lamb did was look at the wolf and the wolf ran away shaken. then the learn turned to her and asked s imply "want to come with me?”' she followed it through a small narrow path that appeared from nowhere. As she followed it the lamb transformed into a man, the peace she felt when she saw that was amazing, she continued to follow it until she saw a door at the end of the path, she opened it and stepped through.


She wakes up from her dream, I' wow what just happened?" she thought, you know don’t you?

© Copyright 2019 Annette Smith. All rights reserved.

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