Feeling of Rain

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This is a poem I chose to publish first because it's simple and calm. It gives readers an idea of what type of writer I am. I do not restrict myself to any specific genre and just write what inspires me. This poem is about the senses and feeling associated with the rain. I was inspired to write this poem by the recent rainfall we received here in Colorado. I hope you all enjoy it!

Submitted: July 19, 2012

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Submitted: July 19, 2012



Feeling of Rain

See..the refreshing scent of the clouds.

The sky is filled with the scent of wet grass and humid air.

The flowers are even fresh with rain drops filled with God's gift to nature.


Feel...the soggy grass beneath you as you walk.

The ground is solid and soaked, remaining undried while the air is damp.

Wet and cold the air is when it hits your face after being drenched in the world's water.


See..the sun peeking out from the dark, grey clouds.

Mist from the air drifting away to reveal a rainbow glistening in the sky.

The glow and shine on the flower petals from the fresh rain.


Hear...the birds chirp as they come out of hiding.

The buzzing of bees that land on the freshly watered flowers.

Children coming out of their houses to play in the fresh, new air.


Taste..the last few drops of water that land on your tongue.

The rejuvinated air that you breathe

and the feeling of life flowing through your veins. 


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