Falling in Love

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Falling for a celebrity is pretty likely but in my case, it's not just a crush but love in its true sense-pure, innocent and beautiful.I love someone not because he's a celebrity but for the person he is-kind and honest.Of course, he's tall and handsome, but nothing comes before the real guy who is good looking inside out. So, this is my little tribute to the handsome hunk out there...

Submitted: June 12, 2019

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Submitted: June 12, 2019



Falling in love...


I liked your looks back then ,

But never wanted to admit ,

That it was on seeing you ,

That my heart skipped a beat .

Though you have always been

In the deepest corner of my mind ,

Each time I insisted ," He's a crush though ,

Nothing of that kind ."

But only if my heart knew ,

How much you meant to me ,

Alas , it took infinite time to realise

That is was only you I wanted to see .

I would picture you within a family , 

Happy and gay ,

" Dear , I love you ."

Is all that is left to say...


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