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Submitted: July 29, 2008

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Submitted: July 29, 2008



I saw the world with different eyes one day

Listening with more sensitive ears

Desiring a clearer signal of other adolescents,

I tuned into the voice of some peers

A group nearby laughed as they spoke of a girl

Whose attire wasn't of their liking

Nice people they had seemed, though they made her the pun

Of jokes whose ridicule was striking

Her disposition, they said, even more distasteful

Weirdness etched in her manners

They had seemed nice people, yet they grinned even more

Their words like cold steel hammers

As I turned to observe these youthful faces

People who seemed bright and sunny

I wondered if the world had lost its good humor

To now find human differences funny

No matter how loud, no matter how quiet

Nor the ample tacky flowers on one's shirt

No amount of eccentricity one wafts into the air

Calls for audible words of cruel mirth

If one were to purchase a crayon box

And found it full of all grays

How boring would that be, so simple and mundane?

Like the world, if we were all the same way

They may not be bullies, or even generally mean

Yet gossip makes them seem cruel and lack tact

How common it is, how brushed away and overlooked

To giggle behind another's back

If only we could give up the cruel chances to be 'funny'

To embrace the daises among the willows

Compliments and praises could be the preventions

Of one less tear on a pillow

Why must we try to fit in, like a shrunken glove

Desperately being stretched over a hand?

It'll eventually snap back to its previous form

Like stretching a thick rubber band

Though we are all different, we are all weird

That is what makes us the same

If we could only overlook the largest quirks

Remember they're fragile souls behind names

Brush off being cool; what's cool can heat up

A potential raging angry fire unfurled

No arms are too short, too wide or too thin

To wrap them around the world



© Copyright 2018 Anniebelle Quattlebaum. All rights reserved.

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