The First Sin of Humans

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The first and major mistake committed by humans.

Submitted: October 16, 2011

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Submitted: October 16, 2011



Annibal looked up at the Sky and said......Aham or the human ego-is the greatest curse that we humans are endowed with.A child has no ego. This is because a child has no personality also. As we grow up in life we all wear a mask a mask called personality ( the word personality is derived from the greek word personawhich means 'mask'). As a child grows up he is exposed to external stimulus, information,thoughts, ideas and society imposes a predifined notion of etics and values, which shape and create this mask. As time goes by we fall in love with that mask and the love of this invisible mask manifests itself as ego or Aham. This ego and Aham is likea frosted glass spectacles..makes our vision blurred and blinds us from our true goal. And since we fail to see things clearly we start a blind man feeling an elephant and sometime think it to be just a piece of rope. Thus we commit our first judge.

The highest judgement delivered to us is by our own conscience. No religion or culture around the world gives us the right to judge....because we are humans..... inherently flawed....created this way with a purpose to attain perfection.....and thus our goal should be not to judge others mistake because we all are at fault but strive to make ourselves perfect using our unique the virtue of being humans an evolved species of the animal genre...with the power to think conceptualise and assimilate information and transform that into knowledge and wisdom which ultimately helps us to wipe of the frost from our spectacles....and thus the ego or aham vanishes and we can acknowledge the right and wrong without being judgemental about a fellow human being and choose the right path. True Knowledge and wisdom thus always removes the Aham..the Ego...The I..... and brings about humility, sense of aesthetics and sense of appreciation for creation and the creator and ultimately this forms the bridge to merge the small i us with the greater Cosmic Conciousness.

Pakhi the Bird silently perched up on the tree heard these words, and looked down. Annibal was standing next to the stream looking at the waters seemed so alive....the water was children running in an open field...shouting the water living? he thought. Suddenly pakhi chirped....

A child itself is a personality and that is of simplicity and innocence.Human are but a heap of MUD it is the society that gives it a shape.The Mother the bearer of the child inherently becomes the first one to give a shape to the heap of MUD.Would we call it a SIN of the Mother if she tries to teach the child the right and the wrong? Why is she doing it? Merely to teach the child to protect the child IS IT A SIN?

The child grows and faces the world,is it it a SIN to try and defend oneself? In the process of growing it is all but natural that HUMAN gather some experiences.......... Experience can be bad or good .............. Is it a SIN to if HUMAN to differentiate between good and bad? Being JUDGMENTAL is not good may be however if our conscience tells us what is good and bad why then blame it as or EGO? EGO deriving from the Latin word 'I'cognate with the Greek "??? (Ego)" meaning "I", often used in English to mean the "self", "identity" or other related concepts.

Now my question is who can be the guiding factor to run HUMAN.If it is not our conscience not the I then whomcognate with the Greek "??? (Ego)" meaning "I", often used in English to mean the "self", "identity" or other related concepts.

Now my question is is going to be the guiding factor to go about in the the huge world where eventfully or uneventfully we are a part.If it not our conscience ,not "I" either then who?

Even if we follow a guide a 'GURU' the Guide ....we are all but following an AHAM or the 'I'or a persona...........

Am a all but a very small part and I fail to understand who commits the first SIN the Mother who gives the first knowledge to the child...........The society which is a mixture of all good and bad ...........The 'I' or it is our conscience.Whom do we listen to? be continued......

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